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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0221, 1946-01-24.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0914

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 914 Date: 24 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Lawyers' Association Drafts Bill for Revision of the Constitution: Asahi-Shimbun - 22 Jan 46. Translator: S. S[illegible]ANO.
Full Translation:
Proposals of the Investigation Committee for the Revision of the Constitution were accepted at the regular general meeting of the JAPAN Lawyers' Association which was held at the First Lawyers' Hall of TOKYO on 21 January. It was decided to refer them to Premier SHIDEHARA, Minister without Portfolio MATSUMOTO and others concered with the revision of the constitution.
Draft for the Revision of the Constitution.
This draft advocates continuance of the Emperor system and the establishment of democratic politics in accordance with the POTSDKM Declaration For direct contact between the Emperor and the people and recognition of the following revisions in order to eradicate every vestige of militarism and bureaucracy [illegible]itiis proposed that:
The adoption of a system of universal suffrage be adopted. A popular referendum on the purogatives of the Emperor is to be made, when considere necessary in order to decide important national policies. At the same time the Diet can request this by passing a special resolution within the provisions of Item 2 of Article 73.
An extension of the laws relating to the legislative powers of the Diet is to be made upon approval of the Imperal Diet, and Articles 5,6, and 37 are to be revised in order to change the Emperor's power of approval into a power of veto.
(A) Restriction on the sovereignity of the Emperor; provisions are to be added to Article 7 so that an Extraordinary Session of the Diet can be called to deliberate on matters retting to the sovereignity of the Diet (B) Emergency Imperial ordinances affecting its sovereignity are to be abolished. At the same time, the words "in order to promote the welfare the people", in the promotion ordinance, are to be eliminated; (C) Concer[illegible]sovereign rights in Foreign Affairs, Article 13 is to be revised, making necessary the approval of the Imperal Diet; (D) Article 11, regarding the prerogatives of the Supreme Command, and Article 12, regarding the prerogatives of the Military Administration, are to be abolished.
The Establishment of the Rights of the People: The implementation of Articles 19-29 and Article 31, and the principle of the equality of the Japanese People in social, political and ecconomic life, is to be spesifi[illegible]in the provisions. At the same time, laws are to be passed if it is necessary to restrict the liberty of the people, while provisions for securing the rights of the people are to be made in the constitution.
The reorganization of the House of Peers: The name of the House of Peers is to be changed. Its members are to be recruted from representati

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POLITICAL SERIES: 221 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
of each profession and from persons of merit throughout the Nation. Article 33 and 34 are to be revised in order to provide a method of selecting members by law.
No 6. The establishment of a permanent Committee: A permanent committee is to be established in the Diet to exercise the powers of the Diet while it is in recess.
No 7. The settlement of the Cabinet system: Administrative powers are to be held by the Cabinet. Provisions are also to be made by which the Cabinet is responsible to the Diet. The premier and other Ministers are to be regarded as Ministers of the State.
No 8. The abolition of the Privy Council: Article 56 is to be eliminated in order to abolish the Privy Counsil.
No 9. The expansion of the powers of the courts: Lawsuits can be widely instituted against the administrative offices when the people's rights are affected by illegal measures, and at the same time, the suits are to be placed under the control of the Courts. Article 6l is to be revised in order to abolish the Administrative Courts. Provisions must be passed stipulating that the Nation must make compensation for damages resulting from illegal measures of officials.
No 10. The abidication of the Emperor: The Imperal House Laws are to be revised to make provisi ons for the abidication of the Emperor.
No 11. The abolition of the Peerage: The Peerage system is to be abolish.
ITEM 2 Government's Constitution Revision Bill published before General Election-Asahi Shimbun - 23 Jan 46. Translator. T. KITAYAM.
Full Translation:
The Government is making strenuous effort, with the aid of State Minister without portfolio MA[illegible]MOTO, to complete the draft of the Constitution Revision Bill. The investigations will shortly be completed by the Constitution Problem Investigation Committee, and be brought up for the discussions before the Cabinet.
The Committee held its first meeting at the end of October last year, and 19 minor meetings, ordinary meetings and general meetings have hitherto been held. Through these meetings the Committee has been continuously making investigations of the problem. At the general meeting on 26 December, the outline of the Revision Bill was at last made up, after MATSUMOTO, Chairman of the Committee had examined it carefully. Three months have elapsed since the Committee held its first meeting, and now it is[illegible]tire for the final touches to be given to it. On 23 January, a small meeting will be held, at which the draft of the Bill will ultimately be corrected. Then on the 26th, the Committee will meet again and re[illegible]ine it thoroughly. At the beginning of next month, the seventh general meeting will be convened. The draft of the Bill by the Constution Problem Investigation Committee will at last be decided upon. The draft of the bill will be presented to the Cabinet for discussions.
State Minister MATSUMOTO intends to publish it so the public can express its opinion. The time of its publication is predicted to be before the date of the general election. The Government's Constitution Revision Bill has become an important subject for the general election.
Enthusiastic discussions will be made among all political parties and the people at large about the draft of the Revision Bill.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 221 (Continued)
ITEM 3 The Imperial Ordinance Prohibiting Participation In International Cartels etc. - Asahi Shimbun - 23 Jan 46. Translator: H. NAOJI.
In accordance with the acceptance of the POTSDAM Declaration, the Government will promulgate an Imperial Ordinance regarding the prohibition of any international agreement or contract on 23 January and put it into force on the same day. The promulgation of this Imperial Ordinance is based on the regulation that the JAPANESE Government will suspend or prohibit the participation of its people in any private or international cartel or other limited private international contnact or agreement. This order is based on the memorundum regarding the dissolution of stock companies, issued by General MacARTHUR'S Headquarters.
Nowadays there is nothing except the international agreement upon chlorie acid and potassium that will fall under this Imperial Ordinance and this agreement exists only in name.
ITEM 4 The Regular Cabinet Meeting On 22 January. - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 23 Jan Translator N. TACHIBANA.
Full Translation:
The regular cabinet meeting was held at[illegible]houses a on 22 January. Transportation Minister MITSUCHI reported on the emergency measure for paying Government reilway workers and he obtained another ministers' consent.
Next, Home Minister MITSUCHI explained an emergency ordinance, regulating transfer from rural districts to large cities. This[illegible]ordinance is based on the Imperial Ordinance (NO) 542, 1945 Regarding the issue of orders in accordance with the acceptance of the POTSDAM Declaration, and it was passed at this meeting.
Then, Chief Secretary of the Cabinet NARAHASHI reported on the food problem and asked another minister's approval. They also discussed the strict enforcement of official discipline. The meeting adjourned at 1230.
ITEM 5 Campaign for Reoppointment of Governor [illegible]INAD. - 23 Jan 46 - The Asahi Shimbun - Translator: S. HIRATA.
Full Translation:
According to the dispatch from OTSU, the prefectural c[illegible]mncil of SHIGA is going to hold an urgent meeting to-day to discuss a campaign in the re-appointment of governor INAD who recently tendered his: resignation. For the purpose of withdrawing his resignation. chairman NAGANO will come to TOKYO to tell the Home Minister how the Ken will be affected by the Governor's resignation. On the other hand, it has been decided to circulate pamphlets throughout the prefecture calling for a pan-prefectural campaign.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0221, 1946-01-24.
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