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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0246, 1946-01-30.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-1025

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 1025 Date: 30 Jan 46


ITEM 1 An Opinion Regarding the War-responsibility of the Emperor - Provincial Newspaper (Nagano) Shina[illegible]Mainichi Shimbun - 28 Jan 46. Translator: S. Sano.
Full Translation:
It is very proper that recently the opinions concerning war responsibility have been voiced here and there among the people, suggesting that we should make a new start for establishing the peace of JAPAN after making a thorough investigation into the war criminals who are causing 80 million compatriots to suffer so much and who deserve certain death for their crimes.
However, there are some people prompted by impulse or following the fashion of the day who are trying to make the Emperor responsible for the war, but they should discuss the problem after studying carefully and thoroughly realizing the position of the Emperor in the national polity. If they lightly discuss the problem without knowing the national polity, their opinions will be very injurious to the ideas of the common people.
Accordingly, I have arrived at the conclusion that the Emperor himself has no responsibility for the war from the view point of national polity. It is clear by the provision of Article 3, "The Emperor is sacred and inviolable" and Article 55, "Every Minister of State give his advise to the Emperor and bears every responsibility to him" of the Imperial Constitution that the Emperor's sacredness should be interpreted quite apart from the divinity of his person, and this is the provision of national polity against the irresponsibility of the Emperor's actions.
As is clear in Article 55, every Ministers of State should bear absolute responsibility for the Emperor's action. Because the meaning of "the responsibility of assistance" is aimed at assisting the Emperor and remonstrating with him in case of his misconduct. Such is the position of the Emperor in national polity. The Ministers of State should bear the actual responsibilities of the war, even if the Emperor outwardly appears to be responsible.
It is very disgraceful that we Japanese, unless the Allied Powers pursue the Emperor's war responsibility, should discuss the problem without knowing the Constitution, and the fundamental laws of the nation; and that we should press the Emperor's war-responsibility. I feel righteous indignation with the leaders of the nation who, knowing that many people have mistaken ideas on the problem, still take us educational and instructive measures to rectify it.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 246 (Continued)
ITEM 2 The Immediate Formation of the Social Democratic Front? - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Jan 46. Translator: A. Kido.
Full Translation:
The political tendency urging the formation of a democratic front has become more evident owing to the social apprehension due to the straitened living conditions of the people at large which has been brought about by the inefficiency of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet. Further, the proposals made by Mr. NOZAKA Sanzo and YAMAKAWA Kin for an immediate formation of a democratic front have turned out to be a key to the solution of the question and the Social Democratic Party that had hitherto been opposed to the formation of a united front has now produced a certain number of advocators for its immediate attainment. The Social Democratic Party also has been forced to deliberate on the question. The Social Democratic Party is, therefore, going to hold a session of the Central Executive Committee at the party's headquarters today in order to discuss the question. The Party had already decided at the recent Central Executive Committee meeting, as a party policy, that the democratic front be formed following the general election, by enlisting the assistance of both sides.
Nevertheless, some of the representatives of the party who were present at several meetings held on the occasion of Mr. NOZAKA's home-coming have expressed their wish in favor of the immediate formation of a democratic front, some of the statements made having been contrary to the party's decision. The deliberation will, therefore, start from this point. The members in favor of the formation are: Messrs, MIZUTANI Chozaburo, KATO Kanju, and KURODA Hisao of the leftist section whereas those who absolutely support the party decision are Chief secretary KATAYAMA, NISHIO Suehiro, HIRANO Rikizo, MATSUOKA Komakichi, KONO Mitsu, and others.
The attitude of the Standing Central Executive Committee meeting is being watched with keen interest as to whether it will favor an immediate formation or maintain to the last the party policy. In the farmer case a plenary meeting of the Central Executive Committee is expected to be held again. In face of the general election, the attitude of the party will be divided on whether to maintain the 'status quo' or to form a democratic front as far as possible. Mr. MIZUTANI Chozaburo has already consulted Mr. NISHIO Suehiro on the question. But, in forming a democratic front with the Social Democratic and Communist parties as leaders, some new friendly negotiations between the two parties are required. In the event of the failure of these negotiations, no concrete plan for forming a democratic front can be set Sp.
The Communist Party, in view of the demand for forming a democratic front, is expected to make the fourth application to the Social Democratic Party for coalition, from a new point of view, which application will, however, not be presented to the forthcoming meeting of the Standing Central Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party on the 29th.
Advent of the Old Mr. OZAKI?
Mr. OZAKI, Yukio sent a message to the national mas[illegible]welcome meeting in honor of Mr. NOZAKA Sanzo, revealing the former's approbation of the movement for the formation of a democratic front. The promoter of the democratic front Mr. YAMAKAWA, Kin called yesterday for the first time on aged Mr. OZAKI at ATAMI to ask for his support, as result of which Mr. OZAKI may, under the circumstances, come forward to effect the coalition of the two parties, who would form the nucleus for the formation of a democratic front.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 246 (Continued)
ITEM 3 69 Upper House Representatives Are Counted liable Under the "Purge Directive" - Mainichi - 29 Jan 46. Translator: R. Ochiai.
Full Translation:
After SCAP's last purge directive, the House of Peers held a liaison committee at its president's official drawing room at 10.00 on 28 January. Representing the Government, the Cabinet Chief Secretary NARAHASHI, the vice-Minister of the Bureau of Legislation IRIE and the head of the Cabinet Personnel Affairs Bureau SHIBUI presented and explained the outline and application of the order. Though they discussed the matter a great deal, the members falling under the directive seem likely to tender voluntarily their resignation before the Government takes any measures.
The following 69 are now considered to be liable under the order, Prince MORIMASA and 14 other imperial princes Baron IWAKURA, Michitomo, Viscount ITO, Jiromaru, Prince ICHIJO, Sanetaka, Marquis INOUE, Saburo, Baron INOUE, Seijun, ISHIGURO, Tadaatsu, Viscount HACHIJO, Takamasa, HATTA, Kamei, HASHIMOTO, Seinosuke, SAKANISHI, Rihachiro, Count HOTTA, Masatsune, TOYODA, Teijiro, TOGO, Shigetoku, TOKUTO[illegible]I, Iichiro, Viscount DOKI, Akira, RIKE, Sinko, Baron OI , Shigemoto, Viscount C[illegible]GHI, Kasatoshi, ONO, Ryokuichiro, Viscount CSHIMA, Rikutero, Viscount OKABE, Chokei, OGURA, Seigo, KAWARBA, Kakichi, Marquis KACHO, Hakushin, YOSHINO, Shinji, Marquis DAIGO, Tadashige, TANAKA, Takeo, TAKI, Masao, TSUSKHI[illegible], Juichi, NAGAOKA, Ryuichi[illegible], UCHIDA, Shinya, N[illegible]TSUZA Hiromasa, FUJIWARA, Ginjiro, K[illegible]BAYASHI, Saizo, GODO, Taku, Count KODAMA, Hideo, Marquis KOMATSU, Teruhise, KOHIYAMA, Na[illegible]te, Rysusaku, Baron YASUHO, Seishu, ARITA, Hachiro, SAITO, Ju, Viscount SAKATANI, Kiichi, SARONJI, Masazo, YUMI, Toyotaro, YUZAWA, Michio, Count MIZOGUCHI, Naosuke, KATSUTA, Shukei, SHORIKI, Mastsutsaro, Prince SHIMAZU, Tadashige, Viscount SHISHITO, Isao, SHIMOMORA, Ko, Prince MORI, Motomichi, SEN[illegible]OKU, Yotaro.
ITEM 4 The Social Democrats Reconsider the Problem of the United Front - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Jan 46. Translator: S. One.
Full Translation:
The current trend of the political situation, reflects the social unrest now in existence owing to the lack of political ability of the Government. The proposal of NOZAKA and YAMAKAWA, for the coalition of all the democratic parties, have hastened the early realization of the joint democratic front. The Social Democrats, who have thrice rejected the invitation of the Communist Party to the formation of joint front, have been forced to reconsider the matter anew. A certain section of the Social Democrats is reportedly inclined to support its early realization.
The Social Democratic Party, in view of the situation now prevailing, has hurriedly decided to hold a meeting of the standing central executive committee, early this afternoon, to discuss the attitude of the Party toward the matter.
The formal decision of the Party, reached at the last conference of the committee, to postpone the formation of a common front until after the coming election, was flatly contradicted. The party's representative at the welcome meeting, held in honour of NOZAKA, openly announced, at the occasion, his eager desire for an instant realization of the unified front. This annoyed the party leaders. Among the leading members, MIZUTANI, Chuzaburo, KATO, Kanjyu, JURODA, Toshio, belonging to the leftist section of the party, are believed to support the coalition, while KATAYAMA; chief-secretary, NISHIO, Suehiro, HIRANO, Rikizo, MAYSUOKA, Komakichi, KONO, Mitsu, are reported to stand against it.
- 3 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 246 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
If the committee decides on the adoption of the coalition policy, another general assembly of the central executive committee will be requested. The leading members of the Social Democrats are placed under a hard task to choose. Whether to keep on, as long as possible, the status quo policy which they at present adopt, or to convert to, at the smallest possible sacrifice, the coalition policy. MIZUTANI called on NISHIO, last night, upon his arrival from OSAKA, in an attempt to persuade him to join the coalition. This indicates the difficulty of the situation prevailing in the Party.
At any rate, the realization of the unified democratic front, under the initiative of both the Social Democrats and the Communists, will no doubt require continued negotiations between the two Parties based upon the true spirit of mutual concession and friendship. Meanwhile, the Communist Party is reported to wait the result of the committee meeting of the Party to be held to-day.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0246, 1946-01-30.
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