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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0265, 1946-02-03.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-1094

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 1094 Date: 3 Feb 46


ITEM 1 How to Develop a Democratic Front - Yomiuri Hochi - 1 Feb 46. Translator: M. Kajima
How To Develop a Democratic Front
MIZUTANI (member of standing executive committee of the Social Democratic Party); "Mr. KITA! (a manager of the Liberal Party) Mr. HATOYAMA once said that the Liberal Party could go hand in hand with the Social Democratic Party. You seem to think that the reason for their co-operation in a common front is the Social Democratic Party's approval of the Emperor system, but in fact, the party did not approve it. I think your idea is wrong. The Social Democratic Party agreed that the Emperor is not simply on honorable symbol as a social status, but must be left some of the rights of sovereignity. So, the Social Democratic Party's conception of the Emperor-System is the same as Mr. HATOYAMA's. That is to say, the Social Democratic Party said clearly that they approved the emperor System having some of the rights of sovereignity."
KITA: "The problem of the Emperor System is a matter for the future. We have been examining the Emperor System in a democratic manner from the start. As can be understood from the example of the French Communist Party, an anti-democratic settlement of the problem of the Emperor-System is liable to bring about complete confusion. We are examining the problem in a Japanese democratic manner."
MIZUTANI: "Whether the spread of democracy is to be promoted under the Emperor-System, and how the problem of the Emperor-System is to be solved in the course of propagating democracy depends on the way in which these problems can be solved. But in fact, the coalition of parties is becoming a serious problem. Therefore, difference between all parties' fundamental platforms has made both the formation of a democratic front and the development of a common fight difficult. I think that the formation of a democratic front with the object of relieving the present miserable conditions of the people in a broad sense means a true coalition of all parties."
KITA: "I think that for that purpose, JAPAN must be rationalized. The so-called feudal relics must be broken down."
SUZUKI (the chief editor of the YOMIURI-HOCHI Newspaper): "I think that a very party must have its own unique policies in the present democratic tendency and by so doing real democracy will be exhibited. I cannot understand why such different policies prevent a democratic front from being formed. I should like to hear the opinions of both the Progressive Party and the Co-operative Party on this matter."
NODA (manager, of the Progressive Party): "I have no objection to the formation of a democratic front itself. Of course, feudal relies must be thoroughly broken down. The spread of true democracy must be promoted in JAPAN. We are always maintaining such a. policy, but we have not yet decided to join in a democratic front. Sine we must form a common front, every party must place confidence in the other in order to attain

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POLITICAL SERIES: 265 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
our common object. One of the policies of my party is the protection of our national constitution. On the question of the Emperor System, we have the same opinion as Mr. KITA. We think that we must promote the spread of democracy under the Emperor System whose center is the Emperor. Therefore, we differ from the Liberal Party on the problem of the Emperor System which can be said to be its fundamental idea. The present common front, then, is very broad in a sense, and sometimes includes other elements besides the worker themselves. I think it is very good, but we cannot help finding communism in the policies of the Communist Party which is principally advocating a united democratic front. The Communist Party said that farm lands must be given to farmers. I suspect that this means the denial of the private property system which is an idea of communism. No good will come of our joining a democratic front if we harbor such suspicions. As has been mentioned above, we must develop a common fight for a democratic front, whole-heartedly co-operating with one another. By so doing, confidence, friendly feeling, and enthusiasm will easily b aroused. We cannot join simply for the purpose of forming a democratic front, irrespective of vary party's different policy. Thus, we harbor a great suspicion of the problem, of the Emperor System and the principles of communism. So, at present, we cannot join in a democratic front at once."
YAMAKAWA (an advocate of a popular front): "I have noticed a misconception in Mr. NODA's talk. You said that the principal advocates of a popular front were the Communist Party, but I am now advocating it on the different basis from Messrs. NOZAKA and KITA. Moreover, you said that the advocates of a popular front are directly concerned with the overthrow of the Emperor System. But this is a great misconception. In short, the principle of this movement depends upon the organizations which are to join in this movement. The items on which the organizations participating in on which the movement can agree should become the principles of the movement. If the Communist Party is the only organization which has joined in the movement, it will not b^ denied that the over-throw of the Emperor System becomes the principle of the movement. It seems to be a common thought that, considering our fundamental ideas, we cannot join in a democratic front. I know that we are sore to differ with one another in our fundamental ideas. But, it is difficult for me to understand the reason why you cannot join in a common front only because of the difference in your fundamental ideas. It is not fair to the people that you, ignoring our starving people, do not went to join in a democratic front because you are not in accord with one another on the problem of the Emperor System, even if the protection of our national constitution is important, or even if we differ with one another on the problem of the protection of our national constitution."
ITEM 2 Communists Want Immediate Adoption of United Front - Yomuri Hochi - 1 Feb 46. Translator: H. KATO
Regarding the agitation for a democratic front and the resent food problems, the Social Democratic Party, at the Central Executive Committee held on 29 January, reaffirmed its decision made on 18 January of its attitude toward the communists. The party, which has taken a cautions attitude, decided to create a social committee to break the deadlock over a united front.
However, observing the process in details, the policy advanced by the social democrats is (l) a compromise to gloss over the situation for the time being against the trend for the formation of a democratic front, or (that, in case of a complete refusal of the proposed common front, there might be the danger of internal opposition and thereby the less of public sympathy, or (3) a crafty maneuver to bury a common front in obscurity by delaying its unification. It has been shown that as far as this problem is concerned, the social democrats have not advanced a step.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 265 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
In this connection the communists issued a statement on 31 January to the effect that the party should immediately start a common fight and not give in until it is won. The statement translated in substance is as follows:
The new statement of the social democrats regarding a united front is to regratted in the light of the feet that the Communists hope for the immediate start of a common fight. The party will make efforts to bring about co-operation with the Social Democrats on the following terms: (l) As regards such burning questions as food, honoring, unemployment, inflation and the like, the party will endeavor to tackle them with a united front if possible in the country as well as in the towns. On this account, common action will be adopted with all political parties and factions, press organs, cultural bodies, and progressive elements in accordance with the local conditions. (2) The party will start a common fight prior to the general election. The vital problem which the party is facing is to lead the general election into conditions favorable for the formation of a democratic front, and to overthrow the incompetent SHIDEHRA Cabinet as soon as possible. (3) The youth and women will be specially directed in order to realize a popular front. On this statement of the Communists, NISHIO, Su[illegible]hiro, leader of the Social Democrats, said as follows: It is not now time to report a statement on a united front. A common front, will, in point of fact, be newly started after the general election. The party, when there is any need for a common front in the country, will take proper measures in conformity with the situation. A food policy, if not carried out on the baises of the nation-wide synthetic scheme as advanced by the social democrats, will have no effect. Sectional movements in the districts will only cause confusion.
ITEM 3 On Aid to Japanese Abroad - Tsurumi, Yusuke, Progressive Party - Tokyo Shimbun - 1 Feb 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki
The problem of the repatriation of our countryman from overseas must be considered as follows:
Firstly, the compatriots who reside in overseas areas should be made to return home immediately. For this purpose, with the good will of SCAP, relief vessels will be obtainable. Accordingly, prospects are quite favorable, but the Government must do its best to play its part. Almost nothing has been heard of the Japanese residing in northern KOREA and MANCHURIA. It is important that those who are now suffering in such areas be repatriated as soon as possible.
The Government should do its best to negotiate with SCAP, and to take appropriate measures to remedy this situation. However busy it may be, the Government must do its best to show us their sincerity, and to appeal to the spirit of human love all over the world. Concerning this point, the interests and attentions of the Government and the people must be aroused.
Secondly, will the reality of defeat being borne in mind, national demonstration which display our interest in our countryman and our close watch on politics, must be encouraged.
Thirdly, the relief of compatriots who were fortunate enough to return home, has now become a problem. First of all, in order to guide and assist them after their return home, a Relief Committee has been established; and it is necessary that they be given work as soon as possible.
Such temporary measures as exist at present only injure the minds of those who have returned. Accordingly, among the necessary measures which must be included among the most important plans after the war, must be
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POLITICAL SERIES: 265 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continue)
measures for rescuing our countrymen abroad, and their lives must be reorganized. In short, the attitude and the measures of the Government regarding the rescue of our countrymen overseas are deplorably weak and ineffectual. Campatriets overseas have been feeling most keenly the misery of defeat. Even if they should have been affected by nationalism, that has disappeared like a dream with the issue of the Imperial Rescript. They have been longing to return to their native land, and have been asking for affection. The whole nation must gather its enthusiasm for rescuing these countrymen. We wish to bring relief to them as soon as possible.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0265, 1946-02-03.
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