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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0231, 1946-01-26.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0956

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 956 Date: 26 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Support of KUROTA's statement - Asahi Shimbun - 25 Jan 46. Translator: T. Kitayama.
Full Translation:
The statement of KUROTA, Hisao, who proposed the democratic unification of a farmers' front, is watched with interest in all quarters concerned. About 20 delegates from six prefectures in the KANTO districts, that is, TOKYO, KANAGAWA, SAITAMA, CHIBA, TOCHIGI and IBARAGI, had discussions on 23 January on the various problems at present confronting them, especially the mass meeting of the farmers' associations in JAPAN. As a result they decided to support KUROTA's statement wholeheartedly and published the following agreement with their joint signatures:
The plan for the democratic unification of a formers' front which wag proposed by KUROTA, Hisao, and others, perfectly agrees with that of the formation of a single agricultural association. We, together with those throughout the country who are interested in the problem, support the proposal, and with endeavour to realize the unification of the whole agricultural front.
The Government, which is going to threaten the farmers with a compulsory delivery and the landowners, who are intent on taking back their farms, are irreconcilable enemies of laboring peasants. In order to overthrow these two fatal enemies of the peasant classes, we are forced to form a democratically unified farmers popular front.
We will break down the bureaucratic foodstuff administration, and, in order to tide over the present rice shortage, we will participate in the democratic conference with a view to overcoming the foodstuff crisis in the KANTO districts.

ITEM 2 Bills for Reparation Law and Reparation Special Account Law to be Presented at special Session - Compensation Methods carefully Studied. Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 25 Jan 46. Translator: K. Onishi.
Full Translation:
Coping with the progress of the reparations problem, the Government is now studying the method of its disposal. As a legislative disposition there will be the enactment of the Reparation Law and Reparation Special Account Law, and the wills are expected to be presented at the Special Session of the Diet. However, care is being taken in deciding the methods of Government compensation in view of the fact that it is also related to the problem of compensation for the war-munitions industry, and no sort of decision has yet been made.
Reparations Law: The main object of this law is to execute reparation by stipulating the clauses of orders concerning the various

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POLITICAL SERIES: 231 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (continued)
methods of sale custody, removal destruction and so on, of the objects of reparation, but in view of the difficulties in the evaluation of the objects of reparation the establishment of a Reparation Evaluation Committee (tentative name) is expected, and stipulations or the committee's organization will also be included in the law.
Reparation Special Account Law: Reparation affairs cover all ministries, but this Special Account is intended to accommodate their funds collectively in relation to reparation. Here is the point of difference from the Special Accounts which are in operation in every ministry. The main expenditures are compensations, but the cost of occupation for the Allied Forces, expenses for preservation of reparation of objects, et cetera, will also be included in the expenditures of this account. As for the receipts, besides the transfers from general accounts, some sources of income which are unique to this account are now under consideration.
The Method of Compensation: Though this is still under discussion, they are now considering various methods. For instance, where only some portion of the factory is taken off for reparation and the factory, with the remaining equipment, becomes hemiplegic, the Government is to purchase the whole factory and sell to the people the portion not required for reparation; or the Government is to purchase the equipment appropriated for reparation and compensate for the equipment, which becomes hemiplegic; or the Government is to compensate for the whole. The method of payment must be in line with the future national bond policy, but the majority of opinion tends to a specific settlement in consideration of the general current situations. Regarding the amount of payment, a whole payment, a payment in pyramidical gradations, a relief payment, or other sort of payment can be considered. A whole payment is impossible, while a relief payment would be inadequate, but most opinions are in favor of the second method.
Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance is now collecting reports on overseas properties, but on account of the difficulty in the investigations the enforcement of compensation will be delayed.
ITEM 3 Committee Formed to Investigate into the Revision of the Constitution - Mainichi Shimbun - 25 Jan 46. Translator: A. Kido.
Full Translation:
with a view to introducing a constitution reform bill before the special Diet meeting, following the coming general election, the Government is hurrying up the completion of the draft. The board of inquiry into questions relating to the constitution will, early in February, hold the 7th general meeting to complete a final inquiry into the entire Constitution. In connection therewith, Minister MATSUMOTO is desirous of setting up a board to investigate into the reform of the Constitution (provisional name), or Government institution system, in order to get a Government bill drawn up soon, and the Cabinet will soon be consulted on this matter.
The board for investigating Constitution reform will be composed of the committeemen and advisers of the existing investigation board, as well as of learned and experienced pen. Upon completion of the bill as a formal Government bill, it will be submitted to the Privy Council and the special Diet meeting for deliberation. The Government is expected to announce the Government's reform bill before
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POLITICAL SERIES: 231 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
announcing the date for the general election, so as to appeal to public opinion.
On the other hand, bills reforming the laws of the Houses of Peers and Representatives are closely connected with the Constitution reform, and Minister MATSUMOTO will have them completed at about the same time.
Further, the hoard of inquiry on Constitution questions is expected to remain even after the board for investigating Constitution reform has been set up.
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