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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0158, 1946-01-06.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0675

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 675 Date: 6 Jan 46


ITEM 1 How About a Popular Front?- Mainichi Shimbun - 7 Jan 46. Trans-Lator: R. Ochiai.
For a long time united democratic parties have campaigned against feudalistic parties. It is because of this popular front principle that the leftist party, the Communist, has become the majority party in FRANCE. What about such a front for JAPAN? In answer to this question, there are three opinions.
Mr. KATAYAMA, Tetsu, the Chief secretary of the Social-Democratic Party, said, "We do not yet know which party is really the democratic one. Each party has its own principles so that if the supposed democratic parties, such as the Liberal, Communist and Social Democratic, begin campaigning together, there may arise some friction. We have different opinions on the Emperor system, on labor unions, and other issues. Though some of our members in AOMORI, MITO, and OKAYAMA are trying to do away with the feudalistic powers with the aid of the Communists, I do not think this is the general practice. Abolition of capitalism and establishment of socialism are planks in our platforms which differ from others."
Mr. SUGIMORI, Kojiro, WASEDA professor, stated, "The Cabinet should resign in bloc instead of having new and incompetent ministers appointed to the vacated posts. To put the right man in the right place becomes our first object. Considering which policy is most important and urgent for JAPAN, they must decide on the right Cabinet, which can meet its responsibility. Coalition among democratic parties are much talked about. There is discussion on whether the Social Democratic Party should join with only the Liberal Party or whether it will be letter to join with the Communist also. However, the methods of combining are beside the point. The parties should all try to find the right person for the right position."
HOSEI University professor, HORI, Makoto, saii, "Certain of becoming the majority party, the Social Democrats refuse to have a single front with the Communists. But following the examples set in EUROPE, a coalition Cabinet is most advisable for establishing democracy in our country."
ITEM 2 Gloomy Sunday for the Purged - Yomiuri Hochi - 7 Jan 46. Translator: R. Kitayama.
Last Sunday all the militarists of Japan were summarily deposed of, On that ominous day, when the SHIDEHARA Cabinet was threatened with failure, the Premier himself was confined to his home at 1218, OKA-MOTO-Cho, SETAGAYA-Ku. How did the Premier, confined to his bed, feal when he heard the news?

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POLITICAL SERIES: 158 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
His residence located near the TAMA River, was very still early Sunday morning. His front door, on which hangs a sign reading "Branch Office of HAYAMA Agricultural Company", was tightly locked. Upon inquiry, Secretary KISHI appeared, and replied that the Premier was better, but would nevertheless see nobody. Premier SHIDEHARA had assumed his post, believing himself capable of building a democratic Japan by dint of his own strength. What might he be thinking, I wondered?
At the official residence of the Premier were assembled jeeps in which foreign reporters had driven up early in the morning. The Cabinet meeting scheduled at 1000 hour, was half an hour late. Welfare Minister ASHIDA and Chief of the Legislation Bureau NARAHASHI did not make their appearance. Upon inquiry I was told that they were on a trip seeking rice. Soon after, Vice-Secretary MIYOSEI appeared in the pressmen's room, announcing, "Publication of the dismissal of officials will not be made for a few days, as it is necessary to tender this to the Privy Council for sanction. The breakup of the right wing bodies will immediately be published under an urgent ordinance in accordance with the Potsdam Declaration." So saying, he left hurriedly.
Outside the room the tower of the massive Diet building seemed to be calling, "Away with the leaders of old JAPAN." I wonder my way to the headquarters of the Japan Communist Party at YOYOGI. They were steadily making preparations for a wholesale election campaign, centered about TOKUDA, KUROKI, MIYAMOTO and others. One of them said, "With the return of NOZAKA, fortune has begun to smile on the Party. You mention a coalition cabinet. Well, we will make an announcement about that tomorrow."
Next I called at the headquarters of the Social-Democratic Party. Here such leading members as KATAYAMA, MATSUOKA, KATO, SUZUKI, NAKANURA, ASANJKA, HARA, and HIRANO were assembled, and a conference of the standing committee wee held at 1100. One of them, speaking for the others, remarked, "It's absurd that the former representatives should stand as candidates. They should rather apologize to the Nation for their war responsibility."
ITEM 3 Will the Social-Democratic Party Split? - Yomiuri Hochi - 7 Jan 46. Translator: T. Kitayama.
Full Translation:
As a result of the directive issued by General MacARTHUR's Headquarters, the Social-Democrat 'Party dreams of becoming the majority party. Taking advantage of this windfall, the dissidents of the party who have been critical of the policies and measures taken by the leading members, have began a campaign of antagonism. To begin with, ONO, Shunichi, who is a member of the Central Executive Committee, has privately protested to the leaders of the Party against the decision to support the Emperor system and the refusal of a popular front with the Communist Party. The left wing group of the Party, which holds an important position, both in the central and provincial areas, has been expressing its dissatisfaction toward the right wing tendencies and the arbitrary measures of the staff. Some numbers of the staff continue to disapprove of a popular front with the Communist Party, in spite of the fact that it is essential for the actual formation and activity of the Party.
Accordingly the loft wing members insist that the party staff should rectify such right wing arbitrary inclinations at this time. For this purpose, the left wing group has been discussing the problem, and in the near future great activity is expected on the problems of the Emperor system and the popular front.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 158 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
Meanwhile, the Communist Party, in response to the move of the Social Democratic Party left wing against its staff members, is expected to call for the unification and assembling of democratic elements, in view of the development of the new situation caused by MacARTHUR's directive and the return home of Secretary NOZAKA. Such being the case, the Communist Party will in the near future make its attitude clear in connection with the problem of formation of a popular front. Thus the alliance of the Social-Democratic Party with the Communist Party may be said to be on the way to realization.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0158, 1946-01-06.
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