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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0127, 1945-12-28.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0550

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 550 Date: 28 Dec. 1945


ITEM 1 The Inauguration of the Japan. Commoners Party in Kobe-Provincial Newspaper Kobe Shimbun-24 December 1945. Translator: On[illegible].
OKUMURA, Masao, former managing director of the Marine Translation Journal. (KAION SHIMBUN) is reported to have led in the formation of [illegible]new political party, which is to be called the Japan Commoner's Party (HEIMIN TO), with headquarters in KOBE and a branch office in HYOGO. The platform of the party is said to be complete support of the Emperor System and immediate help for war victims. The number of candidates to run for election in KOBE is estimate at approximately sixty, while two candidates will run in HYOGO.
The initial meeting of the HYOGO branch office is scheduled to be held late in December, headed by HAKANISHI, Katsuji, who is expected to offer his private residence for the use of the party. According to reports the platform of the branch office is also complete support of the Emperor System and the rationalization of national life.
ITEM 2 400 Progressive Party Candidates-Hainiohi Snimbun-27 December 1945. Translator: T. Kitayama.
Full Translation:
The Progressive Party, has taken measures for the election, and decided its plans on 26 December as follows: 1. This party shall decided on concrete plans necessary for the solution of the urgent problems of the Nation. [illegible]special committee will be established to make plans for the election supervised by O[illegible]airm[illegible]n [illegible]Yadanji and Assistant Chairman NAGATAB, Taoao, investigations of measures for solving problems of national livelihood, including starvation, coal production, communication and inflation will be treated. Investigations also will [illegible]on the revision of tae Constitution and the revision of the Election Law. 2. We aim at the attainment of the following objectives, as p[illegible]of our platform in the coming election: a. [illegible]ithful observance of the POTSDAM Declaration. Since democracy is essential for the attainment of this objective, the party will accept new men and women as c[illegible]ndidates in as far as is possible, to inject new life into the Diet- [illegible]Through the maintenance of our national unity and the revision of the Constitution, we seek a justifiable Emperor System, [illegible]nd along this line, [illegible]defend our national constitution, c. We will ende[illegible]vor to arri[illegible]fundamental and conclusive solution to the, rice and food or [illegible]nationalization of coal mines, [illegible]new control over production and distribution, etc. If possible, we intend to make plans for those solutions so as to be able to publish them before the coming general election.
Members of the general and election committee of the party are holding conferences day after day in constitu[illegible]them. With

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POLITICAL SERIES: 127 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Chief Investigator YASOMI, Sabaro action as chairman they are selecting candidates for the list. Of the 275 former representatives belonging to the party, about 70 are expected to decline nominations. So, to secure the election of at least 200 the [illegible]rty has decided to run 200 new men and women as candidates. This would include 50 representatives from the present Diet, in addition to 200 former representatives, aggregating, 400 candidates in all. The first [illegible]ication of the names of these candidates will be made the day of the official anouncement of the election.
The Independent-Socialist Party, with [illegible], Kanichiro and YAMAOUCHI, Icniro as its nucleus, held its inauguration ceremony the other day. It announced its platform consisting, of 19 planks, and decided to propose the following members as candidates: KAMEI, Kanichiro and SUZIKI, Yaji from KANAGAWA Ken YAMANOUDAI, Ichiro from SOZUOK[illegible]Ken; WAKABA[illegible]I, C[illegible]uichi from NAGANO Ken; HOSHINO, Masao from FUKUOKA ken; [illegible], Takehiko from AICHI Ken; and HASHIMOTO, Hachio from TOKYO.
The principal planks of its platform are as follows: 1. We uphold the Emperor as the center of the United body of the Japanese Nation. 2. We intend to select the Prime Minister and Governors by popular choice. 3. We are against bureaucratic organizations, such as nationalization, national management, etc. Before everything else, therefore, we lay stress upon the increase in general production by the people. 4. We expect to make a cooperative body of the Nation.
ITEM 3 The Russo-American Diplomatic Discussion-Asahi-27 December 1945. Translator: One.
Full translation:
A recent dispatch from the London Correspondent of the NEW YORK Times announces that diplomatic circles there are observing, with suspicion, the foxy strategy of Russian diplomacy in international politics. According to their view, the diplomacy of the SOVIET UNIION aims to split the diplomatic front between GR[illegible]I BRITAIN and the UNITED STATES, by allowing considerable concessions to the latter in the Par East, and at the same time, penetrating, the Middle Last.
It is expected that RUSSIA, having succeded in the establishment of a revolutionery government in the northern part of IRAN, will further ask the AZERBAIJAN Government for the affiliation of GUIRAN and [illegible]G[illegible]RAN, Districts, along the shore of the GASPIAN Sea, to the SOVIET UNION. Failing that, RUSSIA may try to create a pro-Russian regime in 'T[illegible]RAN, similar to the LUBLIN-WARSAW Line. The Turkish Government, an ally of BRITAINT, is reportedly becoming concerned over the rapid advance of the Russian influence in these areas, while in some quarter in LONDON, there prevails a rumor confirming the alleged ambition of the SOVIET UUION to grasp complete control of the BLACK Sea by exercising strong influence over the DARDANELI[illegible]S.
There is no denying, that the Russian claim for the concession of TRIPO-[illegible]ITANIA at the LONDON! Conference of the Big Five Foreign Ministers has much to do with creating a suspicion that the SOVIET UNION is determined to advance in the middle East so as to control the East MEDITERRANEAN. Meanwhile, her apparent reluctance to keep hands off in GREECE and the together with the continued growth of Communistic influence in those areas, is providing powerful testimony for confirming the suspicions. BRIIAIN has now become aware of the fact that, as the situation in -[illegible]ROPE because favourable to the SOVI[illegible]T UNION, the Russian adv[illegible]nc[illegible]in the Far [illegible]st slows down, for here lies the keen interest of the UNITED STATES [illegible]RITAI[illegible]in the middle [illegible]st.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 127 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
Russo-American friction concerning the control of JAPAN has been remarkably mitigated, side by side with their compromise on the Chinese and Korean problems. Anglo-Soviet diplomacy, contrary to the smooth progress of the Russo-American diplomacy, is going from bad to worse.
The American held, conference at ALEXANDRIA and requested the Turkish Government to return their former territory. The conferens were supported by fellow countrymen living, in CAIRO Who also demanded an ARMERICA for Armenians. They openly declared their intention to rely upon the SOVIET UNION for their national defence. This aggravates the political situation in the middle East.
In view of the situation, public opinion in ENGLAD, as well as that in Government circles is inclined to hold the befief that the SOVI[illegible]I [illegible]UNION is taking advantage of the current international situation. It is b[illegible]rg[illegible]hing with the UNITED STATES, at the expence of BRITISA interests assume diplomatic leadership in EUROPE, while allowing, the advance of American influence in the Far East. Although the complete results of the Big Three Conference now being held in [illegible]OSOOW are not yet [illegible]v[illegible]bie, judging from the interim communiques, the scales are clearly on the side of the SOVIET UNION. This means that based upon the interim report, RUSSIA has strengthened her bond in European affairs. We are convinced of this when we see the further expansion of the independence movement in IRAN and the compaign of the Armenians for restoration of their lost territory.
Now let us turn to the Far must, keeping the political picture of the Middle East in mind. Here, we instantly notice the rapid change in the political situation in CHINA which has taken place in the last few days. With the arrival in CHUNGKING Of General ARSHALL, presidential envoy to CHINA, the potential realization the long-desired coalition of the KUOMINTANG and the Communist Party is gaining, ground. So as to [illegible]scor-tain the possiblility of the coalition, Communist Party Headquarters has ordered [illegible]eseation of hostilities, while so-called political cons[illegible]ive conference is expected to be held soon. This change in the political situation there took place simultaneously with the issuance of the residential statement on American policy in CHINA, and these developments seem very significant. The afore mentioned change in CHINA clearly indicates the expansion of the TRUMAN line, or advance of American influence in CHINA. All in all, it seems difficult to ignore British anxiety over the international effects of Russo-American diplomatic conducted at the expence of British interests.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0127, 1945-12-28.
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