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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0145, 1946-01-06.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0633

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 633 Date: 6 Jan 1946


ITEM 1 An appointment of the Home office - Provincial Newspaper The Hyuga Nichinichi (Miyazaki) - 29 Dec 45. Translator: S. Kawasahi.
Full Translation:
Mr. TAKAI, Otakichi, clerk of the Home Office, has been appointed local administrative official (the 7th rank of the higher civil service) and ordered to serve in MIYAZAKI-Ken.
ITEM 2 Report to the Throne of Minister of Education - Provincial Newspaper Hyuga Nichinichi (Miyazaki) 29 December 45. Translator: S. Kawasahi.
Full Translation:
Minister of Education MAEDA, Tamon, proceeded to the Imperial palace at 1330 on 27 December, was granted an audience with His Majestey the Emperor, and reported to the Throne regarding, present educational problems.
ITEM 3 Postponement of General Election - Provincial Newspaper Hyuga Nichi-nichi Shimbun (Miyazaki) - 30 Dec 45. Translator: I. Kotayama.
Full Translation:
Postponement of General Election Proposed by Communist Party.
The JAPAN Communist party, in view of the present lack of food stuffs, and in order to solve this problem, has decided to do its utmost to secure the stability and improvement of the people's livelihood. Consequently, the Party insists that the general election should be postponed. The party will, in the near future, also ask the JAPAN Social Democratic Party and other organs for their co-operation in making this demand.
ITEM 4 Revision of Official System of Police Department - Provincial Newspaper Hyuga Nichinichi Shimbun (Miyazaki) - 30 Dec 45. Translator: I. Kitayama.
Full Translation:
In accordance with the partial revision of officialdom in the Ken, the three sections of labor administration, labor, and insurance, that have hitherto belonged to the Police Department, have .been shifted to the supervision of the Internal Department, and the police Department is to deal only with affairs concerning police administration. Besides this, affairs in connection with national health and insurance, Which have been handled in the welfare Department up to now, have naturally been absorbed into the Insurance Section. This regulation is to be issued and carried out beginning on 29 December.

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POLITICAL SERIES 145 (Continued)
ITEM 5 The Meeting of the Chiefs of Police in NIIGATA Prefecture - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Shinpo - 31 Dec 15. Translator: K Murakami.
Main directives of the meeting of police station chiefs, held on 30 December 1945, are a s follows:
Police for the public: The mission of the police is to remove public nuisances and protect the life of the people and increased efforts are required to establish a public police. We must try to meet the demands of the occupation troops. The surrender of weapons must be carried out more thoroughly.
Prevention of Crines: We must strictly control black marketeers.
Enlarging of the Function of Criminal Police.
Control of the Election: We stress control over crimes of bribery and rioting which stand in the way of a fair unfeltered election campaign. However, we must be careful not to interfere with the election.
Electoral Information and Other Reports: Collection of information. concerning the election is banned and reports are limited to electoral crimes.

ITEM 6 Youngmen's Union of HYUGA - Provincial Newspaper Hyuga Nichinichi Shimbun (Miyazaki) 1 Jan 46. Translator: S. Ono.
The inauguration ceremony of the Youngmen's Union of HYUGA was held on 30 December 1945 at the public auditorium in MIYAZAKI City with 1,500 members attending, to announce their decision, which is as follows:
General Election counter-measure: To reject all former Representatives so as to eliminate the remnants of the old powers, and to hold an election rally in support of suitable candidates;
Measures for easing food and farm land problems: To encourage prefectural authorities to form a proper body consisting of consumers and producers, for facilitating the working of the official rationing system, and at the same time, eleminating illegal profit of the middleman;
Relief measure for unemployment: To request the co-operation of the prefectural authorities in assisting in land cultivation and public works.
Rehabilitation problems in war damaged areas; To encourage the planting of trees in the war damaged areas, soon after the end of the election campaign;
Educational reconstruction: To regain the sovereignty of education which was lost during the past despotism, in order to begin democratic learnings, free from the evil indluence of educational sectarianism;
The increase in pay for teachers and officials: To give an advance in salary to teachers and public officials in order to improve their social status.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 145 (Continued)
ITEM 7 Two War Criminals Arrested - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Nippo (Niigata 3 Jan 46. Translator: K. Murakami.
Full Translation:
Mr. OKADA, Jun, living in MATSUMURA-Cho, was delivered to the SUGAMO Prison Camp on 1 January. He worked at the OMORI Prison Camp in TOKYO and the YAMANOSHITA prisoner of War Camp in NIIGATA City.
An arrest order for Mr. MANO, Junji, was issued to the NAGAOKA police Station and he was delivered to the authorities. Mr. MANO a sergent, living in KOSHI-Gun, was accused of committing brutal crimes against American war prisoners at the YOKOHAMA Prisoner of War Camp.
ITEM 8 public Election of Governors - Asahi Shimbun - 4 Jan 46. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
The Home Ministry intending to democratize the local government system, held a department conference on 31 December, and began to investigate a draft on the local bureaus. At the beginning of the new year, the department conference continued; the draft is to be submitted to the forthcoming special session of the Diet. In a new local system, remarkably extensive and important problems, such as the strengthening of prefectural self-government with public election of governors as its center, and the reversion of police administrative rights to a self-governing body, should be treated. As for laws and regulations concerned, the reformation of municipal organization, the revision of prepectural government, and the reformation of the TOKYO administration system, etc. are very important.
The organization of the present local assemblies must be reformed. Especially, since the members of the present prefectural assemblies were kept in their posts during the war, it is natural that the members should lose their posts, as did those of the House of Representatives. The time of dissolution of their assemblie is expected to be next May or June, after the amendment of laws and regulations concerning the new local system. This time will vary, depending on farming conditions. Anyhow, the time of re-election of the members of the present prefecture assemblies, will be next September. The Government's policy is decisive in that, before the re-election, the whole dissolution of all local assemblies will be carried out, and after the reform of local assembling reform of governors' elections and other various systems will be instituted. Therefore, the Home Ministry's draft is expected to be presented soon. The new local system, which the Home Ministry has begun can be summarized as follows:
1. The rearrangement of the present prefectural administrative district, is not to be carried out; 2. The public election of governors is to be instituted; the terms of office are to be three or four years, and the method of election is to be an indirect one, through the prefectural assemblies; 3. vice-governor will not be established at first; but concerning HOKKAIDO, and other large Kens, special consideration concerning this will be given; 4. It is unsuitalbe for the present situation that local offices be made completely self-governing. Therefore, a governor is to be decided on by public election, he will be appointed to the position of governmental official and he is to follow the directives of the central government; 5. Cities, towns, and villages will democratize the present self-governing bodies; 6. The expansion of citizenship rights is to be carried out; 7. Without considering it's metropalitan character, TOKYO is to be reformed, corresponding to other prefectural goverments; 8. police administratic is to have as its base a self-protecting organ as well as a self-governing one.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0145, 1946-01-06.
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