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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0025, 1945-11-26.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0103

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 103 Date: 26 Nov 45


ITEM 1 Report to The Throne - Asahi Shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
Premier Reports to Throne ([illegible])
Prime Minister SHIDEHARA, Kijuro proceeded to the Imperial palace, 1400 hours on l6 November, and reported to the Throne on matters pertaining to affairs of state.
ITEM 2 Government's Deliberation Before Diet session - Asahi shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator: S. Kawasaki.
Full Translation:
The government consults On measures Before Forth coming Diet ([illegible])
Preparatory to the forth-coming session of the Diet, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. MATSUMURA; the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. OGASAWARA; the Minister of Communications, Mr. TANAKA; the Minister of Welfare, Mr. YOSHIDA; and administrative officials of the departments held a caucus at the residence of the Prime Minister at 1700 hours, l6 November.
ITEM 3 Emperor Seal Office Decides to Abolish Office of Keeper of Privy Seal - Asahi Shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator: S. Sano.
Full Translation:
The abolition of the office of the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal is to be realized by the end of this month. The plan, it is understood, was proposed by the Emperor himself.
Opinions on retention of the office varied, but when Mr. ISHIWATA, Sotaro, the Minister of Imperial Household, was summoned by the Emperor, the question was immediately settled.
ISHIWATA reported the Emperor's decision to both Baron HIRANUMA, President of the Privy Counsel, and to SHIDEHARA, the Prime Minister. After careful deliberation, these three came to an agreement on this question.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 25 (Continued)
ITEM 4 Abolition of Security police Law - Asahi Shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator: H. Naoji.
Based on the memorandum concerning the abolition of the political police of our country, issued by Allied Supreme Headquarters, the Ministry of Home Affairs has determined to abolish the Security Police Law, which has been regarded as a control over election campaigns in our country. The abolition is to take place soon. An Imperial Ordinance was issued through the Minister of Home Affairs, HORIKI in the cabinet meeting of the 16th. This order was issued in compliance with the terms of the POTSDOM Declaration.
The Security Police law was enacted in 1900 for the control of speech, assembly and association, and has been an obstacle to freedom of election. This abolition of the Security Police Law was not stated plainly in the memorandum concerning the abolition of the political police, but in view of preparation for the forthcoming election campaign, with feminine participation, lower age qualification, and the guarantee of freedom of speech, assembly, and association, the abolition of the law is assured. In this way, speech and assembly will be controlled only by criminal and other laws.
The abolition of the law will bring the following benefits to us:
It will no longer be necessary to report to the authorities before forming associations.
It will be unnecessary to report to the authorities before any popular demonstration is held.
In assembly, when the public peace or the public morals were allegedly in danger of demoralization, the authorities were able to disperse the assembly or stop disputes or discourses, but in future such dispersal will not take place.
Women, Shinto priests, policemen, students, school boys, miners аnd those whose civil rights had been suspended were banned from joining associations, but in future they will be free to do as they please.

ITEM 5 Constitutional Reform - Asahi Shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator: T. Weiller.
The Committee of Investigation into the Constitutional Questions, with Minister MATSUMOTO as Chairman, is carefully studying its problems. In view of the imminence of reform of the Privy Council and the completion of the investigation of Constitutional reform by the Office of Privy Seal, the progress of the committee is attracting attention. Minister MATSUMOTO, in an interview with the press on the l6th made clear what progress had taken place and gave his opinion on the reform of the Privy Council as follows:
"Regarding the Constitution, the Committee has completed in a general way its investigation as to the supplementary rules of chapter [illegible]with the exception of Jurisprudence in Chapter 5 and Accountancy in Chapter 6. I am hoping to hold a general meeting on the 24th where we can decide on the part each member of the Committee is to take up. By the end of January a rough draft can be expected, and if political circumstances warrant, we shall prepare it in time to submit it to the extra-
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 25 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
ordinary session of the Diet. My opinion, however, is that the bill should be submitted after both Houses have been reformed. I understand the investigation by the Privy Seal Office is shortly to be finished, and I expect a report in due course. I imagine their investigation concerns a basic part of the revision.
"At the Committee meetings, while dealing with natters of the Privy Council in chapter 4, questions were raised by members as to its maintenance or abolition. Though opinions were diverse on other points they were unanimous on the necessity of reform if it is to continue its functions. From the standpoint of constitutional revision we must touch on the question of the Privy Council. The investigation in this respect must be carried out carefully. As to the abolition of the Office of Privy Seal, I don't know much as I have no direct concern with it but think it is a good thing."
ITEM 6 Rules of House of Peers will be reformed - Asahi Shimbun - 17 Nov 45. Translator:S. Sano.
Full Translation:
The rules of the House of Peers appear to have been reformed by the Government to establish real democracy in anticipation of the special Session of the Diet next spring.
The House of Representatives will have newly elected members at the special session of the Diet which is to be convened next spring. If the House of Peers remain as it is, the atmosphere of the one will not be congenial to that of the other. This may prove an obstacle to the development of democracy.
In accordance with the above, the Government will set about reforming the rules of the House of Peers. Dr. MATSUKOTO, Minister of State, declared on 16th that the reformation of the rules of the House of Peers would be studied shortly in connection with the revision of the constitution.
ITEM 7 Lieut General KAMIZUKI permitted to return home - Asahi shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: S. Sano.
Full Translation:
KYODO SEOUL, l6 November [illegible]AP.
Permission for Lieutenant General KAMIZUKI, Yoshio commander of 17th Korean Army, to return to JAPAN was granted today by Lieutenant General HODGE. General KAMIZUKI met all conditions imposed by the surrender.
ITEM 8 Pioneer Woman Candidate for Representative - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: H. Takahashi.
Full translation:
Mrs. KATO, Shizuko, the wife of KATO, Kanju, a leader of the Japanese socialist party, who is a well known advocate of birth-control, has announced her intention to run for election to the House of Representative.
- 3 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 25 (Continued)
ITEM 8 (continued)
"My decision to run has not yet been formally approved by the Socialist Party," she stated on 17 Nov, "but circumstances permitting, I intend to submit my candidacy in the coming elections, since the number of women voters in JAPAN is said to exceed that of the men voters by 5,000,000. This being true, it is important to have a woman candidate for office."
"To be sure, lectures help toward the political emancipation of women, but even more effective in stimulating feminine interest in such matters as woman suffrage is the presence of a woman candidate."
"Due to feudal traditions, many men consider women suffrage too absurd for discussion. Woman candidates should run if for no other reason than to rid men of such notions, and to stimulate the political consciousness of women. No effort will be without result."
Mrs. KATO was born in Tokyo 49 years ago, and after leaving the girls Peers' School, attended Barnard College in NEW YORK. She has since visited AMERICA four times. Her translations of "Facing Two ways", and "wife and Soldier" have been published in NEW YORK. She is well acquainted with the famous Margaret SANGER, having participated in birth control movements.
She married KATO, Kanju last year after divorcing Boran [illegible]ISHIMOTO[illegible]Of late, she has been engaged in promoting the repatriation of troop [illegible]overseas.
ITEM 9 Special Supervision Personnel for Brig Gen Dyke - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: S. Fukude.
Brigadier General Ken R. DYKE, Chief of the Civil Information and Education Section, in an interview with a group of newspaper men only that 6th said that a plan for investigating public opinion had been established and special supervision personnel arrived, the plan would be put into effect.
ITEM 10 Prince Kayanomiya ([illegible]) Appointed Chief of Ritual Board - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: S. Fukuda.
The Imperial Household has chosen a successor to Prince SANJO, who was chief of the Ritual Board and chief-keeper of the court Japanese Poem-Composing Hall until his recent death.
The ceremony of appointment by His Majesty was held d 2 p.m. 17 November, when Prince KAYANOMIYA, holder of the Grand Order of Merit and Order of the Golden Kite Third Class, was appointed chief of the Ritual Board and chief-keeper of the Court Japanese Poem-Composing Hall.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 25 (Continued)
ITEM 11 The abolition of the Military service Law - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: S. Sano.
As the demobilization of the Army and Navy is progressing smoothly, the Army and Navy Ministries are to he abolished in the near future. To fulfill the POTSDAM Declaration, the military service law, together with its detailed regulations, is to be abolished. But, as 3,000,000 army and navy men and officers remain overseas it is necessary to have some military machinery remain temporarily to carry out demobilization quickly. So an additional article stipulates: "For those who are in military service when the order abolishing Military Service is issued, the old law is valid except for the call to colors.
By this additional article, the command and leadership of soldiers not demobilized can be continued. Also various official matters concerning the military service law, military supply and relief, care of sick and wounded soldiers and pension relief will be continued for the time being.
By the issue of this order all military affairs, such as recruiting which is mentioned in item 24 of the military service law; a report of conscription age; a preparatory physical examination, etc., will be abolished, and after 17 November, no one will be liable to call for military service.
ITEM 12 33 Appointees in Commerce and Industry Ministry - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: N. Tachinaba.
Full Translation:
Commerce and Industry Minister OGASAWARA will use the advisor system in Ministry of Commerce and Industry it was announced. On 17 November he appointed 33 advisors, including 17 members from the House of Representatives, 6 members from the House of Peers and 10 persons from various other groups. He plans to appoint ten more advisors soon. They will include, Vice Minister of the Commerce and Industry Ministry, TAKEUCHI, former Director of the Legislation Bureau, MURASE, former Minister of state, SAKURAI, and others from the business world.
The new advisors already named are as follows: From the House of Representatives: Messrs AKA, IMAO, UEDA, UCHIIKE, OYAMA,. K., KONO, SAKAMOTO, S[illegible], TAMURA, NAGANO, NODA, FUNADA, MATSUMURA, H., MATSUNAGA, MIYAZAWA.
From the House of Peers: Viscount URAMATSU, viscount UMEZONO, Viscount KAWASE, Baron KIMOTSUKI, Marquis NAKAYAMA and Baron MUKOYAMA.
From other groups, Messrs ARAKI, Kotaro, ISHIBASHI, Tanzan, ISHIYAMA, Kenkichi, KOMIGIWA, Toshie, SASAKI, yoshihiko, KUMURA, Yoshio, SEKI, Miyosaku, TAKAHASHI, Kamekichi, TANABE, Tadao, NAGATA, Kiyoshi, and HOTARI, Kei.
ITEM 13 Summoning General TOJO urged in U. S. House of Representatives - Asahi Shimbun - 18 Nov 45. Translator: N. Tachibena.
Representative GEARHARDT urged calling TOJO before the Congressional Committee now investigating PEARL HARBOR.
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POLITICAL SERIES: 25 (Continued)
ITEM 13 (Continued)
Other Japanese witnesses have already been ordered to appear before the committee.
"TOJO ordered the attack", Gearhardt stated, "and therefore he should testify."
- 6 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Political Series 0025, 1945-11-26.
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