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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0161, 1946-01-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0680

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 680 Date: 11 Jan 46.


ITEM 1 Communist Party Prepares For popular Front - MAINICHI SHIMBUN 7 Jan 46. Translator: R. Ochiai.
Full Translation:
The most noticeable point resulting from the latest order issued by General Headquarters is that one common front will be adopted rapidly and widely. In this development of the campaign, a union between the Social Democratic Party and the communist Party takes the leading role, but this combination has already been prevented three times. We all keep a careful watch on the Social Democratic Party during this new state of affairs. If the popular front with the socialists is not realized, the communists will support the democratic leaders in the Party and take a common stand with all otherdemocratic organizations.
Mr. NOSAKA, Sanni, who is en route to his country, will spur this on this popular front campaign when he returns.
ITEM 2 Reactions in the Various Ken to the directive - ASAHI SHIMBUN - 7 Jan 46. Translator: J. Weiller.
Full Translation:
Continued from previous installment OSAKA
Great concern is felt as to how far the directive is to extend. In the progressive Party KAT[illegible]UTA, Eikichi, falls under the order, having been a manager of the Imperial public Assistance Political association, and several others wh[illegible]are in the danger z[illegible]ne. In the Liberal Party, KAGEYAMA, Sadakichi, who was a soldier, must give up the campaign. The social-Democrats are least affected, but as TAKATA, Kiyoomi, was once a director of the Imperial Public Assistance Association, OSAKA Chapter, a question of his eligibility will arise. The Communist Party is becoming aggressive at this favorable turn of affairs, increasing the nominated candidates to two in District 1 and three in District 2.
Regarding the rightist organizations, the effect is negligible, as the Reform Association (ISSHINKAI), which has its headquarters in OSAKA, is now a mere name, while the KANSAI Headquarters [illegible]the Japanese Purity Association (KOKUSUI TAISHUTO) was dissolved soon after the incarceration of President SASAGAWA, Ryoichi, as as a war criminal suspect. However, there still exists the All-Nation workers' League (ZENKOKU KINPOSHA DOM[illegible]I), recently formed, headed by YOSHIMAT[illegible]U, Massketsu, which is said to be a branch of the Japanese Purity Association.
Out of eight nominated candidates of the Progressive Party at least three are expected to fall before the directive, so the blow to this Party will be severe. IKEMOTO, Jinshiyo, has voluntarily retired, so he is not affected. The L[illegible]berals are shortly

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POLITICAL SERIES: 161 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
expected to nominate four ex-members and one new man as candidates. The Social-Democrats, being new in a more powerful position are to put up six or seven nominees, while the Communists will probably increase their present roster of two candidates.
The question here is, how many of the 20 men, ex-local leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association who are being talked of as possible candidates, are to be restricted. Among these 20 men there are UYEMUPA, Buichi (Progressive), ex-chief of Business Bureau; TAKI, Kiyomaro (non-party) ex-chief of NAPA Branch; MORIOKA, Jiro (Liberal), who was until November 1940 the Chief of General Affairs of the Governor General of FORMOSA.
AS men are making preparations to fill the vaccum created by the retirement of these persons, there will be many new faces in the election. Few of these new men belong to major parties in the Metropolis, but will decide their political attitude when they are elected.
Minister of Transportation TANAKA (Auditor of Imperial Public Assistance Political Association), and KIYOSE, Ichiro (manager of that organization), who are political leaders of this Ken, will be expelled from their public positions. In view of the retirement announcements of HAIA, Sobei, and KANEMITSU, Kunizo, the decline of the Progressive Party which had a powerful influence here, cannot be denied. The Social-Democrats, who have a certain influence in KOBE, are making a notable advance, though it was a blow to them to lese KAWAKAMI, Jotaro, who is popular as a leader. The Communists, making use of the present opportunity, will fling away their passive policy and with War responsibility as a slogan have decided to fight hard in the election.
The directive was received at the Progressive-Party's branch in the midst of trouble, caused by the cancellation of the ex-members' renomination on the grounds that they approved the laws which took freedom of speech, association, and publication from the people, and that they worked for the Election Law Revision through motives of self-interest. The effect is evidenced by HIRANO, Masukichi's (branch Manager) relinquishing of his candidacy. Among those who have been expelled are MITAMURA, Takeo, of the former Eastern Association. The future of MATSUO, Kunimatsu, Mayor of GIFU and four tires a member of the Diet, is also being watched with interest.
The Social-Democrats nominated four new candidates. Nearly all the other new candidates are members of the Prefectural Assembly and were connected with the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, so that their chances depend on how the directive is interpreted.
By the present measures of the Allied Headquarters the majority of the ex-members, including QGUCHI, Kiroku (Manager of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association), are about to retire, and the attitude of CGASAWARA, Sankuro, the Commerce Minister, is also being closely watched. As a result, many new men are expected to run for election. AS opposed to the blow to the Progressive Party, the directive presents an opportunity for the Social
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POLITICAL SERIES: 161 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Democrats, headed by KATO, Kanju, and other parties, to make great advances.
Excluding INO, Sekiya, non incarcerated as a war criminal suspect, and OZAKI, Yukio, TAMURA, Minoru, and KUKI, Monshichi, who have already given up their candidacies, all ex-members will have to retire if the directive is applied to their advisory capacities in the imperial Rule Assistance Association's local chapters. The already numerous candidates will be further increased in number as the result of the directive.
Out of sir ex-members only KITA, Soichiro, remains. The rest have all left the scene through death, resignation, or war criminal suspects. But as Mr. KITA has not come back to the Ken, his attitude is still unknown. Tempted, by the new situation, those who are making preparations exceed 30 in number, which is uprecedented in this KEN, Half of that number are new men in a real sense, having absolutely no present connection with the local assemblies.
Of the ex-members who wore expected, to run again, TABE, Tomoyuki, has announced his intention to retire, while SHIKADA, Toshio (Advisor to the Imperial Rule, Assistance Political Association), and HARA, Fujiro (Councillor of that organization), are expected to be disqualified by the directives. Consequently, the election will be contested almost entirely by new men with the exception of TAKAHASHI, Yenzaburo (Progressive), and one or two other old politicians. The political division of these new candidates is hardly known, except for MATSUMOTO, Junzo, who is the Social-Democrats nominee, and even those who are tinged with the Progressives' or Liberals' colors do not clarify their stand. It is supposed, however, that about ten candidates will eventually run, those being the candidates who are entirely free from the directives' purge.
YOSHITAMI, Yoshinaro (ex-Chief of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association, local chapter), and MIYOSHI, Hideyuki (Chief of the House of Representatives Section of that organization), will probably come under the directive. Besides these there is the possibility of other party men being disqualified, but as their constituances will be succeeded to by their friends, there will be no change in the political division.
The encroachment by the Proletarians and new candidates upon the deep-rooted influences of the old parties has been watched with interest, but the present directive will nevertheless encourage even more new candidates to throw their hats into the ring.
General UGAKK, Kazushige, whose candidacy was much talked about, and OKADA, Tadahiko, who was related to the imperial Rule Assistance Association), will naturally be affected by the directive. When the contents of the directive are better known, a greater number of the ex-members may be involved. In the meantime, some of the prospective candid[illegible]tes who have been hanging back
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POLITICAL SERIES: 161 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
will come forward, and, joining in the activities of the Proletarian Partiese, the campaign will present a changed aspect.
FUJI[illegible]OTO, Sutesuke, was connected with the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, but he is groping in the dark, as he is not sure whether or not he comes under the categories set forth by the directive, KIYAMAKI, Choklchi, and TANAKA, Kyo, who are being talked of as possible candidates, were both colonels in the Army.
However, the local people's ideas have not undergone any perceptible change. The general situation is that although the old hands have been forced to retire, there are no suitable men to take their places.
Out of about 30 candidates TAKECHI, Yuki (ex-Parliamentary vice Minister), and YONEDA, Yoshimeri, have retired, while KATSUTA, Kazue (member of the House of Peers) and SUNADA, shigemasa's candidacies are being doubted, on account of the directive. Besides these SUGA, Taro and HORIMOTO, Nobuyoshi, because they were connected with the Imperial Rule Assistance Association), and TOGAWA, Shinji, because he was an ex-director of the South MANCHURIA Railway Company, are in danger of being eliminated. The political situation in the Ken, thus spared of the militaristic elements either forcibly or spontaneously, will be greatly influenced, by new parties, chiefly the Social-Democrats.
The general opinion is that the Government should have taken up appropriate measures prior to the directive. NAXOSHI, Yoshitaka, and UDA, Koichi, of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and YORIMITSU, Yoshiaki, ex-Councillor of the war Department (all three Progressives), along with OISHI, Dai (formerly of the Nastern Association), and MATSNAGA, Hisao (Admiral, non-party), are all assuredly barred from the election. Although the Liberal party is greatly shocked because Chapter Manager NOMURA, Mokuma (a member of the House of Peers), a big political head of the District, is now a doubtful candidate because he was President of the Recommendation Council of the Ken, the Progressive Party is hit worse, The movements of the Social-Democratic and Communists show added vigor, however, and these parties are entering new candid[illegible]tes into the election.
A great storm is raging in KUMAMOTO, "Kin[illegible]dor of Political Confusion" confusing not only the ex-members but those who were slated as possible candidates. Ex-Railway Minister MATSUNO and Ex—State Minister OASA are decidedly disqualified, while ISHIZAKA, Shigeru (Mayor of KUMAMOTO), and about 30 talked-of candidates are expected to be more or less involved. In any case the new men, who have hitherto been hesitating, are being urged to come forward.
Beginning with KANEMITU, Tsuneo, who had absolute power, AYABE, Kentaro (ex-Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Navy), ICHIMIYA, Fusajiro, and KASHIMABARA, Koichi, all closely connected with the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, have been made ineligible, while YAMAGUCHI, Bajom[illegible]i and KINOSHITA, Iku who were local leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, may also
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POLITICAL SERIES: 161 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
conflict with the directive, in which case the whole personnel of the Progressive Party will have to disappearfrom the election list. Many new candidates were anticipated, but many have been hesitant until now. Seizing this opportunity, a number of new men, including a young man of 27, are reported to have decided to come to the fore, while the Communist Party has launched an extensive campaign, having moved into chapter at OITA.
The directive is received here in the cheerful light because it helps to remove dissatisfaction felt by the public toward the leaders during the war. Ex-member MASAKI, Katsuji, comes under the list because he was a rear-admiral, while the fate of the rest of the ex-membes is doubtful. At any rate, both the progressives and liberals are in a stampede. On the other hand, the Social-Democrats have nominated KINUIRA, Utare, and FUJIWARA, Shigetaro, but due to the present change they have come to believe that they can safely put up four candidates, including a woman, and have started negotiations with Mrs. KATSUTANI, Masuya, wife of the President of SAGA Iron works.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0161, 1946-01-11.
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