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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0264, 1946-02-02.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-1084

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 1084 Date: 2 Feb 46


ITEM 1 Organization of Demobilized Persons - Tokyo Shimbun - 1 Feb 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
The Communist Party Has Given warning Of Restoration Of Militarists.
The Communist Party established the "Demobilized Soldiers-Overseas compatriots Evacuation Relief Association" at the beginning of last November, which has begun to take positive relief measures. The objects of the movements are as follows: - 1. The greater part of demobilized soldiers fear that the reservoir of Militarists may appear again. They must be led and re-educated toward the construction of a democratic JAPAN. 2. As a preventive policy against black-market tradesmen due to the overflow of unemployed demobilized persons, they intend to lessen crimes, go to the assistance of the unemployed and help to find clothing and food, 3. The Relief Committee which is not fixed permanently is attempting to absorb into the farmers Committee, the labor Union and the Young Men's Communist party, With the above plans, at the main towns such MAIZURU, and YOKOSUKA, etc., which are ports of discharge, the Relief Offices have been established and have begun to act positively. MAIZURU is active and successful. At YOKOSUKA, the doctors belonging to the Communist Party and other relief parties have been sent, and are doing their utmost. However, the Relief Committee's actions have not yet been enough, therefore, they are now planning to extend the offices.
Concerning the above matters, Mr. KUROKI, Shigenori spoke as follows: - "The evacuation of overseas countrymen and measures for their relief are the most important matters. Such problems must be dealt with by the Government. The Government is incompetent and has done nothing. The party has resolved to relieve those countrymen who were withdrawn at the People's Grand Meeting held on 9 December last year. The written resolution was handed over to Chief Cabinet Secretary TSUGITA, Daizaburo who interviewed as a representative of the Prime Minister. We condemned the negligence of the Government and asked about future measures. Consequently, he stated that "The Government is now attempting it, and intends to do its best." However, the Government has not yet taken any measures. We can not but be surprised at its irresponsibility. We can not rely upon such an incompete[illegible]Government. The instant resignation en masse of the SHIDEHARA, bureaucrat[illegible]and capitalistic Cabinet must be demanded."
ITEM 2 The Departmental Ordinance on the Examination of Qualifications Promulgated - Asahi Shinbun - 31 Jan 46. Translator: S. Hirata.
Full Translation:
In accordance with the militarists' purge directive issued by SCAP and in order to ban the candidacy, beforehand, of those affected by the purge directive who are going to run in the forthcoming general election, the Government promulgated the departmental ordinance for the examination of

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POLITICAL SERIES: 264 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
qualifications on Wednesday. Accordingly the Home Office will hold the all Japan prefectural section-chiefs conference on 1 February for the purpose of explaining the purport of the ordinance. By ordering various prefectural governments to prepare forms for the use of reporting qualifications, the Office will do its utmost so that every candidate may be able to make his report by 10 February, at the latest. The departmental ordinance of the Home Office and the adjunctive questionnaire to be submitted are as follows:
Article I. In the forthcoming general election those who are going to make reports or recommendations of candidates for membership of the Diet in accordance with the stipulation under the Members of the House of Representatives Election Law, Article LAKVII, [illegible]i or ii, can demand confirmation of the Home Minister affirming that they are not liable under the purge directive issued by SCAP on 4 January 1946.
Article II. Those who propose to demand said confirmations are required to make a report promptly, to this effect, to the Home Minister through the prefectural governor who governs home districts, of those who are going to become candidates, together with four copies of documents stating their career, etc., in conformity with the formula as stated in a separate paragraph.
Article III. In case the report has been made which is mentioned in the above article, the Home Minister, when he ascertains, after consulting with the premier, that those who are going to become candidates are not liable to be affected by the directive mentioned in Article I, will deliver the confirmatory document of formula Number 2 in a separate paragraph. The confirmatory document in the above clause will lose effect if a false statement, or statement which has concealed actual fact, is made in the document which is submitted by the person in question, in conformity with the stipulation laid down in the preceding article.
Career of profession or military service.

In making report of one's professional career, official post or military service, which includes all the various grades to which one has ever been appointed since 1 January 1931, all post ever occupied by one must be stated.
Member of association.
One's relation with the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association, or the Greater JAPAN Political Association; experience as member, founder, organizer, or staff member of the central office or prefectural branches of various associations and one's grade; experience of ever having worked as editor of publications of these associations or not; and experience of ever having organized any branch or special activities for the interest of these associations or not, and its actual facts, must be stated.
One's relation with various associations for social political, military, patriotic, professional, cultural, honorary, physical training and other purposes must be indicated. In case one is or has once been the member of any kind of party, society, association, social club, union, or learned society, etc., excepting those which have been already mentioned, the appellation of the association statement must be made whether it is a secret society or not. Experience of ever having occupied the important

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POLITICAL SERIES: 264 (Continued)

ITEM 2 (Continued)

post of the founder, organizer, leader, etc., in the above various associations and one's grade; and experience of ever having been the editor of publications of these associations must be stated.
The relationship of the members of one's family with various associations must be stated. Whether or not there are those among the members of one's family (parents, wife, brothers and sisters and children) who have once occupied an authorized post, rank or grade or who have ever been influential in various associations mentioned in A and B, their name, address and one's relation with them, and the appellation of the association and their grade must be stated.
Whether one has experience of ever having contributed money or property, either directly or indirectly, to various associations mentioned in A and B or not, except the regular fee, and full particulars. All kinds of contribution by individual, corporation or legal bodies will be included when they were made by the suggestion of oneself or on one's own behalf.
If one has ever had the experience of being awarded some sort of title, rank, medal, citation, or other honor by various bodies mentioned in A and B, the type of honor and its date and occasion must be stated.
Other Career or professions.
One's grade as regards one's concurrent post or honorary post, the authorized or credited post which one has occupied as concurrent post, unpaid post or honorary post since 1 January 1931, representing army and navy or various ministries or other central government offices, or representing the Imperial Rule Assitance Association or the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association or the Greater JAPAN Political Association, or associations that are related to these associations, or their successive associations must all be indicated.
All kinds of posts to which one has been appointed since 1 January 1931 in organs connected with military affairs, police, legal execution, maintenance of peace or intelligence, or in the organs which have relation to the control of thought, speech, religion or assembly, or in organs connected with protective inspection must be stated.
Writings and speeches.

The appellation, date of publication, name of publisher, numbers of circulation in approximate numbers, with regard to all the publications that one has written, either completely or partly, or that one has edited or compiled since 1 January 1931 must be stated. The subject, date of speech and estimated number of audiences as regards all public speeches one has made since the above-mentioned date, in case the publication or speech is one which has been backed by any organ, must be stated.
Executive positions.
Excepting one's grade in a corporation or corporations as has been already stated, the grade as the director in any kind of corporation, or the grade in other executive organs in which one has been placed since 1 January 1931, and one's place of employement, either in JAPAN proper or abroad, must be specified.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 264 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Condemnation of Negligence of The Government - Tokyo Shimbun - 1 Feb 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
The Social Democratic Party, Mr. TAWARA, Shunji.
At the party's formation mass meeting held the other day, the Social Democratic Party passed a resolution on relief for those who have been evacuated from abroad as well as demobilized soldiers, and asked for immediate enactment of remedial measure by Government authorities. However, the bad custom of bureauratic sectionalism had not yet been abolished, and the future course for solution of the problems seems to be difficult. Among the persons who have been evacuated from abroad, there are no voices of criticism. Regarding the development of public opinion with which they are attempting to solve the problems by obtaining independ power, there are some opinions worthy of notice. For me, the development of such a movement must be approved.
In relation to the bodies of the people, the Overseas Countrymen Relief Association (KAIGAI DOBO ENGO KAI) is already carrying out positive, concert counter-measure with regard to its active plans. The problems on evacuated persons which number about 6,000,000 should be dealt with very soon. No time can be wasted.
ITEM 4 The Disposition of the Property of the Imperial Household - Asahi Shimbun - 1 Feb 46. Translator: S. Ono.
The visit of MATSUDAIRA, Minister of Imperial Household, on 30 January, paid to SHIBUSAWA, Finance Minister, is believed to predicate an early realization of the disposition of the property of the Imperial family. Apart from artistic articles, precious jewels, and gold and silver bullions, the amount of the Imperial property was, according to the announcement of the Allied Headquarters 30 October of last year, estimated at approximated by 1,590,000,000 yen, On 20 Novembers, the Allied Headquarters issued a directive, in order to freeze the Imperial property, which was instantly followed by another directive on the 25th ordering that the property be placed under the obligation of tax payment,
Obviously, the monopolistic proprietorship of such an enormous amount of property by the Imperial family is unfavourable to the democratization of national economy. Apart from this, with the expected enactment of war profit tax and proper levy close at hand, proper disposition of the Imperial property, assuredly, is inevitable.
The extent of the disposition, however, will be decided upon through elaborate negotiations of the Government and the Imperial Household Ministry. In any case, there is no doubt that the Imperial estates and the Crown forests will constitute the first object of the disposition. Whether to sell them directly to civilian buyer or to dispose of them to the Government for later resale to civilians, is reportedly under consideration by the authorities concerned. The execution of the disposition, therefore, in connection with the revision of the Constitution and the Imperial Household Law provides a matter of great interest.
ITEM 5 Ask For Rescue by SCAP - Tokyo Shimbun - 1 Feb 46. Translator: S. Kawasa
The Relief Of Countrymen In MANCHURIA And KOREA.
Two million countrymen who reside in MANCHURIA and KOREA are now living under severly cold conditions at 30 degrees below zero, and are at a loss what to do. In order to help them, those who are concerned appealed to
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POLITICAL SERIES: 264 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
the Government. Also various political parties are attempting to take urgent measures.
According to fragmentary news, their distressed circumstances can not be easily bettered, but the Government has decided to go to their relief. At the Cabinet meeting held on 30 January, Chief Cabinet Secretary NARAHASHI explained this situation. At the time of the request for the relief by SCAP, Mr. NARAHASHI wished that various ministers would do their utmost to help.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0264, 1946-02-02.
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