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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0233, 1946-01-27.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0967

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 967 Date: 27 Jan 46


ITEM 1 All Present Representatives Should Refrain from Running in the Coming Election - Provincial Magazine: Shigakenjin kyōkaijihō (OTSU) (Semi monthly) 15 Jan 46. Issue. Translator: Yagyu.
With the termination of war everything seems to be turning towards democracy. This was confirmed by the Imperial Rescript issued on New Year's Day. We should perform the task of our own accord rather than be forced to do so by the Allied directives. The basis of every step towards a democracy however lies first in the democratization of politics. The center of politics in a constitutional state like JAPAN is the Diet. The Election Law Reform Bill was brought before the Diet in the last session and a general election was decided upon to take place in the near future. With suffrage just given to women, some of the fairer sex will run for election, the campaigns promise to be exceptionally interesting.
But we declare that all of the present representatives, who passed the stupendous military budget without a single protest and condoned the underhanded policy taken by the militarists should withdraw from the political arena. The present Diet is composed of what is called "recommended" representatives whom General TOJO picked to make his position secure. The number of not recommended" members is out of the question. The Imperial Rule Assistance Association is nothing but a pretext under which TOJO went on deceiving the whole Nation.
At any rate, persons who have seats in The Lower House are, without exception, accountable for the war. All of them ought to retire. No excuse should be allowed. We, the common people, should devote much thought to electing our own representatives.
ITEM 2 Crisis and the General Election - Magazine: Economist (published by Mainichi weekly) - 15 Jan 46 Issue. Translator: T. Kosaka.
So great is the effect of the present crisis that the people have lost control of their senses and are now in a state of mental paralysis. The lack of leadership in politics to overcome the crisis is even more distressing than the crisis itself. This is due to the incapabilities of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet and the old political parties. The present cabinet is completely unmindful of the interests of the people but is very careful to protect the interests of the capitalists and the ZAIBATSU. They lack the will and vigor to solve the problems themselves and are merely perturbed by the absolute demands made upon them by pressure from without. Among the old politicians, we can not say that there is absolutely no one looking after the interests of the people

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POLITICAL SERIES: 233 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
and the country but almost all of them not only were incapable of foreseeing the vistas of the times but also could see nothing beyond their own interests combined with those of the militarists and the ZAIBATSU. The 89th Diet has proved both the Government and Members of the parties to be powerless. Therefore we must vigrously establish political leadership among ourselves nature in order to face and overcome the present crisis.
In this connection, the coming general election is of great importance as it gives an opportunity to the people to gain political leadership and resolve the crisis themselves. However the probable results of the general election are questionable as to whether or not they will correctly reflect the will of the people due to the disguised remnants of old politicians and demagogues whose truths and lies are almost indiscernible and due to the youths and women among the many new voters whose political knowledge is still insufficient. Nevertheless, these are necessary factors in the transition of JAPAN. But we must still try to achieve political leadership by the people in order to prevent the central political positions from once again falling into the hands of the officious and militaristic parties of JAPAN.
We therefore point out the importance of the coming general election in overcoming the crisis by awakening the people's interest in establishing a new political leadership of JAPAN from among the people themselves.
ITEM 3 Drafting of purge ordinance - The Asahi Shimbun - 19 Jan 46.Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
In order to put into effect the directives for the removal of militaristic leaders, the Government has decided to frame a law based on the emergency imperial edict. At the Cabinet meeting of 15 and 18 January, the Government deliberated on the above mentioned Imperial edict and, in general, conclusions have been reached. Therefore, after the law is drafted, it will shortly be promulgated, if approved by SCAP.
ITTM 4 The People's Front and the working classes, part 2 by HOSOKAWA Karoku - Tokyo Shimbun - 19 Jan 46. Translator: Paasche
From the point of view of the working classes, the amalgamation of all democratic forces in the country can easily be envisaged, and must be realized. The communist proposal to abolish the Emperor setup, making way for a people's republic, was ridiculed by the ruling class and looked upon as too sudden and dengerous by the masses. The Social Democrats duly opposed the plan. This attitude was predictable in view of the policy and actions of the Social Democratic leaders during the last stage of the war.
Yet, in comparison with the all out propaganda activities of the communists in the mines, factories and villages, the Socialist leadership remained for behind. As a result of the direct action of the Reds in the midst of the workers, their class consciousness was greatly strengthened, and Socialist-Communist co-operation was spontaneously started everywhere by the basic organization of both left wing parties. This trend is now visible in an over growing degree and has reacted too, upon the communists, who had to adapt their Emperor policy.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 233 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
As a matter of fact, the requirements of the situation have likewise influenced the outlook and policy of the Social Democratic leaders, as witness their conciliatory attitude towards NOZAKA, one of the Communist Czars.
Evidently this mood is largely influenced by the progressive collaboration among the basic groups. In the light of these facts, union of the leftists amounts to a National Task. Were it carried out, the progressives, Liberals and others could not help joining in the common front, or else the leaders would give the lie to their professed duty toward the future of the YAMATO race. All this leads to the conclusion that the inner circles within both left parties have now to liquidate all misunderstandings as quickly as possible.
Within the communist party, there is the problem of SANO, Gaku's "Repentance group." There people had "repented" under police pressure while in prison, but the working people know only those whose names were published by the courts as a crafty trick of the bourgeoisie, and they now demand the Whole truth. Those who deserve it, must now be denounced. The SANO group must repent in the true sense of the word, without further delay. On the other hand, the Red Party leaders must deal with the group in a spirit of brotherly love, thereby assuring an unprecedented growth of the party. The same spirit of sympathy and self-examination must prevail wherever the people's front is anticipated, whether among leaders or workers. While it must be granted that the ruling classes have systematically kept the people in a state of ignorance, we must admit that present developments are educating the masses on an unheard of scale.
Let us be aware of the fact that the ruling clique will not fail to let loose furious reaction on the people if the people's aims are not realized now. None of the parties should lose sight of this fact.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0233, 1946-01-27.
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