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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0152, 1946-01-07.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0657

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 657 Date: 7 Jan. 1946


ITEM 1 Cabinet Members Affected by New Directive - Yomiuri Hochi - 6 January 1946. Translator: Gilbert. C.
Full Translation:
The following fives ministers, it is assured will be affected by the SCAP directive:
Home Minister HORIKIRI, who is director of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association (TAISEIYOKUSAMKAI).
Minister Without Portfolio and Cabinet Secretary TSUGITA, who is director of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Party.
Minister Agriculture MATSUMURA who is director of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Party and former Chief executive of the JAPAN Political Party (NIPPON SEIJIKAI).
Minister of Education MAEDA, who was district chief of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association while he was Governor of NIIGATA-KEN.
Minister of Communication TANAKA, former head of the Diet Members in the JAPAN Political Party.

Besides these five ministers however, most probably the following members will also be affected: Minister of Commerce and Industry OGASAWARA, who was President of the SHONAN (TN Singapore) Mining Enterprise and a director of the SUMATRA Colonization Company; Undersecretary of the Cabinet MIYOSHI, Shigeo who was district chief of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association while he was Governor of GIFO-Ken; KOBIYAMA, Chief of the coal department, who was president of the Manchurian Railways; KODAMA, chief of the Central Liaison Office, who was president of the central CHINA Development Company.
ITEM 2 Effect of the Directive-The Asahi Shimbun-6 January 1946. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
Several Thousand Affected by the Directive. A Bloodless Revolution has come To JAPAN. The Kay to its success is in the Hands of the people and their personal resolves.
The purpose of the directive issued by SCAP on 4 January was to remove all former military leaders from the leading political and financia1 circles. It is understood that it has had great effect upon all parts of the country and has moved them more deeply and extensively than any

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POLITICAL SERIES: 152 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
thing since the defeat. Up to new, the House of Representatives had been dissolved, and the date of the election was pending. In the meantime, both pessimistic and optmistic guesses arose as to the date of the election, until the time of the national, crisis which is now drawing near, and local political circles had reached the year's ending a chaotic state. This auspicious beginning to the New Year not only strikes the death blow to the existing, political parties, by prohibiting candidacy for other than designated persons, but it also refolds the nation into shape by the removal of old militalistic leaders. It is said that the attitude of General MacARTHUR in carrying, out this directive is very strict, the final decision regarding those affected by the directive rests on the lists made out by the Japanese Government with the approval of SCAP. Even if we only scan this directive, we can see at a glance that the number of persons affected will be several thousand. It is realized that some confusion among most of the Japanese political circles is inevitable, although it will only be transitory, among the ministers of the SHIDEHARA cabinet, who are to carry out the directive, there are several members who are affected.
Since the great majority of persons who occupay leading positions in the present Diet have been removed prior to the general election, the Progressive Party has since been facing a grave crisis. It is forseen that the conditions of the forthcoming general election will be wholly changed. At the same time, owing to the poor state of political and the financial circles, the economic world will also be somewhat effected.
When we consider the actual meaning at the bottom of all these events, we can distinctly see that a great epoch making event, a bloodless revolution, is taking place. After the cold, bar- fact of the defeat, and at the time of a crisis which some call the ruin of national life, it is our duty to fulfill the mission which our grandfathers were unable to accomplish at the Restoration of 1868. If we say that the Restoration of 1868 was led by elders, then, in this present revolution, the cry is that all should be elders, all the masses of the Nation.
It can be said that the greatest and final opportunity for carrying out, the reconstruction has been given to our Nation, namely, the establishment of democratic Japanese politics.
If the masses of the people should grasp only the passive points of the directive, it is obvious that the rational life of the Japanese race might come to an end. In the present rise of JAPAN, often all the evil is swept away, the masses must arise like new flowers on a ruined field.
There is only one way for us, the Japanese people. It is to face the situation and to overcome it. The present directive has been watched with great interests, and is regarded as the opportunity for the people to strengthen their resolve to make true progress. This is an epoch-making time for the Nation.
ITEM 3 Members of the Upper House who must resign under net Directive-Asahi Shimbun-6 January 1946. Translator: Gilbert. C.
Full Translation:
About 120-130 members of the Upper house, who were soldiers or leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association (YOKUSANKAI), Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association (YOKUSEI), or JAPAN Political Association (NISSEI) will be affected by the General Headquarters directive; leaders of the Upper House will be subject to exclusion the same as those of the Lower House, members of the Imperial Family in the Upper House are, without exception, affiliated with the Army, and are subject to the directive.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 152 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
A number of the nobility were connected with, the Army when they were young, and all the leaders of the Upper House, whether nobility or elected members, were leaders of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association or JAPAN Political Association, so that approximately one third of the 420 members of the Upper House will have to resign.
ITEM 4 Resignation Requested of Cabinet-Asahi Shimbun-6 January 1946. Translator: P. Kitayama.
Full Translation:
The Social-Democratic Party held a conference of its standing centeral executive committee at the TSUTSMI Building, SHIMBASHI, 5 January, and discussed matters concerning the directive issued by General MacARTHUR's Headquarters on 4 January. As a result, it decided to take measures for developing an extensive election campaign with a view to becoming the foremost party in the forthcoming general election. In accordance with this decision, the party is determined to increase the number of its recognized candidates from one-third to two-thirds, totalling in all about 300. Moreover the party disclosed that the SHIDEHARA Cabinet should immediately resign in a body, as it is incapable of steering through the present critical situation.
ITEM 5 Progressive Party at a Standstill-Asahi Shimbun-6 January 1946. Translator: I- Kitayama.
Full Translation:
The directive that has been issued by General MacARTHUR's Headquarters has dealt a serious below to the Progressive Party. Accordingly, the party held a managers' conference on the fifth floor of the SAIWAI Building at 1300 on 5 January with Chief Secretary ISURUMI in the chair. They discussed measures for the reconstruction of the party. As long as the directive's offices on party's members is not determined, the party cannot decide upon any definite measures; so that after this has been made clear, it will again hold managers' conference at 1300 on the 7th.
It so happens on the Liberal Party also has decided to take measures after it has reviewed the trend of present political situation. Contrary to the Social-Democratic Party which is aiming at developing into the largest party, both the Progressive and Liberal Parties are at a standstill, unable to decide what to do ar how to survive the present political crisis.
ITEM 6 Difficultly in Naming Those to be Disqualified - Asahi Shimbun - 6 Jan 46. Translator: C. Gilbert.
Full Translation:
On 4 January the Government started to make up a list of persons to be excluded from public office in accordance with the General Headquarters' directive. On the 5th, the Government held conferences with the head officials of governmental offices to decide on practical measures, but, as the directive is abstract in some points, no agreement of opinions could be reached as to where the line is to be drawn. Some documents have been destroyed by air raids. It is, therefore, to be assumed that the list of persons cannot be drawn up very speedily. The legal measures to carry out the directive must be drawn up first and a tentative plan selecting the persons must be drawn up based on these measures. The list of persons whose status is still not clear at that time must be submitted to General Headquarters for decision.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0152, 1946-01-07.
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