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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0156, 1946-01-07.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0669

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 669 Date: 7 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Changing Aspects of the General Election - Asahi Shimbun - 6 January 1946. Translator: J. Weiller.
Full Translation:
What effect has the recent important directive had on the various Ken throughout the country and what are the reactions there with the proposed General Election just ahead? A directive was expected before the announcement of the date of election, but the general impression appears to be that the present directive is of wider scope than had been expected. Furthermore, due to the very question of its scope, for example, the definition "leaders of local chapters of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association (YOKUSANKAO)" cannot be clarified and much confusion is caused thereby. Consequently among the reactions of various localities cited below, there may be instances which lack accuracy regarding the persons who we presumed to be involved. But the following points can be quoted as principal tendencies caused by the directive.
The directive is regarded as rational and natural. Strong dissatisfaction is being felt against the ex-members who, in spite of their talk of war responsibility, did not show sincerity in action; also, against the Government, which did not take up any courageous measures before the directive vas issued
Due to the downfall of professional politicians and bosses, a way for the advent of honest new men will be opened, and, as a result, the general publics interest in the election is notably aroused.
From the party point of view the blow to the Progressive Party is a decisive one throughout the country, and the Social Democrat's leaping advance and an increase in the Communist influence is anticipated. The tendency is already noticeable in that some of the members of the Progressive Party are hastily repainting their signboards to read "Independents"
Needless to say, a. profound effect is being felt among TOKYO'S populace but the citizens welcome the directive on the whole. Many of the established politicians who have already prepared for candidacy will fall while not a few of the newcomers may meet the same fate.
MAKAJIMA, Yadanji, Progressive; ANDO, Masazumi and USHIZUKA, Torataro, Liberals, have been managers of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association (YOKUSAN SEIJIKAI), and AKAO, Bin, True Hearted Society (SEKISEIKAI), and HONRYO, Shinjiro, Eastern Society (TOHUKAI), both non-party men, are regarded as Affected by the directive. Depending on the scope of application, man more will have to give up candidacy. The Communist is the only party which is not affected at all, and besides TOKUDA; Kyuichi and. KUROKI, Shigenori, two or three additional candidates re expected to appear. In the Second District, where the Proletariat Party had an overwhelming influence, both Social Democratic and Communist Parties are expected to take long steps forward.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 156 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
In HACHIOJI, TSUKUMO, Kunitoshi, Independent, will be denied candidacy because of his having been a manager of the former Imperial Rule Assistance Association, and by his disappearance, the old influence will be effaced. Preparations are underway in various localities to replace the fast fading, old influences. The constituencies which were reported to be apathetic to the election were suddenly aroused by the directive and have begun to show interest because the chance has come for the advent of new blood, among which are:
HACHIOJI-SAKAMOTO, Ikkaku (Progressive) replaced by KUZAMI, Mojuro (new, Progressive).
TACHIKAWA-SATO, Yoshikuma, People's Rights Co-operative Association (MINKEN KYOCAWA), President of Municipal Assembly; OGATA, Koki (no party, ex-mayor).
MIAMI TAMA - OCHIAI, Motoichi (no party, new), Branch Manager of Agricultural Association; ASAMURA, Shoro (new, no party; assistant Village Chief).
KITA TAMA-NAKAMURA. Koichi (ex-Social Democrat); MIKAMI, Seiji (new, JAPAN Working Masses Party (NIPPON KINRO OSHU); KURIYAMA, Chojiro (new, Liberal); KIGUCHI, Shohachiro, (new, JAPAN Reform), (NIPPON KAKUSHIN); INO, Yonejiro (new, Liberal, member of Metropolitan Assembly, Mayor of MUSASHINO-Cho) ; SAKADA, Kyojiro (new, Working Masses, exwrestling Champion of MINANOGAWA); ONO, Kumaichiro (new, Mayor of KOHIRA Cho).
NISHITAMA-NAMIKI, Shunzo (new, non party Village Chief); MAMIKI, Yoshio (new, non party ) ; HARASHIMA, Keneki (new Liberal, Mayor of HIKAWA-cho); IWANAMI, Kojiro (new, Liberal, member of Metropolitan Assembly); YAMAGUCHI, Shiro, (new, Reformist Party, contractor).
KANAGAWA Ken: Many view the directive as helping in the construction of new JAPAN in that the retirement of the old leaders will be instrumental in the democratization of the country. Therefore, the effect it produces in political circles is expected to be great. As it is not yet clear to what extent political personnel will be involved, the real effect will not be felt or a few days, but political circles, with the general election facing them, are being shaken. On the other hand, owing to the wholesale retirement of the leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistace Association, in which Governor FUJI ARA, Mayor MAKARAI, and other important men wore members, it is felt that the Ken will lose the pillars of the operation of prefectural and municipal administration. As there are few influential politicians who are to be involved as ex-leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistance Young Men's Association in this Ken, the general election will not be much affected by the directive.
CHIBA Ken: All personnel of the "recommended" Diet were rushing bout for re-election but in view of the directive, though some of them may not quit, a majority of them will give up their candidates. To fill up the gap, the movements for new candidates have become vigorous, and fourty odd names are now being considered. SHIRATORI, Toshio has been indicted as a war crime suspect while I[illegible]ASE, Ryo is dead. Nine others still remain. The appointment of KAWASHIMA, Shojiro, who was not recommended in the last election, will conflict with the directive, so the field for newcomers is wide open.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 156 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
IBARAGI Ken: The Progressive Party's Chapter, which intended to acquire sight out of thirteen seats, has been hit worst. UCHIDA, Kobuya, chief of the Chapter and ex-Minister of Agriculture, was an advisor to the JAPAN Political Association and NAKAIGAWA, Ko was the councillor of the War Ministry under the HIRAEUMA Cabinet. AKAGI, Munenori of the Co-operative Party has been the Chief of the Prefecture! Branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association. All of them will no doubt send their friends to take their places. It is already rumored that MIYABARA, Shosuke will appear on the scene in place of NAKAIGAWA.
A vigorous campaign is anticipated by the Social Democrats, Communists, and other new parties which have already completed their choice of candidates. New candidates, who up until now were sitting on the fence will take stands one after another. The general public, which did not show much zeal for the election, appears now to be viewing the situation at a different angle. The present directive is generally approved by them. No effect will be had on the Prefectural Assembly on the three mayors in the ken.
SAITAMA Ken: A big change has been brought about in the political world here. Both TAKAHASHI, Norihai and MIYAZAKI, Hajime (Progressives) will be affected; the former for his having been a leader of the JAPAN Political Association, and the letter for having been Parliamentary Secretary. It is said that the directive must have caused cold sweat to those who tried to get away from their awkward position by flinging the war responsibility on one another. Division will gradually be made between those who give up the campaign and those who still attempt to run in spite of the directive.
The Liberal, Social Democratic and Communist Parties Whole heartedly welcome the directive in the belief that the Government should have taken similar measures beforehand. They are availing themselves of the opportunity, having started vigorous campaigns in anticipation of the election announcement in the near future. Because the number to be affected by the directive is not clear, unrest pervades all circles but the general demand is for the retirement of even minor wartime leaders.
GUMMA Ken: KOGURE, Budayu will be affected because he was a leader of the Imperial rule Assistance Political Association, all the ex-members, with the exception of NAKAJIMA, Chikuhei a war crime suspect, wanted to run again, but as they are now looked upon with cold critical eyes by young men and women, many of them may abandon their plans with the directive as an excuse.
On the other hand, the Social Democratic Party, in anticipation of the all round retirement of the old hands, has increased its candidates from four to six, while some new candidates, who were to run on the Progressives ticket, are expected to come to the fore as independents.
YAMASHI Ken: Though it is certain that TAMABE, Shichiyoku, leader in the Ken's political circles, and former manager of the Imperial Rule Assistace Political Association, will have to retire, it is still a question as to how far other loaders will be affected. The gravity of the situation depends on the interpretation of the directive.
TOCHIGI ken: MATSUMURA, Kozo, chief of the JAPAN Political Association Chapter and ex-Diet member, expected to be included in the list. As TAKADA, Kohei (ex-Progressive) announced giving up his dandidacy, the constituencies of both men will be shaken and new men stimulated to seize these opportunities.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 156 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
NIIGATA Ken: The retirement of several political bigwigs is thought to be inevitable. At the same time, influenced by the change, several others voluntarily follow suit, so that a fairly large scale reshuffling is anticipated.
The Federation of Farmers unions of the Ken which has been engaging in courageous fights against the capitalistic landowning classes, will start a vigorous campaign, and the advent of new candidates is awaited eagerly. Under the present tumultuous conditions, no accurate information is available.
NAGA[illegible]O Ken: In anticipation of the present situation, KOYAMA, Kunitaro, formerly Parliamentary Vice minister of War; KOHIRA, Gonichi; KOSAKA, Takeo; and KINOSAITA, (all Progressives war clever enough to have given up the campaign at the and of December. FUJII, Iyemon was nee chief of the Business Section of the Chapter of the Imperial Rule assistance Association, while [illegible]RA, Kinji may be affected if the directive be interpreted in a broad sense.
Of all ex-members who will be dropped for certain, HADA, Takeshiro (Progressive) TOSHIBA, Sei[illegible]d [illegible]O, Hideichi (both Reformists); and MATSUMOTO, T[illegible]ao and [illegible], Ryo (both Independents) and, at the same time, were leaders during the war. If the scope of the directive is very extensive, the effect will be great. On the heals of the total retirement of the Progressives and other ex-members, candidates of the new parties will make a marked advance. A vigorous campaign is expected.
SEIZUOKA Ken: Not only OTA, Masataka (Progressive), a war crime suspect, but MORIGUCHI, Juazo (Progressive) and KATO, KATO (no party) announced their retirements. As a result, the 30 odd candidates who are under discussion will necessarily have to male their policies clearer. A bright for cast is being made on the method of the campaign in view of the elimination of the so-called political brokers who were responsible for the corruption of past campaigns.
YAMAGATA Ken: Among the members of the Diet elected from this ken, KIMURA, Takeo (Liberal) was once connected with the Far Eastern Association and is now related with the Rising Asia League (KOA REMMEI) and the East Asia League (TOA REMMEI); and NISHKATA, Toshima (Progressive) was manager of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and the JAPAN Political Association. Therefore, the will naturally come under the directive, AS both KONDO, Eijiro and KOBAYASAI, Tetsutaro have decided to clear out, few ex-members are to run in the coming election.
Incidentally, the East Asia League, which has been ordered dissolved by the directive, has its headquarters in this Ken. There are 60,000 members throughout the country, of which 20,000 are in YAMAGATA-Ken. On the 3rd, KAMAGATA, Mokichi; HIRATA, Yasuji; and others, in consultation with ISHIWARA, Ganji, an advesor, decided to reconstruct the League into something like a consumers' union, with the agricultural section to lay stress on the [illegible]ad of fermented nature. As the order of dissolution was issued at this very moment, it caused a considerable shock to the members. The League intended to run KIMURA, Takeo and HIRATA, Yasuji for the election, but the plan has act with a hitch because of the directive. The Leagues future movement will be worthy of note.
IWATE Ken: The Progressive Party held an inauguration meeting of the Chapter on 4 January, and the shock which the directive gave to the whole party was more than YASUMI: TAGO; IZUMI; and KANEKO (all members who were present at the meeting) could conceal. Because of the fact that the application scope is not defined, however, everyone is giving his own interpretation to the directive.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 156 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
As this Ken is in the habit of supporting old members, the coming election will be a scene of very severe conflict between Independents and disqualified old members
AOMORI Ken: Many of the ex-members of the Progressive Party, which was formed about the old influences, Will have to retire, to take delight of the Social Democrats. However, the retiring members will naturally find candidates to succeed them and fight the battle to the bitter end.
FUKUSHIMA. Ken: Few are expected to be involved is the present directive, but as the wording is rather vague, it is not clear who will come under the directive. As a result, the psychological effect is very great. In many cases, opinion seems to be that as some of the candidates were leaders during the war, blindly following the militarists and bureaucrats, then ought to retire at this junxture irrespective of their position.
HOKKAIDO: Though expected, the directive gave a considerable shock to political circles, and the branch and candidates' officers, which were more or less listless due to the postponement of the date of the election, have again become active. As the directive is of a very extensive nature, it is not clear as to how far it affects candidates. Therefore, various conjectures are being put forward. The Progressive Party, which has a closer connection with the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association and the JAJAN Political Association, has not yet established a branch, but the Liberal, Social Democrat and Co-operative Parties are replanning the campaign.
In the electorates from which heads of the former JAPAN Political Association have to retire, new candidates are emerging like mushrooms. "If the old members retire and are replaced by the so-called new men, so long as the election is run by unprincipled political mongers we shall be doomed" is the cry of many. The people are not toe enthusiastic about the results of the election.
- 5 -
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