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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0046, 1945-12-02.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0180

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No 180 Date: 2 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Civil Service Appointments - Tokyo Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full translation:
Among recent changes in Civil Service appointments and grades were the following:
Director of the Bureau of Textbooks of the Department of Education, ARIMA, Jiro, in accordance with the regulations for disciplinary punishment of civil service employees, had his salary reduced by one-tenth.
AOKI, Tokuzo, has been appointed Chief of the Beard of Affairs of the Greater East Asia War Investigating Association. (First rank of the higher civil service.)
KUDO, Shoshiro, has been appointed Chief of the Department of Prices of the Department of Finance.
YAUCHIBARA, Tadao, and TSUCHIYA, Kyoyu, have been appointed Professors at TOKYO Imperial University. (First rank of the higher civil service.)
ARISAWA, Hiromi, has been appointed an investigator in the Foreign Office and liaison official of the Central Liaisen Board.
WAKIMURA, Yoshitaro, and YAMADA, Seitaro have been appointed Professors at the TOKYO Dental College, and FUJITA, Tsunetaro, has been appointed Professor at TOKYO Imperial University. (Second rank of the higher civil service.) A naval engineer, WATANABE, Keiko, has been appointed Professor at KYUSHU Imperial University.
Railway officials, FUNAISHI, Yoshihei, and HIRAMATSU, Yoshiji, have been appointed railway superintendents.
ITEM 2 President of War Investigation Association - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full translation:
Selection of a president for the War Investigation Association has been awaiting discovery of an honest, forthright man who was close to the leaders during the war. However, there is difficulty in finding the most suitable person, so as a provisional measure, the Cabinet decided

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POLITICAL SERIES: 46 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
that Mr. TSUGITA, Chief Secretary of the Cabinet, will hold that post in addition to his own. The Board of Investigation has not suffered any changes because of changes in the Cabinet. Owing to the need for the immediate reconstruction of JAPAN, a thorough-going, searching examination of the origin, the causes, and the defeat in the war, are necessary. The appointment of Mr. TSUGITA, is purely temporary, and has as its object creation of an additional post to hasten the formation of the Board of Investigation and speed the investigation. The selection of a more suitable president for the Board of Investigation is expected momentarily.
ITEM 3 To the President of the Association for Relief of Demobilized Servicemen. Yomiuri Hochi - 28 Nov 45. Translator: G. Kumayo.
Full translation:
I apologize for my appeal to you about the unjust conduct of high officers in a military hospital. The director used the patients' car exclusively to send his daughter to school every morning. The doctors went out at night for merry-making with the same car. When they had been requested to remain in attendance over night, they were out holding a feast at their official residence, and had left a dying soldier without treatment. The feast was featured by gifts intended for the patients. They usurped sugar, butter, and canned provisions intended for the patients. When one patient protested against them, he was ordered to leave the hospital at once for his having [illegible]resisted his superior. In spite of his request, the certificate of removal was not given to him, the object being to embarass him.
In addition, the cooks snatched rice and other victuals, utterly calloused and unconcerned over our hunger. While we suffered from malnutrition they enjoyed bountiful dinners every evening. Indeed, their base activities are too numerous to enumerate. Even the inspectors dispatched by the association never know the true circumstances. During the war, we were obliged to bear it in silence. But now, with peace restored, we demand prompt improvement We earnestly desire that inspectors be sent to give a hearing to our appeal.
ITEM 4 Explanation From The Premier Demanded - Tokyo Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full translation:
The Prime minister, Baron SHIDRHRA, Kijuro, replied to a query by Mr. SAITO, Takao, at the main session of the Diet on 28 November. Mr. SAITO's question had to do with a statement made on behalf of the Government by the Cabinet at an interview with the Press Association. In it, the Government is reported to have maintained that though a party having a large majority of members will appear as no matter what the outcome of a general election, in which a single party will probably secure a strong majeoity the Government has no intention of turning over its control to that party oven though the Government admits that it is not founded on the will of the people. It was further reported that the Government would fix war responsibility on the entire nation. What, actually, are the intentions of the Prime Minister?
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ITEM 4 (Continued)
Baron SHIDEHARA's reply was that his statement had been misquoted. Following that, the Press Association of the Cabinet made representations to the Prime Minister, through Mr. TSUGUTA, Chief Secretary of the Cabinet, that on the afternoon of the 28th an explanation be given by the Prime Minister.
ITEM 5 Labor-Union Bill - Mainichi Shimbun - 29 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
The Labor Union Bill, of epoch-making proportions, will be[illegible]introduced to the Diet in early December and will be thoroughly discussed. Here we present the criticisms on the bill from the Progressive, the Socialist and the Communist Parties, and Mr. ASANO, Ryozo, the Capitalist.
Mr. NISHIO, Suehiro, of the Japan Social Party said, "Except for one point, the contents are very fine and progressive, in my opinion. The unsatisfactory point is Article 11 which states that an employer may not request through compensation resulting from loss or damage due to a strike or other labor dispute from a labor union or officer thereof. However, when an act in a dispute is committed in violation of Article 24, this rule does not apply! This latter provisory clause should be deleted because a labor union or union official forced to make good the losses in such cases would be trapped into the expenditure of enormous sums. Neither labor unions nor officials could afford that, therefore a punishment arrangement should be made instead of the requiring, monetary compensation."
Mr. TSURUMI, Yusuke, of the Progressive Party commented, "If the bill seeks to promote labor's welfare, and is progressive, we intend to support it. I think that the bill should be considered in detail. As compared with past bills, it has clearly demonstrated its progressive nature. Establishment of the principle of collective bargaining and of labor mediation boards, are step[illegible]in the direction of prepress, I have no objections to the Labor Bill, but it requires more careful study." Not control.
Mr. SHIGA, Yoshio of the Communist Party stated, "The Government intends to put labor unions under the control, of a bureaucratic Government, as in the pa[illegible]This is obviously a violation of the orders of Allied Headqua[illegible]and of the objectives of the [illegible]Declaration, For instance the [illegible]popularity of past oppression by police officers will be el[illegible]out, now though Article 14, the power of bureaue[illegible] [illegible]is given to the courts of [illegible]The Articles to at [illegible] [illegible]str[illegible]object[illegible]are, Article [illegible]in which a single [illegible]strongly object are, Article [illegible], in which a single [illegible]negotiates for all the mergers of a [illegible]union; Article [illegible] [illegible]for unreasonable infringement of labor's right to some by [illegible]it to ma[illegible]late, before [illegible]Article 26 [illegible] [illegible]and complica[illegible]es the selec[illegible]of [illegible]of labor commit[illegible]that it makes of such committees, tools of the capitalists."
The President of the Japan Steel Pipe Company, Mr. ASANO, Ryezo, declared, "From my point of view, it is unfortunate that no compulsory mediation and conciliation of disputes is included. Without this compulsory power, disputes which will undouotedly arise will be difficult to settle. I think that, above all things, production
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POLITICAL SERIES: 46 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
should be first and foremost in present day JAPAN. I wish that those who enact laws would realize, the present actual state of JAPAN. It is a matter which deserved serious attention since it is very important to the future of the nation. The present condition of JAPAN is very much different from that of AMERICA or ENGLAND. The latter abound in natural resources, in addition to which, they are straight-thinking. This point should be given thorough consideration, since it is dangerous to push recklessly toward an ideal. In order to carry out the provisions of the POTSDAM Declaration and faithfully fulfill payment of reparations, 70,000,000 people must engage in production and help create a sound industrial economy. I think that all the people of JAPAN should be ready to make the necessary sacrifices toward that end."
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