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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0173, 1946-01-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0726

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 726 Date: 11 Jan 46


ITEM 1 No Agreement in Joint Move By The Liberals and Social Democrats - Mainichi Shimbun - 12 Jan 46. Translator: H. Kato.
Troubles among the Liberal, Social Democrat and Communist Parties are the great concern of political circles. The words "Understanding for collaboration has existed between the Liberal and Social Democratic Parties", stated by HATOYAMA, president of the Liberal Party, have caused a great stir. The intention of turning the Social Democrats into a Fascist body has already been rumoured. Chief Secretary KATAYAMA declared that the Party had nothing to do with the matter. He said that the Party had informally come to an understanding for collaboration. He added that the Party had issued the statement in question from an independent point of view and had no intention or hope of the joint move of the two parties. He stressed that the Party will make its way in a spirit of independence and would decide its attitude after the examination of the truth of the report.
On the other hand, President HATOYAMA said that the formation of the joint front had been established after consultation with influential leaders of the Social Democrats. He added that both parties had maintained friendly relations for several years with the same motto, namely, the overthrowal of the military clique. He said that it would be foolish to think otherwise.
ITEM 2 The Popular Front and The Government - Mimpo - 11 Jan 46. Translator: Paasche.
One week has elapsed since the great purge was ordered by SCAP. The SHIDEHARA Cabinet tried at first to weather the storm by replacing only the Cabinet ministers falling under the directive, but because of changing circumstances, particularly the threat of a popular front in the making, the Government had to face the eventuality that mere reform is not enough for a new lease of life. SHIDEHARA intends to be entrusted anew with the task of forming a Government on the grounds that there is no suitable successor. Should this be Impossible, he expects Foreign Minister YOSHIDA to be entrusted with the task. He furthermore schemes to invite democratic leaders into the Cabinet, the idea being to give a reactionary setup a democratic air, with the actual power remaining in his hands.
HATOYAMA's Liberal Party is stated as being the chief participant in a coalition cabinet, joined by a section of the Social Democrats. Should this too prove unfeasible, the Premier has another reactionary plan to resort to. In that case some other suitable person must be found willing to form a Cabinet chiefly of Liberals and Socialists. In such a situation the refusal of the Social democratic Party to join the Communists in a common front and the Communist criticism of a section of the Social Democratic leadership group as reactionary is of special significance. The Socialists have published a reply, and

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POLITICAL SERIES: 173 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
in the midst of this strife the return of the communist leader NOZAKA and his group is looked forward to by Communists and Social Democrats alike as significant for the formation of a common front.
The following Government, frightened by the growing threat of the people's front has despaired of quenching the fire by usual methods and consider to pull the entire building down. The idea is to destroy the people's front by drawing the Liberals and a section of the Socialists into the Government, thereby isolating the Communists. This is what the stalemate proclaimed by the Government really means.
If the Social Democratic Party is taken in by the lies of the Government and makes the mistake of joining the Cabinet, the Party will surely regret it; on the other hand, to seek responsibility only after the elections are over and the spheres of political influence are divided up would be tantamount to leaving the starving unemployed and inflation-ridden people at the mercy of a reactionary Government for the sake of good election results. Since the people's front is not realized to this day, the question of whether a freedom-loving party should join the Cabinet should be decided solely in the light of whether such participation is useful or harmful to the popular front. For this reason, participation should be considered only on condition that a definite political program is accepted by the Government. If the promise is not kept, in other words, if the strengthening of the popular front is hindered, participation would become meaningless and it would then be incumbent on the party in question to attack the Cabinet from within and without so as to bring about its downfall. As a matter of course the other democratic parties would have to join in the fray.
At present the aim of all democratic parties is the formation of a powerful people's front and the elections as well as eventual participation in the Government must be subservient to this, and on the other hand, the distruction of such unity is the immediately problem before SHIDEHARA and his reactionaries.
ITEM 3 The General Election will Be Considerably Prolonged - Mainichi Shimbun - 11 Jan 46. Translator: N. Tachibana.
Full Translation:
Owing to the unsettled political situation caused by the directive of SCAP the announcement of the general election will have to be delayed considerably longer, contrary to the expectation that it will be announced on or about 15 January. The directive issued on 4 January aims at the banishment of those who co-operated in waging war. Of course, the Government is preparing to enforce an Imperial Ordinance to prohibit those who come under the directive to stand as candidates, but matter are so complicated that the Government must examine each candidate's qualifications on its own merit.
Each candidate will have his qualifications for candidature examined by the prefectural governor who is a election chief, but in view of the present state of communication and liaison which are not trustworthy, this examination will, in fact, last a month. Consequently the announcement of the general election will be delayed far longer. Besides, judging from the present political situation, it is impossible to forecast when the state of affairs will be settled, when an Imperial Ordinance will be promulgated and enforced, and when the application for examination of candidates' qualifications will be submitted to the chiefs.
With regard to compilation of the budget, the Government can not help taking exceptional measures, and it will perhaps depend on the supplementary budget, which was decided at the Cabinet meeting the other day, and the working budget, which followed that of the preceding fiscal year.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 173 (Continued)
ITEM 4 Second Set of Reform Party's Candidates - Yomiuri Hochi - 11 Jan 46. Translator: Paasche.
Full Translation:
Council of the JAPAN Reform Party has decided to nominate the following persons as auxiliary candidates:
ITEM 5 General Resignation Today - Yomiuri Hochi - 11 Jan 46. Translator: Paasche.
Full Translation:
During the night of 8 January the political situation suddenly lost its character of a statemate and has since become more dramatic and changeable even with out Premier SHIDEHARA resuming his work. This is confirmed by what chief secretary TSUGITA told the press on the night of 10 January. It seems that a general resignation of the Cabinet will materialize on 11 January.
ITEM 6 Cabinet Ministers Conference with Premier in Sickbed - Tokyo Shimbun - 11 Jan 46. Translator: J. Weiller.
Full Translation:
As the period of political unrest lengthens, grave concern is being manifested by both public and official circles as to whether the SHIDEHARA Government will resign en bloc or tide over the crisis by reorganization. The chief secretary of the Cabinet TSUGITA, the Director of the Bureau of Legislature NARAHASHI, and Foreign Minister YOSHIDA called in turn on Premier SHIDEHARA on 10 January, The Premier was lying in bed at his private residence at SETAGAYA, and the visitors, after conferring with him for some time, respectively left him in the afternoon. About the same time assistant chief secretary MIYOSHI left the official residence. Thus the movements of political persons are becoming more brisk as the days go on. Furthermore, Finance Minister SHIBUSAWA called on chief secretary TSUGITA at the Premier's official residence at 1300 on the 10 January and had an important talk with him.
ITEM 7 Prime Minister Launches The Reorganization of The Cabinet - Mainichi Shimbun - 11 Jan 46. Translator: H. Kato.
Already seven days have passed since the Allied purge order was issued on 4 January, but the Government has hesitated to take steps in regard to political unrest and instability. Sharp comments are being made among the public at large about the protracted and fruitless conferences of the Cabinet and among the political parties. Foreign Minister YOSHIDA, Minister without Portfolio Dr. MATSUMOTO, chief secretary of the Cabinet TSUGITA, and Director NARAHASHI, of the Cabinet Board of Legislation, visted Prime Minister Baron SHIDEHARA at his residence at SETAGAYA at 0930 on 10 January and conferred with the ailing Premier for two hours.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 173 (Continued)
ITEM 7 (Continued)
The Cabinet attitude appears to have been decided there in regard to whether it should resign en masse or carry on by reorganization in order to put an end to the present political unrest and instability. Prime Minister SHIIEHARA still clings to the hope of a reshuffle of the Cabinet and is starting reorganization and negotiation with some new persons. However, the chances of survival of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet grow slimmer and slimmer, judging from prevailing opinions, both public and official. The present political situation certainly points to wholesale resignation of the Cabinet.
- 4 -
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