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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0290, 1946-02-07.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-1172

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 1172 Date: 7 Feb 46


ITEM 1 Investigation of War primes Is a Point of International Morality: Asahi Shimbun - 4 Feb 46. Translator: H. Naoji.
Full Translation:
The Japanese Government is now starting its task of thoroughly investigating crimes, following its recent statement concerning the searching out of war criminals, which aims to punish them by the authority of the Japanese Government from the point of international justice.
At present the Bureau of Judicial Affairs of the First Demobilization Ministry has summoned and is examining several high officers, in particular one officer, a former chief of staff of the TOKAI Military District, on charge of being suspected abettors of the execution of American airmen who were killed after a forced landing in this country last year when the air-raids of B-29s from bases in SAIPAN increased in intensity. The same Headquarters is accused of having given orders contrary to international law for the killing of American airmen in the NAGOYA Area where the public peace was on the verge of disintegration because of the furious air-raids by the American Air Force.
This incident is now under investigation by prosecutor FORUKAWA of this ministry and the crux of the problem is as follows: (1) Were the orders for killing really issued from this Headquarters or not? (2) Was the murder committed in unavoidable circumstances or not, assuming the order was really issued? (3) If this murder was carried out in unavoidable circumstances, who is to be chiefly responsible for the crimes, the commander or the recipients of the order? These points of view will be taken into consideration on the basis of international justice from the point of the real condition of the Japanese forces, and in such a way, the punishment of these men is intended to show to the whole world the justice of Japanese Military law.
Mr. OYAMA, chief of the Bureau of Judicial Affairs for the First Demobilization Ministry spoke as follows concerning this problem: "It is true that the investigation of crimes is being carried out in the case of the murder of prisoners of war. However, whether or not persons will be prosecuted depends upon the results of the investigations. The fact of the murder is certain. In this incident, some high officers of the Headquarters including some generals are now being summoned. Even if those suspected officers are prosecuted and condemned by the high court of this ministry, it may happen that the Allied Nations will hold their own trials against these men on other grounds.
The principle concern of the Ministry is to exhibit JAPAN's morality in dealing with war crimes on her own authority and without help from other countries. This problem is the first of its kind for the Ministry, and we will see all crimes brought to light and investigated."

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POLITICAL SERIES: 290 (Continued)
ITEM 2 Two Temporary Governments Struggling to Join Hands - Joint Committee at SEOUL Sure to Lead. KOREA out of Political Confusion - Yomiuri-Hochi - 5 Feb 45. Translator: K. Onishi.
Full Translation:
Concerning the question of how to put all of KOREA under the trusteeship of the UNITED STATES, RUSSIA, BRITON and CHINA by removing the line of demarcation, a joint committee from the UNITED STATES and RUSSIA which met in SEOUL on l6 January, is now concluding. The committee on 30 January released its first announcement concerning the talks, stating:
"The talks have been carried on in a friendly and business-like atmosphere. The delegates have approved the basic conditions and discussions are now going on about individual problems." It is expected that some further decisions will shortly be announced.
At a tripartite foreign secretary meeting held in MOSCOW last December, the UNITED STATES proposed a trusteeship for more than five years, but RUSSIA advocated a five year limit and it was so decided. What will be the next decision? What it, the problems of a unified KOREA and the establishment of a temporary government will pass into a new stage.
Southern KOSEA wants the iron, coal, fertilizer, etc. in the north and Northern KOREA needs the surplus rice, salt, etc. of the south, and such an alternation has so far rendered the north and south inseparable. Therefore, it is not natural that KOREA be artificially divided at the 38th parallel, and the Korean's fervent desire to have that barrier removed as soon as possible is quite natural.
Since the end of the war, some ninety political parties have thus far united under one banner of independence. Their interests are varied, but those which are actually powerful are the Nationalist Party (headed by Mr. ANZAEKO) and the Korean Democratic Party (of Mr. KINSEISHU) on the right, the Korean. Communist Party (chief committeemen Mr. BOKUKENEI), and the Korean People's Party (of Mr. RYOUNKYO) on the left, and the New Korean Race Party (head advisor Mr. GOSEISHO in the center. Their central policies unanimously converge on the problem of trusteeship and the establishment of a temporary government. The existence of extremely [illegible]movements among them is only natural.
The Great Korean Temporary Government, headed by Mr. KINKYO, declared an objection to trusteeship in response to public opinion, and with the support of the Nationalist and Democratic Parties it formed the "Anti-trusteeship General Mobilization Society" last December. On the other hand, the Korean Republic government of Mr. RYOUNKYO advocated trusteeship stating that it was only a step leading to ultimate independence, and is protected and supported by the Communist and Democratic Parties. By mustering radical elements they formed the "Anti-Fascist Common Fight Committee" and are opposing the temporary government. It is displaying such developments and complications that the assassination of Mr. SOCHINU, a leading figure of the right, has already occurred.
However, the general opinion is that the existence of such two governments hinders the unification of KORER, and the delegates of the four big parties of the right and left met on 6 January. The delegates of these two temporary governments also participated in the meeting and a joint communique supporting the decision was issued. Since then the New Korean Race Party has also supported it. Thus they were paving the way for the formation, with a 35-member committee, of the
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POLITICAL SERIES: 290 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
"All Political Parties Unification Committee", and it appeared that the unification problem was set on the right track. But on 28 January the Communist Party suddenly refused to participate, and a split appeared in the unification movement.
As both of the temporary governments have the same political objectives namely, the establishment of a temporary government during the period of trusteeship and the consequent attainment of independence, there is a strong probability of their coalition. The temporary government, however, has been in exile at CHUNGKING for a long time and includes native capitalists, landowners and old bureaucrats, while the republica government continued underground movements in KOREA during the war. The latter represents a new influence which persistently insists on destroying feudalism. This difference in character makes it very difficult to state any clear-cut prediction on future developments at the present moment.
Both the UNITED STATES and RUSSIA are demanding the stabilization of the political situation in KOREA and the establishment of a temporary government which is eagerly wanted by the Korean people. An International News Service Despatch on 2 February reported that HARRIMAN, American Ambassador to MOSCOW, arrived in SEOUL on his way to the UNITED STATES and had an interview with General HODGE. It is also reported that he is scheduled to be present at the joint committee of the UNITED STATES and RUSSIA. That this will cause much comment in Korean political circles is readily seen. It is worth noticing how the Korean temporary governments and political parties receive the joint committee's decision for the sake of independence of KOREA, availing themselves of the great tide of democracy now flowing through the world.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0290, 1946-02-07.
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