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Press translations [Japan]. Political Series 0024, 1945-11-22.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: political-0101

call-number: DS801 .S85

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No. 101 Date: 22 Nov 45


ITEM 1 300 New Criminals Ordered to be arrested, on the blame of Cruelty to Allied War Prisoners - Tokushima Shimbun - 12 Nov 45. Translator: K. Murakami.
Full Translation:
According to an announcement issued by the Public Relations Office of General Headquarters, on 8 November, General MacARTHUR issued the following orders to the Japanese Government:
The Japanese Government must arrest 300 Japanese who are suspected of having perpetrated atrocities upon Allied Nations' war prisoners at prisoner of war camps, internee camps, and hospitals in JAPAN; and must surrender them to the Allied Authorities.
The Japanese Government must surrender these suspects as early as possible to the Second Camp of the 11th Army Corps, namely, OMORI Camp.

An Ally officer in charge of the investigation of war crimes said that he had full evidence of the crimes of those ordered imprisoned.
The names of the accused war criminals in various districts are as follows:
HAKODATE District Headquarters: Captain AONO, Shigeru, Lieutenant Colonel EMOTO, Shigenori, Lieutenant HIRANO, Rynma, Sergeant Major KONO, Zeuzo, Captain NAGANUMA, Seiki, SAKANO, Tatsuo, civilian clerk, Captain TSUTOMU, TANAKA, Junichiro, a civilian.
The First Detachment: Sergeant-Major ARAKAMI, Kuniich, Private ENDO, Toshiaki, Captain HIRADE, Kaichi Detachment Commander, ITO, Fumitaro, civilian, KARIYA, Yoshiaki, civilian, [illegible]TANABE, Masaharu, civilian.
The Second Detachment: Captain TENDO, Jiro, Detachment Commander, YASUDA, Katsuhikok civilian.
The Third Detachment: Corporal NAKAOKA, Sosaku, Captain NIZUMA, Kinzaburo, Detachment Commander, Corporal TAKEDA, Nobumasa, interpreter.
SHIMA District Headquarters: HARAKADO, Hajime, Warrant Officer MATSUBUMI, Osamu, Colonel KANO, Tamae, NAGAMORI, Masaharu, a civilian, Sergeant OKAMOTO, Masatake, Captain SAITO, Hiroshi, Colonel SUGIYAMA, Koya.
The Fourth Detachment: Warrant Officer MIYAWAKI, Yoshikatsu, Corporal OKADA, Haruo, Lieutenant SAITO, Kyosuke, Sergeant TANIMORO, Shunichi.

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POLITICAL SERIES: 24 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
The Third Detachment at HIBI NAKAJIMA: Lieutenant NAKAJIMA, Hidemaro.
The Fourth Detachment at MUKOJIMA: Lieutenant ISHIMATSU, Matasuke, Warrant Officer YAMAJI, Koseki.
The Fifth Detachment at ENOSHIMA: NOMOTO, Akira.
The Sixth Detachment at OMINE: Sergeant NISHIMOTO, Noboru, Lieutenant SAKAI, Ken.
The Seventh Detachment at UBE: FUJIMURA, Yoshitomo, a civilian, warrant Officer HARADA, Asaichi, INOUE, Yoshiyuki, a civilian.
The Eighth Detachment at MOTO[illegible]: ASADA, Shigeshi, a civilian, KODAMA, Noboru, a civilian, GOTO, Yuki, a civilian, Lieutenant MARUYAMA, Shinui, Sergeant MURAKAMI, Tetsuya, NAGAWA, Chiyozo, a civilian.
The Ninth Detachment at OHAMA: Lieutenant FUKUHARA, Osamu, YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi, a civilian.
Internees' Camp, FOKUSHIMA Camp MIDORIKAWA, Kozo, interpreter, the assistant police inspector EIHASHI, Yoshio, NEMOTO, Yasu, the Police Superintendent TARI, Yasu.
KANAGAWA, First Camp: H[illegible]SHI Kazu, a policeman, [illegible]TANABE, Katsunosuke, a policeman.
SENDAI District Headquarters: Lieutenant KITAJIMA, Riichi.
The First Detachment: Lieutenant CHISUWA, Takeichi, Captain HONDA, Hiroji, TSUDA, Koju.
The Second Detachment: Lieutenant MIYA, Sergeant OSAWA, Masaji, FUKAMATSU, Manzo, a civilian.
The Third Detachment: Lieutenant ISHIZAWA, Katsuo, Second Lieutenant KOBAYASHI, Tetsuo, IZUTATA, a civilian.
The Fourth Detachment: Sergeant IWABUCHI, Kiyomi, KANEDA, Kazuo, a civilian, Lieutenant NAGA[illegible], Masaki, Surgeon Sergeant WSHIODA, Hiroshi.
The Fifth Detachment: Lieutenant INAKI, Makoto.
The Sixth Detachment: Lieutenant ASAKA, Toshinori, Corporal HOSHIDA, Yoshinosuke, Private ITO, Seiichi, MATSUMIYA, Isao, a civilian, SAITO, Kyozo, Lieutenant SATO, Masaktsu, Surgeon Corporal SHIMIZU, Syoichi, TAKAHASHI, Yoshiro.
The Seventh Detachment: Captain SATO, Tadashi, Sergeant SHIKAGAWA, Matsusaburo.
The Eighth Detachment: [illegible]TAKEY, Iseo, a commissioned officer, Surgeon Corporal KURATA, Seinosuke, Sergeant MIURA, Soichi, SAITO, Suematsu, a civilian.
The Tenth Detachment: Sergeant ONODERA, Syoji.
The Eleventh Detachment: Warrant Officer SHIBANO, Tadao.
NAGOYA District, the First Detachment: HOSOI, Sotoemou, a civilian attached to the army, KAWAHATA, Fide, the same, Sergeant-Major KADOTANI, Unosuke, NAKA[illegible]TSU, Jiro, a civilian.
- 2 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 24 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
The Second Detachment at NARUMI: KAMEOKA, Yoshio, an interpreter, KATO, Yakumi, a warder, KIMURA, Kaichi, Lieutenant TAKEDA, Ko.
FUNATSU BRANCH: Lieutenant FURUSHIMA, Chotaro, HORI, Yoshiro, a civilian attached to the army, KAMIKYUBA, Ryozs, the same.
The Seventh Detachment: Second Lieutenant NEGISHI, Syoichi, Lieutenant Colonel OTAKE, Doji, commander of the NAGOYA Prisoner of War Camp.
The Ninth Detachnent: ICHIKAWA, Masaji, a civilian attached to the army, ITO, Akira.
TOKYO District; Headquarters at Omori: Lieutenant FUJII, Ko, Lieutenant ITO, Hiroshi, KANO, Yukichi, a private soldier and an interpreter, Lieutenant KATO, Tetsutaro, Corporal KIMURA, Kenzo, an interpreter, Sergeant KORYASHI, Minosuke, a warder, I[illegible]AKAWA, Kiyoshi, a warder, Private KURIYA[illegible]A, Michio, Colonel SAKABA, Yo, SHIMOMURA, Fumihiko, an official of [illegible]rank and an interpreter, Sergeant USHIO, Yukihiko, a warder, Lieutenant YOSHIDA, Masato.
SHINAGAWA Hospital: Sergeant FUJINO, Kiten, Private HAWADE, Haru.
The First Detachment: Lieutenant EMORI, Hidetoshi, SAITO, Jiko, a warder, SUZUKI, Keizo.
The Second Detachment: Lieutenant HAYASHI, Junsei, MIYAZAKI, Hiroshi, a warder, MIZUHARA, Torao, a warder, TSUCHIYA, Tatsuo, a warder.
The Fourth Detachment: Sergeant-Major AOKI, Yuji, Lieutenant ISHIKAWA, Katsuo, Corporal KAWAYA[illegible], Kenzo, a warder, Private KONO, Hiroaki, Lieutenat OTA, Narinori, Sergeant-Major SHIBANO, Tadao.
The Seventh Detachment at HITACHI: Lieutenant KODAIRA, Yoshio.
The Eighth Detachment: UZAWA, Saburo, a warder.
The 12th Detachment: Sergeant NAKAJIMA, Katsuo.
The 13th Detachment: SUMI, Masao, a warder, Second Lieutenant YOSHITORA, Taro.
The 14th Detachment: Lieutenant [illegible]OS[illegible]DA, Ryohei.
The 16th Detachment: HIR[illegible]SO, Teiji, a warder, Captain KUBO, Tatsuo, Sergeant-Major UCHIDA, Kanemasa.
The Former First Branch: Lieutenant CHISUWA, Takechi, IKEDA, Sukenobu, a warder, SHISHIDO, Masanosuke, YUMIDA, Kyozo, a warder.
The Former Ninth Branch: MIMURA, Masuzo, a warder, TAKAHASHI, Sosaku, a warder.
The Former 10th Branch at SUMIDAGAWA: SUZUKI, Kiyoshi, a warder, Captain KAMIMORI, Masamichi.
The Former 19th Branch: Second Lieutenant KANAAMI, Ryogo.
OSAKA District, Headquarters: Colonel MURATA, Sotaro, Second Lieutenant MATSUMURA, Saburo, AKINO, Hotori, FUJIKI, Haruki, an interpreter, FUKUNAGA, Sadaji.
- 3 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 24 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
AMAGASAKI District: INAGAKI, Hikaru, Lieutenant MORI, Toshio, TAMIZU, Jiro, an employee.
HARIMA DISTRICT: Intendant Sergeant FURUYA, Tatsuhiko, Lieutenant TAKENAKA, Kazuo.
HIROHATA District: Lieutenant ASAKA[illegible]A, Yoshi, Corporal ISHIDA, Kitaro, MOTOYASHIKI, Shinichi, an employee, Lieutenant NARUWA, Hideo, Private TSUJINO, Akiyoshi.
ICHIOKA Detachment: BANTO, Bunpachi, an employee, Private KATO, Tatsuo, Lieutenant O[illegible]ASHI, Hyojiro.
KAMIOKA Dotachment: Private FURUS[illegible]IMA, Chotaro, IMAI, Yoshio, an employee and warder, KASHIMOTO, Daijiro, an employee, KOJIMA, Takeo, an employee, Sergeant YA[illegible]KA, Takao.
KOBE Detachment: Second Lieutenant MIYATAKE, Ikuo, Lieutenant MORIMOTO Yasuji, Lieutenant NOZU, Syoichi, Private TSUJINO, Aziyoshi.
MAIBARA Detachment: Lieutenant ASAKAWA, Kokichi, ITO, Eiichi, an employee and warder.
NOTOGAWA Detachment: Sergeant FUJIKI, Fumio, Second Lieutenant NAKANIS[illegible]I, Yoshio.
OHAMA Detachment: Sergeant AKAMATSU, Shizeo, Lieutenant HAZAMA, Kosaku, Intendant Sergeant ICHIBA, Tokuichi, Private KAWABATA, Hideji, Sergeant NAKAYAMA, Takichiro, an interpreter, Sergeant TAKAHASHI, Nisao, Second Lieutenant ARAKI, Syoichi, Second Lieutenant HABE, Tashitaro, Sergeant TSUNODA, Hajime, Surgeon Sergeant KITANI, Shigeichi, MURAKA[illegible]I, Yoneo, an employee and interpreter, Second Lieutenant MUTO, Ryokichi, Private TERAS[illegible]ITA, [illegible]oicliro, Second Lieutenant YAMADA, Masakatsu.
CHIKUBU Detachment: INAGAKI, Mitsuzo, [illegible]YASHI, Kunimatsu, an employee, TAKAHASHI, Shigeji, an employee, Private YOSHIDA, Kumezo, YOSEIMURA, Masayuki, an employee.
TSUMORI Detachment: ASAMA, Koichi, an employee, AWAZU, Shoichi, an employee, FUJIMOTO, Haruki, an interpreter, Sergeant NISHIMOTO, Kishi, Sorgeant SHIOZUMI, Masagoshi.
TANAKAWA Detachment: Lieutenant HAZ[illegible], Kosaku, Second Lieutenant ICHIBA, Tokuichi, Sergeant MINEMOTO. Yoshinori, Intendant Sergeant NAKA, Makoto, Second Lieutenant KURANISHI, Toijiro, SHIGEI, Takeichi, an employee, TSUDA, Tunesuki, an employee, TAKAGI, Yoshichi, an interpreter.
TSURUGA Detachment: AOXI, ShoiChiro, an employee, Corporal UNO, Koichi.
UMEDA Detachment: Corporal FUJIKI, Fumio, FUJIKT, Rikizo, an employee, Corporal HIKARU, Ichiji, Sargeant KIMURA, Masayuki, Sergeant MARUYAMA, Sukechi, Lieutenant IWANO, Shinji, Second Lieutenant MIYATAKE, Ikuo, NAKAGAWA, Koyu, an employee probational officer, SAKAMOTO, Mitsujiro, IIDANI, Fusao, an employee, YAMADA, Shigeru, an employee, YAMADA, Tomio, an employee.
WAKINNOHAMA Detachment: AZUMAGUCHI, Ryoichi, an official of "HANNIN" rank, KIMURA, Ryunosuke, an employee and w[illegible]rder, Private KITANI, Morisuki.
- 4 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 24 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
YOKKAICHI Detachment: Sergeant GUNSHI, Konosuki, Second Lieutenant HABE, Toshitaro, Sergeant KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi, KOBAYASHI, Kumajiro, a guard, Private KOBAYASHI, Kunimatsu, NAKAGAWA, Yukihiro, an employee, TANABE, Kiyoshi, an employee, Sergeant TANAKA, Hiroichi, Sergeant SAWAMURA, Masatoshi, SHINJO, Morizo, an employee.
YODOGAWA Detachment: Sergeant AKAMATSU, Shigeo, Sergeant HASHIMOTO, Takeshi, Sergeant HIROSE, Yoshiaki, ITO, Eiichi, an employee, Second Lieutenant NAKANISHI, Yoshio, Private OKAZAKI, Sonosuke, UEDA, Makoto, an employee, Sergeant TANAKA, Hiroichi.
FUKUOKA District: The First Detachment: Captain HAZAWA, Masato, Detachment Commander, Private KATSURA, Takeshi, an interpreter, Private OKI, Yasu, interpreter.
The Second Detachment: AKI[illegible]MA, Fukujiro, an interpreter, Surgeon Lieutenant DANNO, Kazuo, Captain NOZAKI, Zin, Detachment Commander.
The Third Detachment: Sergeant NITTA, ASANO, Vkio, an interpreter, Intendant Sergeant KAWASAWA, Iwao, Corporal KITA, Takao, TAKANO, Ganji, a citizen, NAGAKURA, Syozo, a citizen, Corporal KIMURA, Eiji, NISHIMURA, Kishiro, a citizen, Major-Colonel URATA, Torajiko.
The Fourth Detachment: IKEDA, Yoshiyuki, an employee, MOUYO, Morio, an employee, Captain SAITO, Yoichi, Detachment Commander, SAKAGUCHI, Kiyohusa, an employee.
The Eighth Detachment: FUJIKAWA, Yoshinoby, an employee, KAJIMA, Toshio, an employee, Second Lieutenant TAKADA, Shuichi, Detachment Commander.
The 14th Detachment: Second Lieutenant MATSUSHITA, Chimaru, Detachment Commander, Surgeon Sergeant-Major NAKAJIMA, Coperal SAITO, Shinzaburo.
The 17th Detachment: Captain FUJISAWA, Isao, Detachment Commander, Surgeon Second Lieutenant TAKA[illegible], Koichi, Second Lieutenant YURI, Kei.
The 23rd Detachment: Private ANDO, Tatsuo, Second Lieutenant FURUSO, Tsukasa, Lieutenant HIRATA, Takeharu, Lieutenant NAKAMURA, Private SAKAHAMA, Ganichi.
ITEM 2 Proportional Representation - Tokyo Shimbun - 15 Nov 45. Translator: J. Kitayama.
In the minority representation system, there is allowance, but no guarantee, for the representation of a minority party. The proportional representation system is the very method that will provide this guarantee. The idea of the proportional representation system can be traced to revolutionists in the early period of the French Revolution. In the French National Assembly of 1789, MIRABEAU states, "An Assembly to a nation must be what a topographical map is to land.
- 5 -

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POLITICAL SERIES: 24 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
In every part as well as in the whole, an assembly must always be a miniature of a nation." In a word, the objective of this system is to give each political party in each electoral district, or in the whole of a country, seats exactly proportionate to its political influence. Another objective of this system is to make every elector's vote effective, and to prevent dead votes or non-representative votes. For this purpose, if a vote can not be made use of by a certain candidate, he must be permitted to transfer the vote to another candidate. It is necessary that the minimum number necessary to elect a candidate be fixed, enabling the candidate to transfer any surplus vote to another candidate. This is the basis of the proportional representation system.
- 6 -
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