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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0054, 1945-12-04.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0219

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 219 Date: 4 Dec 45


ITEM 1 The Resolution Of The Progressive Party on War Responsibility - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 30 Nov 45. Translator: N. Tachibana.
Full Translation:
Draft Of The Resolution Of The Progressive Party Has Been Completed.
The progressive Party, which has had its own opinion concerning those responsible for the war, held conference on the morning of 29 November in the Diet and decided the following:
1. "Responsible for war" means persons whom the Allied Powers are investigating as those who led JAPAN to war; 2. War criminals from the legal point of view; 3. Persons who led the people directly in management and enforcement of war administration.
The text of the Party's resolution is as follows:
Now our country faces critical situation, unprecedented in JAPAN's history. At this time we must clarify the causes of defeat, see where the responsibility lies, and take measures for preventing such a disgraceful affair from occuring again. We must help in establishing a new JAPAN and in ensuring world peace. We think that from the international point of view responsibility for the war means responsibility for having started a reckless war to disturb the peace of the world, and the responsibility for having acted cruelly, contrary to international law.
People who worked hard in their posts in order to carry on the war legally, in obedience to orders after the declaration of war, should not be deemed responsible for the war.
Now, turning to the causes of defeat, it goes without saying that it is due to the arbitrariness of the military clique and bureaucracy. But, some people in political, financial, and press circles who flattered and collaborated with them and at last led the country and the people drastically into war cannot be free from responsibility. Moreover, we, who hold posts in the legislature, also must reflect on our past deeds, behave ourselves prudently, rebuke ourselves, and contribute to the elevation of morality of the people.
ITEM 2 Mr. HATOYAMA's ([illegible]) dignified appearance as President of the Party Nippon Sanayo Keizai - 30 Nov 45. Translator: N. Tachibana.
Full Translation:
On 29 November, HATOYAMA, Ichiro, President of the Liberal Party, and NISHIO, Suyehiro, of the Socialist Party, addressed the Diet.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 54 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (continued)
HATOYAMA's speech on the Japanese Government was lauded even by members of the progressive party.
The progressive and Social Parties have no Presidents, so HATOYAMA is the only party President in the current session of the Diet. His manner was affected, due no doubt to having the position of president. However, we think it is important that he, who claims to stand for democratic government, make an effort not to be aloof from the people.
NISHIO, in his address, offered concrete plans for solving the food and unemployment problems. Still, there was dissatisfaction with his speech for it was generally conceded that he did not represent the views of the socialist Party.
ITEM 3 Election Campaign - Asahi Shimbun - 1 Dec 45. Translator: T. Kitagawa.
Full Translation:
The Election Law Reform Bill presented to the current Diet session permits compaigning before legally being listed as a candidate. However, until the bill has passed the Diet the present law is to be observed. Popular conception is that the bill before the Diet already applies. Those disregarding the existing law will be charged with violation. The Home Ministry is reported to have issued a warning in order to dispel all doubts.
The so-called primary compaign prohibited by the current law directly or indirectly assists the electorate by soliciting, influencing or acting in a similar manner upon the voter. The law does not restrict the preparation of printed matter for an election, since it is not considered electioneering.
ITEM 4 War Responsibility Of The Diet- Yomiuri Hochl - 1 Dec 45. Translator: K. Murakami.
We cannot adjourn without the thorough clarification of war responsibility. In response to the demand for punishment of the war guilty prevailing throughout the country, the war Responsibility Resolution is being offered to the Diet.
Aside from the guilt of the military caste, financial combines and the bureaucracy, representatives who applauded the war leaders cannot be exempt from war responsibility. Some of them have already manifested the intention of resigning. What are their thoughts on the situation? The various parties have been spoken for as follows:
Mr. KAWAGUCHI, Makoto ([illegible]), of the Japanese progressive party. "According to the Constitution, representatives are not responsible for the war, but we cannot exempt them from internal political and moral responsibility. One cannot be freed from responsibility because he stated he had personal reason for opposing the war. All of us are more or less responsible for the war if only because we passed the enormous budget during the war. It is unreasonable to say that general representatives are not so responsible as the leading characters. An on-looker like Mr. HATOYAMA is also responsible.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 54 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
It is natural for a representative who has war responsibility to resign. However, if all the representatives resign from their post, the Diet cannot exist. I think that we representatives should resign and apologize to the people after making way for new men by revising the Election Law or establishing a new Diet system. These who have resigned, can I think, if the people permit, stand for the next election."
A statement by Mr. NISHIO, Suehiro ([illegible]), of the Japanese Social Party: "I feel responsible for the war as a member of the House of Representatives even though I had opposed the Government and staffs of the JAPAN Political Association during the war. I think, however, the feeling must be different for every representative. The question is how each member can demonstrate his responsibility. One may resign very easily, but since he resigns, he should refrain, at least once, from standing as a candidate. As for general resignation, I'm afraid that if this is realized, the Diet would become pure but inexperienced. Thus we must beg the pardon of the people while a limited number of representatives are permitted to resign."
Statement by Mr. ANDO, Masazumi ([illegible]), of the Japanese Liberal party: "It is difficult to define the nature or extent of war responsibility. I think there are two, moral and political responsibilities. The former should be taken by every representative who had .joined the Diet which supported useless war. As for political responsibility, several persons should bear the blame, Those who had agreed deliberately with TOJO's([illegible]) war policy considering that the Diet a business office of the Government should be among them."
Statement by Mr. HAMADA, Naotomo ([illegible]). "It is a matter of course that every one who was a representative during the war should, more or less, feel seriously responsible for the war. War responsibility means war defeat responsibility, but sometimes specially includes responsibilities for starting the war. As for me, I intend to resign when the present Revision of the Election Law which would be a foundation of new, democratic House of Representatives, is completed. Of course, all the members should resign at that time. But, there are many egoists among representatives who want to remain at any cost although the present representatives should have left office at the termination of the war on 15 August. "We must make efforts to establish a new, real democracy through a new Diet, before the judgment of the people.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0054, 1945-12-04.
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