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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0053, 1945-12-02.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0182

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 182 Date: 2 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Japanese Wartime Propaganda in China by Professor S. Fujimura (continued) - Tokyo Shimbun - Nov 45. Translator: C. Gilbert.
As a result of discrepancies between Japanese professed principles and action in CHINA, many Chinese came to regard the Japanese people as liars and swindlers. When I was preparing to return to JAPAN, a young Chinese leader conveyed to me, as a last message to the Japanese people, "Be more moral!" But the Japanese people believe they are the most moral people in the world, so I asked for a clear explanation of what he meant. The Chinese then pointed out as an example that the Japanese prohibit outwardly the importation of opium and then smuggle it in, waxing rich on their profits.
The Japanese military police have arrested many Chinese as criminals, but many Japanese have committed far worse crimes. Many are the acts of brutality and immorality committed by Japanese militarists, officials, and civilians against the Chinese people. I have had nothing to do with Japanese military operations, politics or economics in CHINA, so I have not been in a position to check these accusations. However, I can say that it is on this account that the Chinese regard the Japanese people as liars and swindlers and have regarded the Japanese declaration of the Magna Charta for a Great East Asia as an empty phrase.
The "liberation of East Asia" and the "Restoration of CHINA" had the greatest attraction for the Chinese people, but action did not follow the words. So even the return of extraterritorial rights and settlements, by which the individual Chinese profited little, was regarded as a mere attempt of JAPAN to save face. When JAPAN dispatched a cultural mission to CHINA, it was the same thing all over again. The Japanese mission had many fine things to say, but the Chinese wanted a practical solution of their daily problems.
ITEM 2 Tokyo Technical College Poll Shows Overwhelming Support of Emperor System - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: T. Ogawa.
Results of a public opinion poll, conducted recently by the Students' Cultural Association were made public on 27 November. According to the paper, 201 persons, comprised of school officials and students, who are interested in political problems, were requested to send in their answers to several interesting questions, given below. Their answers were sorted on 27 November, and the results revealed that an overwhelming majority of them support the Emperor system. It was also disclosed that a considerable majority of people in this country approve of a communistic regime.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 53 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
The questions and answers were as follows: (l) For or against communism in JAPAN? (58 for; 114 against); (2) For or against the Emperor System? (137 for; 47 against); (3) Right or wrong about starting war? (71 right; 105 wrong); (4) If starting the war was right, then right or wrong about the time of ending the war? (15 right; 52 wrong). The above figures do not include vague answers.
ITEM 3 Mainichi Lecture Meetings on America - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45 Translator: M. Ono.
Full translation:
The second lecture of the MAINICHI People's Lectures, regarding the state of affairs in AMERICA, will be held at the auditorium of the MAINICHI SHIMBUN with the program as follows:
First day, Saturday, 1 December, from 1300 to 1600, "Future Moves of AMERICAN Economy," by SHIGETO, Tsuru, and "Past, Present and Future of Japanese-American Diplomacy," by YUSUBE, Tsurumi.
Second day, Saturday, 8 December, from 1300 to 1600, "The Labor Movement in AMERICA," will be discussed by IC[illegible]ITARO, Takada, and "The Reason for American Victory," by an American special correspondent.
At the third meeting, Saturday, 15 December, from 1300 to 1600, "The American Spirit," by TAKAMATSU, Toichiro, and "The Religions of AMERICA," by SAITO, Soichi, will be discussed.
Other lectures on conditions in AMERICA, will be held by the managing staff of the MAINICHI SHIMBUN and are scheduled to be given at each of the lecture meetings. Applicants, limited to 200, may apply to, the lecture section of the MAINICHI SHIMBUN Enterprise Department. Tickets are priced at ten yen for the three lectures.
ITEM 4 Increase of Criminal Cases in the City - Asahi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: K. Miyazaki.
With strained living conditions, criminal cases are increasing rapidly. On the 26th HASHIMOTO, Junzo, 63 years old, and his wife Hanao, 54, residents of MINAMITAMA-Gun, MACHIDA-Cho, TAMAGAWA GAKUEN 4050, were knocked down and killed with a blunt instrument in their home.
On the same day, on the street of ITABASHI-Ku, SHIMURAHIMIZU-Cho 268, Mr. EHATA, Eitaro, chief of the JAPAN Aluminum Company supervisory department, resident of the same town, was assaulted with a dagger. The injury will take two weeks to heal completely. At 2140 in the evening of the same date, two men with pistols broke into the house of KOBU, Naoji, in SUGINAMI-Ku, KUGAYAMA, 1-322.
Murder and assault cases number 22 since the beginning of this month. On the 25th, some criminals were arrested by the KATSUSHIKA police station. Criminals not yet arrested are the culprits in four different assault cases. Other cases occurred on the 4th in NAKANO, on the 6th in MARUNOUCHI, on the 9th, burglaries in MEGURO and SETAGAYA, on the 11th, a murder in SHIN-ARAI, on the 13th, a burglary by four
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SOCIAL SERIES: 53 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
men in ASAKUSA, on the 14th, an assault case in SUGMO, on the 15th, two burglaries in NIHONBASHI, on the 16th, burglary and assault by three men in MITA, on the 17th, burglary in UENO, on the 21st, a murder in UENO, on the 22nd, burglaries in ITABASHI, TOTSUKA and HARAJUKU, on the 24th, burglary and assault in NIHONBASHI and NAKANO, on the 25th, burglary in MARUNOUCHI and EBARA.
On the night of the 27th an employee of the NITTSU Company, MIURA, Nobuo, 26 years old, was knocked down and robbed by three men and sustained an injury which will take four weeks to heal. SATO, Akira, 32, of KANAGAWA-Ken, TSUKUI-Gun, MAKITA-Mura, was attacked on the street in front of HACHIOJI station and robbed of his watch, umbrella and 480 yen. On the 26th at two o'clock in the afternoon, Miss KIMURA was picked up on a street and carried away to the former Army Arsenal in NOZARU-TOGE and shut up in the NOI cave. She was about to be outraged when she finally escaped. On the night of the 27th, about 2240 o'clock, TAKASUGI, Yoshiaki, 43, of ADACHIKU, SENJUOKAWA-Machi 3, was passing by SHITAYA-Ku, KANASUGI-Cho 12, on a bicycle, when he was struck down by two men, robbed of 4500 yen and 20,000 yen in checks, and sustained an injury which will take a week to heal, and at 1000 in the morning of the 28th on the street of SHINAGAWA-Ku, HIGASHI OSAKI 4, 189 KAWAKAMI, 13 years old Saburo, a pupil of KOKUSHIKAN middle school, who resides at OMORI-Ku, UMAGOMENISHI 4, 2, was threatened and robbed of his money by a boy with a knife. At 2300 at night on the 27th, KISHITA, Saburo, 39, and TSURUTA, Tamotsu, 53, laborers who live in YOKOSUKA-Shi, URAGO, were held up on the street. KISHITA's 2,300 yen and TSURUTA's 45 yen and wrist watch were stolen.
ITEM 5 Osaka University Reinstates Professors - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: M. Ono.
Full translation:
The Osaka Commercial University has formally decided upon the reinstatement of Professor NAWA, Taichi, and KIMURA, Kayusaburo, who, labelled as liberalists, were ousted previously from the University. This was decided at the professors' meeting held at 1300 on 27 November, while the return of Professor KAMIBAYASHI, Jeijiro, IIDA, Shigeru, and ABE, Ryuichi, who had been banished from the Higher Commercial Department of the University as professors of the Industrial Management Special School attached to the University, was also approved.
ITEM 6 Mitsui Life Insurance Company Employees Demand Democratization - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 November 45. Translator: M. Ono.
Full translation:
In opposition to the sham democratization of the extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of the MITSUI Insurance Company held on 26 November, the employes of the Company held a mass meeting the same afternoon demanding the discharge of those directors recommended by the MITSUI Head Office, the stabilization of living conditions and the clarification of personal affairs. They delivered the resolutions on the next day.
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