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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0153, 1946-01-07.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0659

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 659 Date: 7 Jan 46


ITEM: 1 The Progressive Party and the New Directive - The Mainichi Shimbun. 6 Jan 46. Translator: S. KAWASAK.
Full Translation:
The Progressive Party held a special general affairs conference at the Pacific Ocean Cultural Association offices in the SAIWAI Building on 5 January and discussed the directives. The number of those who are affected by the directive is unclear. The interpretation of "leading directors" is a difficult one. Therefore, the Party is watching the attitude of the Government with careful attention. For instance, in speaking of the managers of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association, it is not clear whether regular directors or special directors are meant. A course which will permit the reconstruction of the party is to be decided upon. The party must decide which of the local leaders can be promoted. Moreover, in accordance with the directives, words, "powerful, position," it can be applicable to a great many people.
The President of the Progressive Party, HATOYAMA, Ichiro, former councellor of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association must naturally be included. At the general affairs conference, the opinion was voiced that if the interpretation given includes all who were in positions of leadership, the selection will he very difficult and it will be unfair. If all the supreme leadersare included, the effect will be very great, and a serious obstruction will face the reconstruction of the Party. Therefore, it is necessary to decide whether or not the Party should be dissolved.
The president of the party, MACHIDA, Chuji, and other leaders, and a moderate number of those to whom the directive is applicable, are within the ranks of the party. However, it is natural that JAPAN, which accepted the POTSDAM DECLARATION should submit to the directive. However, in this unprecendented, confused time, the Party is responsible for maintaining the national constitution and fulfilling the policy which was promised officially to the Nation. Therefore, the Party should be reconstructed at any cost. Young members of the party are banding together and beginning to reconstruct the Party. Furthermore, women have made preliminary arrangements to strengthen the party. After studying the situation, it seems likely that the party will start again in a different form.
ITEM 2 Rightist Bodies Will Be Dissolved by Tomorrow - Mainichi Shimbun - 6 Jan 46. Translator: R. OCHIAI.
Full Translation:
Ordered to do away with the supporters of an aggressive war and to dissolve 27 militaristic organizations, the cabinet together with the Legislation office and the Home Department, began to discuss these matters in crier to undertake legal measures. The Election Law must be revised

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POLITICAL SERIES: 153 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
to prohibit the present representatives from candidacy, and the House of Peers Ordinance must also be revised to permit dismissal of members, while the municipal organizations, the Civil Service Appointment Ordinance and the Civil Service Limitation Ordinance must also undergo changes.
The Government will, in haste, draw up an emergency Imperial decree and after refering it to the extraordinary Cabinet meeting on 6 January, the rescript will be promulgated. Rightist bodies are to be dissolved by 7 January, and other dismissals are to be realized successively.
ITEM 3 The Communist Party Will Porsue War Guilt Thoroughly and Increase its Candidates - Mainichi-Shimbun - 6 Jan 46. Translator: H. KATO.
The Communist Party held a headquarters cell conference on 5 January at the headquarters of the party, YOYOGI. Among those present were TOKUDA, Kyuichi and SHIGA, Yoolio. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange views on future moves with Mac ARTHUR'S new [illegible]order under consideration. The party, first of all, has decided to have all members make utmost efforts in the direction of thorough pursuit of war responsibility and prevention of infringement upon people's rights.
The Party hasalso decided to formulate plans to increase recognized candidates to half the number of seats in the House of Representatives. The Party is also expected to urge NOSAKA, Mitsuni, to run, A committee with SHIGA and seven others as its members was formed to welcome NOSALA, who is scheduled to return here about 10 January. (TN NOSAKA is better known as OKANO, Susumu, the Japanese communist leader in China)
ITEM 4 New Coalition Government - Yomiuri-Hochi -6 Jan 46. Translator: C. GILBERT.
Full Translation:
The SHIDEHARA Cabinet wishes to remain in power, if possibly, by effecting a partial reorganization, but the public is of the general opinion that the present Cabinet should resign, and the formation of a new coalition cabinet be entrusted to the Liberal and Social Democratic parties. The reason given for this demand is that the present cabinet is a transitory one, composed of liberals of the last century who have already proven their incapability. In addition, the present directive excludes several of the ministers of this Cabinet from office as war collaborators.
To keep the present cabinet would therefore, only mean upholding the false democracy of the present ruling class. It is undesirable that the present Cabinet sholder the important and historical mission of establishing democratic politics through the coming general elections. It should, on the contrary, apologize to the Nation for its inability and co-operate actively to bring about a new coalition cabinet made up of the Liberals and Social-Democrats. The ideal would be to create a popular front cabinet by including also the Communists, but it would be premature to do this before the general elections have taken place. Hence, a coalition cabinet of the Liberals and Social-Democrats is deemed to be the appropriate measure during the present period.
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