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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0064, 1945-12-10.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0271

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 271 Date: 10 Dec 45


ITEM 1 War Responsibility of His Majesty the Emperor and Other Problems - Asahi Shimbun - 6 Dec 45. Translator: H, Naoji.
Full Translation:
General MacARTHUR's newest order for the arrest of fifty nine suspected war criminals raised new speculation here regarding the status of the Emperor. The consideration is that His Majesty the Emperor may be investigated regarding responsibility for the war; the questions are being asked as to under what classification the Emperor would be placed. It is most significant that Imperial Prince NASHIMOTO, who has been an ornamental councillor for the Emperor, was included in the list of war criminals.
The Government of JAPAN has requested a delay in the apprehension of His Highness, Prince NASHIMOTO, Morinasa, but the Foreign Affairs Section of the Allied Supreme Headquarters published on the morning of 5 December, the following statement;
"The case of His Highness Prince NASHIMOTO will be handled on the same basis as that of other suspected war criminals. In the interview with Prince KONOE and members of the foreign press, there was talk of the possible abdication by His Majesty the Emperor, In some quarters it was doubted that the Emperor would abdicate. On this subject, Mr. TANAKA, Isaji, (Independent) interpellated on the budget meeting of the Diet in 5 December MATSUMOTO, Minister without Portfolio, guaranteeing no abdication by His Majesty the Emperor, replied, 'The Government has never even taken into consideration His Majestys' connection with the responsibility for the war. The present Imperial Household Law has no regulation covering abdication, and I have never even thought of a revision of such a regulation of the Imperial Household Law. I do not expect the abdication of His Majesty the Emperor. I think it is awful even to emotion the problem of the abdication, and I believe that very few men differ with us in this respect.'"
The discussions about the Emperor System, which arose in the Diet session, seems to have concerned the Allied Nations. The "Stars and Stripes" of 5 December dealt with this problem under the title of "Present Japan", and the article attacked the response of IWATA Minister of Justice, in the Diet session, saying that the old leaders of JAPAN are still continuing their efforts to keep their authority. The article continued as follows:
"In the questions and answers exchanged between IWAT Minister of Justice and Mr. MATSUMURA, Giichi, in the Diet session on 1 December, the former said, "Whenever the Emperor System is discussed, if the contents of his opion is contrary to the lese majeste laws, he shall be punished, but this is contrary to the directive of the Allied Headquarters that, "Whatever problem is discussed, the Japanese must be

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POLITICAL SERIES: 64 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
authorized to have the right to argue freely. Moreover, leaders in political and other circles will try to make Americans realize that the confidence of all Japanese in the Emperor System is unchangeable, but the attitude of the Ministers of Justice is not typical of that of the Japanese.
"Why does Mr. MATSUMURA make it 'very dangerous' to discuss the abolition of the Emperor System! Why does he require decisive measures to root out social unrest, which might be fostered by anti-Emperor groups? Why does Mr. MATSUMURA find it necessary to adopt judicial measures to control criticism against the Emperor System?"
"The Minister of Justice said that men who advocate the abolition of the Emperor System shall be punished for lese majeste, but the existence of such a regulation is in itself contrary to the orders of the Allied Supreme Headquarters. This attitude against the directive from the Supreme Headquarters caused General Thorpe to warn JAPAN that, 'If we don't support democracy in JAPAN until its position becomes solid, democracy in JAPAN will be crushed similtanously with the withdrawal of the Allied Occupation Forces from JAPAN', but the suppression of freedom of speech is already being practiced here, prior to the withdrawal of the Allied Forces."
ITEM 2 General Meetings for Examining War Responsibility - Asahi Shimbun - 7 Dec 45. Translator: R. Ochia[illegible].
Full Translation:
In order to probe responsibility for the war, the Communist Party will hold general meetings in all the main cities in JAPAN, such as TOKYO, OSAKA, KYOTO, KOBE, YOKOHAMA, SAPPORO, FUKUSHIMA and others beginning 8 December, the anniversary of the outbreak of the war. War-criminal lists will be given out containing the naves of the Emperor and the Empress together with them of one thousand other men.
The meeting in TOKYO will begin at 1300 in the KANDA KYORITSU Auditoriam. Messrs. SHIGA, and TSUBOI, and eight others are scheduled to address the gathering.
ITEM 3 The Negotiation To Be Conducted With Ugaki About The Leadership Of The Progressive Party - Asahi Shimbun - 7 Dec 45. Translator: S. Eukuda.
Full Translation:
The name of General Ugaki as a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Party has come to the fore again. The heads of the generally agree on this question. The outcome of the problem depends on the intentions of the General.
He was scheduled to arrive in TOKYO on 5 December, but for certain reasons be went to NAYAGKA IZU on that day and to TOKYO on the 7 December. Consequently, the executive members of the party will hold a conference for the purpose of begining the formal negotiations for naming him president of the Party.
Finance Minister SHIBUSAWA, in an interview at his home with KOIZUMI, Nagano, SATSUMA, Baba, and MORISHITA, who are special representatives of the Progressive Party formally refused nomination for the leadership of the Progressive Party.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 64 (Continued)
ITEM 4 Shook To Political World Is Strong - Yomiuri Hochi - 7 Dec 45. Translator: M. Murakami.
Full Translation:
Supreme Allied Headquarters ordered the JAPAN Government on 3 December to arrest 59 persons including Prince HASHIMOTO. Again on 6 December nine persons, including Prince KONOE, Fumimazo and Marquis KIDO, Koichi were named for apprehension. Thus, the scrutiny of war criminals has come been intensified.
The outstanding points of this order of arrest are as follows:
The names of Prince KONOE and Marquis KIDO have at last been published. Such diplomatic officials as Messra. OSHIMA and SUMA, have been charged to war criminals. Just as in the previous order, the number of such peers as GODO Viscount OKOCHI and Count SAKAI is proportionally high. Consequently, the shock to the upper part of the political world, caused by this order, is extremely strong.
The political situation now seems to be completely disturbed. As for Prince KONOE, he was requested to clarify his war responsibility by Mr. TAKAO, Saito. He is said to have kept a conservative attitude during the war, and especially to have made efforts for the termination of war. Furthermore, after the end of war he is said to have tried to give his assistance for the construction of a new JAPAN through the revision of the Constitution. In spite of this, he is now forced to examine his malfeasance in broad daylight. This fact is suggestive enough, and it will be a matter of the most important concern to the Japanese Nation. There lists seem to include perpetrators not only of criminal acts in the time of the war, but also leaders of militarism. The Japanese people, through external and internal pressure, have become gradually conscious of what true democracy is. The arrest of a large number of these leaders may cause uneassiness, but it will surely not cause internal disorder. Thus, the Japanese race will strengthen their resolution for the construction of a new JAPAN through strict self-criticism.
- 3 -
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