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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0092, 1945-12-20.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0404

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 404 Date 20 Dec 45


ITEM 1 "69 persons To Be Prosecuted on Charges of Brutality" ASAHI 17 Dec 45 Translator: PAASCHE
Full Translation:
On 16 December Supreme Headquarters advised the Japanese Government to arrest 69 persons suspected of having committed outrages against Allied personnel in Japanese and Manchurian prison camps and hospitals. The suspects must he brought to SUGAMO Prison without delay.
The suspects are: From HAKODATE, Sub-Lt. SASAKIBARA Yasutake; From HIROSHIMA, Sgt. YAMANAKA, Akina, Lt. NAKANISHI, Uasao, Corp NISHIYAMA, Kiyosbi, Capt. MURAKAMI, Takuji, INOUE Takuo; From SENDAI, OTA, Koichi, SASAKI, Isamu, Sgt. HOMMA, Nobas, Lt. KAWABE, Nagayasu, OGASAWAKA, Kiyoshi; ITO, Nagayoshi, ODAJIMA, Koichi, Sgt. SAGAE Toyoshi, YONEMURA, OYAMAUCHI Shigeru; Lt. YAMAMOTO Yasamasa, TAKAHASHI, Kohei, TAKAJIMA, TSUCHIYA; From TOKYO, KIMURA, Yasushi, Capt. NEMOTO, Kyoichi, Sgt. MAEKAWA, Kazumasa, Sgt. HIGASHIDE, Nieinmon, SHIOZAWA, Lt. WASHIMI, Kiyotano, TAKAHASHI, Tatsuo, OKADA, Ryo, Sgt. SHIDA, Kanematsn, Corp. MIZUNO, Toshio, IZUMI, Shigeo, KIRA, Imajiro, Capt. KASAZAWA, Chuta, Capt.NIZUKOSHI, Saburo, Sgt. SUZUKI, Uasao, NISHIEAWA, Yoshio; Sgt. KOBYASKI, Sadaji, YARITA, Yoshio, TAKAHASHI, Shinichi, Sgt. MICHISHITA, Shotoku, Corp. YOSHIZAWA, Kanichi, SATO, Katmyasa, Lt. AZUMA, Hiroshi, EGAWA, Saburo, KANAYAMA, Hisao, Sgt. YAMADA, Ryomin, Lt. SATO, Uasashi, Sgt. MANO, Atmyoshi, YOSHIDA, Tamotsu; From OSAKA, MIYAMAE, Toshio, NAGAMI, Takeichi, NAGAYAMA, Kiveichi, Sub-Lt. NANIWA Motoo, IKEDA, Masahira, ADACHI, Gono, KATO, Toshi; From FUKUCKA, YAGI, Yoshita, Corp. SHIHARA, Naoich, Interpreter ONO, Torio, KATO, Shunsuke. From NANCHURIA, Lt. MURATA, Hironiasa, Corp. NODA, Eiichi,, Capt. ISHIKAWA, Capt. KUMAJIMA, Lt. YAMADA (Military Surgeon); Navy, Commander HATAYAMA, Kunifo, Lt. Commander NAKAGAWA, Kenichi, Capt. KAWAZAKI, Matsnbei, Sab-Lt. SASAKI, Sabaro.
ITEM 2 Seeing off KIDO To SUGAMO Prison ASAHI 17 Dec 45 Translator: PAASCHE.
The secondgroup of War suspects, consisting of 9 men headed by KONOIE and KIDO, was expected at SUGAMO prison on 16 December. The first to show up was early-rising former Minister of Industry GODO, Takus, dressed in KOKUMINFUKU "(national war dreas)" and overcoat. At the gate he was surrounded by cameras of the International Press. He walked through the gate but was told he had to report to the branch office of The Liaison Office for War Termination. He returned there and was joined by OKOCHI, former Minister of the Interior ODACHI, and count SAKAI.
They deposited certain items such as neckties, not allowed in prison, at the office desk, and posed for pictures. They were taken aback at the news of KONOYE'S suicide. [illegible]OKOCHI was seen off by the greatest number of friends because many of the workers of The RIKEN Co, led by Dr. TSUJI, Jiro, had appeared to say fare well.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 92 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Squat, "broad-chested OSHIMA Hiroshi, former ambassador to GERMANY, stole show as far as speed and gallantry were concerned. Count KIDO arrived in an Imperial Household car, and was the only one to he accompanied by his retinue inside the prison; his son and minister NAKAMURA of The Liaison Office carried his luggage. He brought up the rear because three others, including KONOYE had failed to appear. Former Minister without Portfolio OKATA was seriously ill, and former minister to SPAIN SUMAYA had not yet returned. The prison rules are very strict. It is not permitted to send food to a prisoner except in case all 300 inmates get an equal share, because it would be undemocratic to provide the wealthy with special food.
ITEM 3 "The 5 July Incident". ASAH 17 Dec 45. Translator: PAASCHE.
Full Translation:
The Ministry of justice on 15 December, received orders from Supreme Headquarters to hand over all documents relating to Famous criminal cases, such as the KEISU MEIDAN (Blood brotherhood Corps) case. These documents are to be made ready for delivery by officials in the ministry of Justice, especially the departmental chiefs KOKUSO and SATO.
However, owing to the destruction of The Ministry of Justice and The Supreme court, many of The documents have been lost. In The Supreme Headquarter's release, reference is made to the 5 July incident. In this case the attempted assassination of premier YONAI and Minister of The Interior YUASA by MAEDA, Torao, and KAGEYAMA, Uasayaki, is brought to light, at the time of occurrence it was bushed up by the state-controlled press.
ITEM 4 On the Mental Attitude Of Prince KONOYE The YOMIURI SHIMBUN 17 Dec 45 Translator: KAWASAKI S.
Full Translation:
Regarding the suicide of Prince KONOYE, Mr. IWABUCHI, Tatsuo acritic, who had been on intimate terns with the Prince, describes the evening of 16 December as follows:
"It is an unexpected accident. I am at a loss to speak about is so soon. I met him on the day that he went to KARUIZAWA. I supposed that he was quite healthy, and that he would still retain his post. After talking with him, I cannot say that I know anything. However, the character of the Prince is certainly weak."
In response to the order of arrest, he came back from KARUIZAWA, but I urged him to go to SUGAMO Prison as soon as possible. It was my belief that clear statements concerning the position of JAPAN, the national Constitution, his own responsibility etc. would strengthen his own position.
"How was the recent mental health of the Prince? First of all, he was [illegible]thinking of the fact that JAPAN would be once more reconstructed as an independent state. He was always thinking of renouncing his title, carrying on reforms in the Imperial Household, the office of Keeper of the Privy Seel, the House of Peers and the system of peerage. Furthermore, he [illegible]thought of greatly reforming the constitution greatly and of removing what was feudalistic in it. However, these thoughts were in vain.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 92 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
"The reform of the constitution which he had in mind was more progressive than the one which the Diet is now attempting to carryout. Announcements from MACARTHUR'S Headquarters made him despair very much. Moreover, the issuance of the order on his arrest made him despair even more. One clue to the cause of his death lies in his relationship to the Emperor's Status. He felt that if he himself did not carry out the revision of the constitution, it would fail.
I cannot sympathize too much with him in this mental attitude. I told him that before he entered SUGAMO Prison, he should state his convictions. Suddenly, the day before yesterday, he said, to me "I have stopped writing about my convictions." When I think it over now, I find that he had resolved to kill himself at that time."
We think that the Emperor will be sad because he has lost a very faithful retainer. What will be the tren of the future JAPAN? We must watch with great interest.
ITEM 5 An Open Letter From General Kramer To the Japanese Statesmen. YOMIURI-HOCHI, 17 Dec 45 Translator: MURAKAMI. K.
Brigadier-General KRAMER, Commander of the 24 Infantry Division in SHIKOKU, being much concerned about the coming general election, has sent an open letter to Japanese statesmen through the Public Relations office of the United States Army.
This election, in which election leaders and general voters of SHIKOKU are participating, is important from the standpoint of the amount of liberty and justice with which this election will be conducted. General Kramer, a man of experience as a statesman and financier, has been chief Secretary of the Election Committee of the Republican Party in his state dining a presidential election in the UNITED STATES. The open letter says: "An open letter will be published once a week in the paper until the general election begins, and this is the first of them. In the form of this open letter to be sent to party statesmen who want to make their own candidates succeed to public positions, I want to point out the principles and characters on which your political actions should depend.
"The UNITED STATES Army authorities have no intention of forcing upon the Japanese a political regime with which they do not agree. It is time for the Japanese people to establish a peaceful government able to act in accord with other powers of the world. The responsibility for this problem rests on you, party' leaders. By your leadership, the public [illegible]inclination or their political preference is settled. Therefore, in order to give the people a true political education to insure public freedom before the first general election, it is very important for all of you to away with your party spirit. The army of Occupation will not destroy any part of Japanese national power or local administration, except that part which is responsible for the present hardships of JAPAN. You are now in an unprecedented position. You have a new duty. It is you who must in[illegible]struct the people on their new liberty, discuss politics with them, argue differences of opinion, make general voters study political problems in all their aspects and urge them to go to the polls to vote through their own preference. This is your right, and your duty".
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0092, 1945-12-20.
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