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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0271, 1946-02-03.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-1109

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 1109 Date: 3 Feb 46


ITEM 1 A New Privy Councillor - Provincial Newspaper Hokkoku Nainichi (Kanazawa) 27 Jan 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki
Full Translation:
The Government is now selecting successors for the five vacancies in the Privy Council. The appointment of Dr. MINOBE, Tatsukichl was decided and his informal consent was obtained. Therefore, Prime Minister SHID HARA proceeded to the Throne at 1600 on 26 January, and asked for Imperial sanction. At 1700 the same day, in the presence of the Premier, the Imperial investiture took place. The following public announcement was made: "With the senior grade, third class court rank, and the First Order of merit, MINOBE, Tatsukichi has been appointed Privy Councillor.
Dr. MINOBE is one of the experts on the constitution in JAPAN. He is also a doctor of law. His appointment has been made in preparation for the bill on the revision of the Constitution. The bill is to be submitted to the Privy Council for inquiry, and then, the authority for the Constitution will be needed.
ITEM 2 Views of Various Political Parties on Government's Measure Restraining Illegal Strikes - Yomiuri Hochi - 2 Feb 46. Translator: K. Murakami
Full Translation:
The Social-Democratic Party Chief Secretary KATAYAMA says; It is apparently a one-sided judgment to blame the workers only, overlooking the sabotage of capitalists. A labor dispute takes place for the maintenance of workers' rights along the lines of the spirit of the Labor Union Law. Therefore, it is natural to apply the law when the workers take violent measures in the dispute. Even from the point of view that the Labor Union Law aims to contribute to the development of industry as well as to the position of workers, they should not run to such extreme acts.
In a dispute, the problems of wages and working hours must be settled in the first place. As for other subjects, they should be dealt with according to a joint contract. At resent, in order to develop industry, it is urgently necessary for workers to make slow-going capitalists take notice of the solid front. We can assert that up to the present, no strikes were affected by the statement.
The Communist Party Chief Secretary XURODA: The statement issued by the four ministers aims at preventing the worker's progress towards self-management. Now that capit lists are trying to make excessive profits by the rise in prices due to the shortage of commodities caused by their own sabotage, we can find no way out but to strike and and the dispute.
Self-management does not mean the infringement of ownership, much more, it multiplies products by four or five times, thereby increasing profits. If the workers' self-management is regarded as the infringement of ownership, they are deprived of their wights. It is apparently against the POTSDAM Declaration.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 271 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Our party will endeavor to prevent violence and coercion not only in case of labor disputes but also in any other movements. We will try to mediate in troubles by lawful and peaceful means. For this, we exclude the interference of police authorities and claim the security of the people's liberty.
The Liberal Party Director MATSUNO: It is quite natural to apply the law for violence. I cannot understand why the Government has ignored it up to now. A democratic country cannot admit violence. It is not bad for workers to demand increase of wages, etc. However, we cannot approve the so-called self-management in the hands of a labor union. Both manager and laborers must work in their proper places in a synthesized organization; only in this way, is a company or a factory well managed. If there is one of the workers who is good at management he should be the only one to be moved to the managing section. We can by no means appreciate compulsory self-management in the hands of the majority of laborers.
The Progressive Party Mr. KOGURE: Of course, we welcome the formation of labor unions and extension of laborers' rights. However, if they dare ignore law and order, they will lose the sympathy and support of the people, thereby making it more difficult to achieve their ends. It is time to endeavor to increase production and secure the national livelihood in complete harmony with capitalists, managers, engineers and laborers. Therefore, labor disputes and union movements are to be carried on for the benefits of the whole Nation. We do not approve of unlawful behavior. If there be such behavior, a law must be naturally applied against it. Self-managements which is now carried on under the guise of labor disputes and union movement, does not always conform to law and order.
ITEM 3 The Necessity of Unifying People's Front Emphasized for Victory of Democracy in Coming General Election - Mimpo - 2 Feb 46. Translator: S. Hirata
Under the Emperor system people could not have complete faith in the functions of the Diet. However, the Diet is now going to stand upon its own feet and a governing body of the people, by the people and for the people has come within the range of possibility. The Diet of to-day should be viewed in a different light. That is to say, it is now necessary for the people to send as many representatives of the democratic front as possible, for the purpose of overthrowing the reactionary elements. The SHIDEHARA Cabinet ought to be overthrown before the general election takes place, and a fair election should be held by a democratic government. But, due to the lack of unity, the election affairs are now being controlled by a bureaucratic government. Even now it is not too late,— unite in a democratic front at once! Overthrow the SHIDEHARA Cabinet!
The first demand in carrying out the election campaign is the dissolution of reactionary associations and the banishnent of all war criminals and militarists from official posts. The bureaucratic government is making an attempt to foil the execution of the purge directive issued by SCAP with perfunctory measures such as its reshuffle of governors and the questionaire of a candidates' qualification. Moreover, most of the central as well as provincial posts at present are occupied by war criminals. However, it is not actually difficult to execute the purge directive, to say nothing of the democratization of provincial administration. United action in a democratic front is feasible especially in the provinces, and we have actually witnessed that fact.
Next, the solution to the inflation and food problems should be treated independently of the election problem. Both impeachment for concealed food and the adjustment of distributing organizations should keep pace
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POLITICAL SERIES: 271 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
with the progress of democratization of the municipal administration. The establishment of a powerful food control organ which consists of representatives from various democratic bodies is not only demanded by the present critical situation but it should be the most important reason for which the election campaign is going to be waged. For that purpose, too, the unification of a democratic front becomes necessary.
We advise a democratic front to bring about an election agreement. We desire the establishment of an election campaign committee to consist of representatives from various democratic parties. We long for the realization of a national unification of democratic parties such as the Social Democrats and the Communists, etc., before the general election takes place. Whether or not the democratic front will overthrow the feudal or reactionary elements in the forthcoming general election depends upon its result.
The democratic front must win, in the forthcoming general election. At this juncture, selfish movements of each democratic party should be avoided. Its common foe is as yet neither fallen nor feeble. Nothing but defeat will result from the resent dissension within the democratic front, if it continues. Our defeat, that is to say, the continuation of a reactionary government which neglects the solution of food and inflation problems will bring about the ruin of the Japanese race. We must win. Faced with the national crisis, won't we let bygones be bygones and fight for a common cause? Leaders of the democratic front, be wise and resolute!
ITEM 4 Narahashi's Statement on the Will for the Revision of the Constitution - Yomiuri Hochi - 2 Feb 46. Translator: K. Murakami
Full Translation:
The Government held a Cabinet Meeting at 1430, 1 February to discuss the Constitution. At the meeting, Chief Secretary NARAHASHI issued the following statement:
A bill for revision of the Constitution was published in some newspaper as the tentative bill of the Constitution Investigation Council. However, it is quite different from the genuine bill of the Council. Of course, we find some indentical points since various persons attended for reference, as well as advisers and committeemen. Anyhow, it is quite different from the bill of the Council which is now being investigated at the Cabinet Meeting.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0271, 1946-02-03.
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