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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0105, 1945-12-22.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0452

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 452 Date: 22 Dec 45


ITEM 1 The Idle Diet - Yomiuri Hochi - 20 Dec 45. Translator: N. Tachibana.
Looking back upon the recent Diet session, Mr. Russel BRINES, American Press correspondent, spoke, as follows: "The TOJO Diet', which seemed to debate unwillingly, under pressure from General Headquarters, did nothing for the people throughout the tedious session. Members selected by former Premier TOJO in 1942 did not make the most of freedom of speech. For the sake of their privileged class they tried to prevent passage of two of the three major bills until General MacARTHUR issued a directive thereon. They tried in vain to pursue war responsibility, and trembled to see their comrades sent to prison. They were taking political measures for the forthcoming general election.
The Lower House did not oppose the bill expanding the suffrage, but revised the method of election in order to safe guard the advantage of the Progressive Party. The Labor Union Law was passed in the closing hours of the Diet. They delayed the debate on this bill, but General MacARTHUR had been demanding its revision. The Agrarian Reform Bill, the focus of discussion, was saved from death by a strong directive issued on 9 December. The bill proposed by the Government was considerably revised before it was sent to the Diet, nevertheless, it was opposed by a good many members until the directive spurred them into action. Them Government passed bills abolishing many wartime laws. The greater part of the session was spent in tedious and vain interpellations on government policies and problems of internal affairs, which are divided into the following three classes: 1. Criticism on incompetency of the Government in handling the food problem. In this problem some members even scorned Premier SHIDEH[illegible]RA; 2. Discussions on war responsibilities, and 3. Discussions on the Emperor's war responsibility, which developed into a demand to reform the Upper House."
ITEM 2 Request of Chinese Communists for further arrest of Japanese war criminals - Asahi Shimbun - 20 Dec 45. Translator: S. Ono.
Full Translation:
GO, GYOKU-SHO chief of the War Criminal Investigation Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, has officially declared his dissatisfaction with the arrest of Japanese war criminals, requesting further arrests on a wider scale. He declared, "The joint control of JAPAN by CHINA, UNITED STATES, GREAT BRITAIN and the SOVIET UNION is a condition sine qua non for the thorough extinction of Japanese militarism. Up to now, the arrest of the Japanese war criminals is incomplete. Most of the

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POLITICAL SERIES: 105 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
top-ranking war criminals are still free and safe, keeping their former positions to the menace of peace in the Far East. For example, General OKAMURA is still in command of the Japanese armed forces in MANKING, under the pretence of maintaining peace and order in the district, while in JAPAN Proper, SHIBUSAWA, one of the influential leaders of the war economy in JAPAN, is yet active as the Finance Minister. Such notables of bureaucratic militarism as TOYODA, Sadajiro; UGAKI, Kazunari; ISHIHARA, Kanji; and MACHIDA, Chuji safely continue their militaristic activity."
ITEM 3 The Electoral Committee Meeting of the Japan Co-operative Party (KYODO TO - Asahi Shimbun - 20 Dec 45. Translator: S. Ono.
Full Translation:
The Japan Co-Operative Party (KYODO TO) which held its inauguration ceremory on 18 December under the leadership of SENGOKU, Kotaro; KUROSAWA, Torizo; TOKUGAWA, Yoshichika; and HUNADA, Ataru, met in electoral executive committee meeting at 13.00, 19 December to nominate HUNADA, Ataru, and KUROSAWA Torizo, as standing executives and YOSHIUE, Shosuke; YOSHIDA, Tadashi; NAKATANI, Takeyo; IGAWA, Tadao; and KIMURA, Torataro, as executives in charge of the election campaign. In addition, the committee formulated the platform which the party will adapt. Among the members of the party are included 26 ex-representatives consisting of four ex-Progressives, one ex-Liberal and 21 ex-Independents.
ITEM 4 Election Campaign in KYUSHU - Asahi Shimbun - 21 Dec 45. Translator: Paasche.
FUKUOKA - The working masses in the belt of heavy industries in Northern KYUSHU, as well as the intelligentsia and salaried men of the city of FUKUOKA, are the premary object of the election campaign now getting under way. Through the midium of posters and speecher, and being the strongest party numerically, the Social Democrat Party is the only one so far with branch-headquarters in the different Kens. While the Social Democrat Party clearly caters to the intelligentsia and the working class, the Progressive Party, representing the middle-of-the-roaders, is still in a quandary as to the question of where to look for support. Since Mr. YAMAZAKI is heavily supported by followers of the former SEIYUKAI, in northern KYUSHU, the anti-YAMAZAKl Liberal Party cannot thrive there. The Social Democrat Party is bent on activating the industrial and mining belt of Northern KYUSHU and is bound to thrive since it is the mouthpiece of the proletarian masses. Other groups, like the Reform Party, the Youth party and the Party for the development of Asia (KOATO) are mushrooming. It will be interesting to see the amount of fight put up by the new men, addressing themselves to the intelligentsia.
KUMAMOTO - Party strife has became very active here, with 30 people expected to take part in the struggle. The proletarian groups and the newly-created parties are the most energetic.
KAGOSHIMA - Here, the new men intend to break up the political power of the old bosses, but this, to some extent, runs counter to the ideas of the population.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 105 Continued)

ITEM 4 (Continued)
NAGASAKI - By the beginning of December all chapters of the Social Democrat Party and the JAPAN Reform Party were in action. The stand taken by NISHIOKA, who took the Diet members to task for war guilt, has made an impression as the population. He is now campaigning jointly with others.
SAGA - Since this Ken is predominantly agrarian its political trend is largely Conservative; most candidates will probably join the Progressives, the Liberal, or the Independents. The proletariat is represented by KIMURA, etc;, of the Social Democrats, who expert their support from the mining districts. The fishermen and peasants of the Workers' Man Party (RODO YAISHUTO) are represented by IHARA and FURUKAWA of the peasants.
OITA - At present it seems that the Social Democrat Party is scheduled for great expansion since Diet member KINOSHITA (Mayor or OITA City) has joined and prodded the Party into activity. The Party has set up branch offices in all important districts of the Ken. Since the Liberals let up prefectural headquarters on 9 December it is predicted that they will amalgamate their branch groups. The peasants are organizing groups of their own (Agricultural political Association, and so on). The Communists have established an office at BEPPU but a great increase in their strength is not anticipated.
NIYASAKI - So far, knowledge of the candidates is based on rumor only. The majority are former or present Diet members and people who failed in the last Imperial Rule Assistance elections. No activity is visible, chiefly owing to the lack of new men.
ISHIKAWA - Here the Liberal and Progressive Parties, as well as the Social Democrats, have finally set up adequate party headquarters. As to the Communists, the peasants do not favor them, and they also have to face an unfavorable city population on account of their tenets on the abolition of the Emperor system. An ISHIKAWA Women's League has been founded which is busy an a movement for public enlightenment.
TOYAMA - This Ken is politically sensitive. Therefore, there is an undercurrent of activity and new men are quite evident.
AICHI - Here there are signs of lively Social Democrat Party activity, chiefly directed toward the intelligentsia and workers, and a stiff fight is sure to arise in NAGOYA. Concern for the participation of women in politics is gradually rising, but is practically non-existant in rural communities. No districts report female candidates, However, a womens' league is being established and the interest in food and other questions is gradually rising. In SHIZUOKA the interest in the new rights of women is likewise at a low ebb. It remains to be seen what support the only female candidate of the Social Democrats, YAMAZAKI, Uichiko, will receive from the noters.
MIE - Inspite of the swelling of the ranks of the voters, the interest in the elections is relatively negligible, due to urgent daily problems and the absence of election campaign facilities. Trends in NAGANO prefecture are not easily predictable. However, Considerable Socialist and Liberal activity is evident.

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HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0105, 1945-12-22.
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