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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0230, 1946-01-26.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0952

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 952 Date: 26 Jan 46


ITEM 1 General View of the Democratic Front - Provincial Newspaper-Kobe Shimbun 20 Jan 46. Translator: N. Tachibana.
The people's demand for the organization of a united democratic front has been fostered by the existence of the incompetent SHIDEHARA Cabinet, proletarian veteran YAMAKAWA'S advocacy, and the joint statement of the Communist Party and repatriated NOZAKA.
Co-operation between the Communist and Social-Democratic Parties is vital to organize this democratic front. Therefore, the Communist Party has made three proposals to the Social-Democratic Party for mutual co-operation, but the executive committee of the latter has always refused. However, some radical members of the Social-Democratic Party protested against the leaders' decision, and some branches of both Parties are already co-operating in organizing labor unions, the farmers' system, and the League for the People's Liberation.
In this situation SCAP issued a purge directive to eleanse political circles. Consequently from the people came eries for the downfall of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet and the organization of a new cabinet by the People's Front. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Communist Party advocated in their statement on 7 January the immediate organization of a united front and the establishment of a republican government, but this met opposition from the chief secretary of the Social-Democratic Party, KATAYAMA.
On the other hand, President of the Liberal Party, HATOYAMA, stated that he had obtained the consent of the Social-Democratic Party for co-operation. Mr. ARAHATA and other radical members of the Social-Democratic party intended to organize a united democratic front by establishing the DOSHISHA (Friends' Association) in response to Mr. YAMAKATWA'S promptings. However, the central executive committee of the Social-Democratic Party did not change its intention of becoming the main power in the united front after the general election, but it is clear that this Party, which has such intentions, will lose the people's confidence as the latter demand the immediate organization of a democratic front.
On 17 January the Communist party announced that now was the best time for a co-operative struggle. With the modified policies of the Communist Party, this statement seemed to have urged the Social-Democratic Party to reconsider its principles.
Under these circumstances a national welcome meeting of Mr. NOZAKA is being arranged by the Communist Party and some members of the Social-Democratic Party at the insistence of Mr. YAMAKAWA. Great hopes are entertained of that meeting as the first step toward the organization of a united democratic front.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 230 (Continued)
ITEM 2 23 Governors Tendered Their Resignations - Provincial Newspaper-The Niigata Nippo (Niigata) - 22 Jan 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
Among governors who were the heads of branch offices of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and who are liable under the directives of SCAP, 23 tendered their resignations by 21 January. Home Minister MITSUCHI desired that governors who were liable under the directives of SCAP should voluntarily tender their resignations soon after his [illegible]inauguration. In accordance with his intention of saying nothing of the various governors who were chiefs of branch offices of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, many other governors also tendered their resignation. However, the home Minister intends that those persons, except for the 23 governors who were the heads of branch offices of the Imperial-Rule Assistance Association, should remain in office. Their written resignations have been kept back for a while, and when their views are assured, they will be left in their posts. The successors of the 23 governors who have been called upon to resign, are to be selected, not from the circles of the bureauoratic Home Office, but from various departments.
One person from the various offices, totalling eight, is allotted (the Department of Justice is excluded and two persons are selected from the Foreign Office and are appointed chiefs of the Local Post War Liaison Office as an additional post). Six or seven persons from amongst the people and ten or more others are to be selected from the circles of the Home Office.
Concerning those who belong to the various departments, Vice-Minister OMURA, Governor of TOKYO-TO, FUJINUMA, and Director of the Police Bureau TANIGAWA have selected them. As regards their appointment, Home Minister MITSUCHI himself has dealt with the matter. The intention of the Home Minister, regarding their appointment, is to appoint figures from the technical world and judicial circles. The extent of their appointment is to be expanded from the narrow limits to which they were restricted in the political world, business circles and the press. they 23 governors who tendered their resignations voluntarily are as follows: Vice-governors of TOKYO-TO - MACHIMURA, Kingo: HOKKAIDO - MOCHINAGA, Yoshio; OSAKA - ARAI, Zentero, KANAIGAWA - FUJIWARA, Takao, HYOGO - SAITO Ryo; NAGASAKI—NAGANO, Wakanatsu; NIIGATA - HATAEEDA, Masafuku; GUMMA-TAKAHASHI, Tashio; CHIBA - SHOETSU, Sukuma; TOCHIGI - SOMA, Tashio; NARA - ODA, Shigenari; MIE - KOBAYASHI, Ahiaki, ATCHI - FUKUMOTO, [illegible]Ryuichi; SHIZUOKA - HOTTA, Tateo; SHIGA - INADA, Shuichi; IWATE - MIYATA Tamemasu; AOMORI - KANAI, Motohiko; FUKUI - MIYADA, Shonai; OKAYAMA - AZUMI, Takuya; YAMAGUCHI - OKAMOTO, Shigeru; KAGAWA - TANARA Shogo; EUKUOKA - SOGA, Majimatsu; KUMAMOTO - HIRAI, Akira.
ITEM 3 Seven publication Firms Virtually Expelled From Their Circle. - Mainichi Shimbun - 25 Jan 46. Translator: H. Naoji.
Full Transition:
A general meeting of the JAPAN Press Association was held with 614 of the 1,018 members of the Association present. It took place in the auditorium of the Aircraft Construction (Hiko, Kaikan) Building, TAMURAGHO, SHIBAKU, TOKYO on 24 January. Concerning the problem of the purification of press circles, which was the most important subject for discussion at the meeting, Mr. SAWA, Keitaro, representative of the People's Society and Democratic Press Comrade Association, presented an emergency motion. He insisted on the immediate expulsion of the following seven publishing firms. Japan Eloquent Tales Company (DAI NIPPON YUBEN-KAI-KO DANSHA) Friend of the Woman (SHUFU-NO-TOMO), Japan Society (NIPPON-SHA) (formerly KOA-NIPPON-SHA), the Light of the House (IENO-
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POLITICAL SERIES: 230 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
HIKARI) Association, The Flouishing Literature Company (O[illegible]UN-SHA). First Class Opinion Company (DAI ICHI KOROSHA), and the Land and Sea Company (SANKAIDO).
However, Mr. MORI Shiniohiro, of the Judicial News, advocated the establishment of the Purification Committee to investigate suspected war criminals and decide on their expulsion from the circles. It was finally decided that this problem should be solved by means of a registered ballot, and the emergency notion of Mr. SAWA was passed by a vote of 248 to 229.
However, after this decision was reached, it because evident that enforcement required amendment of the articles of the Association. The number of votes for immediate expulsion was less than the three-fourths necessary to amend the articles. The motion was withdrawn by its supporters and referred to the Conference to be handled in accordance with the will of the general meeting.
The above mentioned publication firms will be able to issue their magazines in lieu of the Commerce and Industry Ministry's order on the distribution of paper.
ITEM 4 Press Bodies Move Towards a Big Union - Asahi Shimbun - 25 Jan 46. Translator: N. Murakami.
Full Translation:
The meeting of the Preliminary Committee for the Formation of the Japanese Press Labor Union was held on 24 January at the Yomiuri Newspaper Offices. Its aim was the formation of an all-JAPAZN single press labor union.
It was attended by 11 unions: ASAHI, [illegible]AINICHI, YOMIURI, TOKYO, JIJI, NIPPON SAHGYO-KEIZAI, MIMPO, CHUBU-NIPPON, KYODO-TSUSHIN, and the Radio Association.
This single union, which is the chief of the trade associations, will be founded on 9 February at the Mainichi Newspaper Offices. At the preliminary meeting, intending to form the democratic front rapidly, it was also decided to definitely co-operate with the movement for the formation of a popular front advocated by Mr. YAMAKAWA, HITOSHN; at the same time it was decided to attend the meeting of delegates from factories in the KANTO District, which is to be opened on 27 January.
This preliminary committee will have its headquarters in the Yomiuri Newspaper Offices until the Single Press Labor Union is established. It will select two preliminary committeemen from each union and then investigate the bill agreed upon by the Union.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0230, 1946-01-26.
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