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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0456, 1946-02-18.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1405

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1405 Date: 18 Feb 46


ITEM 1 Horrible Gars! - Tokyo Shimbun - 16 Feb 46. Translator: T. Unayama.
Full Translation:
It seems that no maintenance work has been carried on or the track of the INOGASHIRA railroad (The TEITO Electric Railroad) which runs from SHIBUYA. The tracks are in disorder, the rails are uneven and the cars are, consequently, always receiving tremendous jolts. Moreover, every day we are kept waiting for the car a long while, since they are always overdue. All hours in the day, the passengers are crowding on the platform of every station, and a good deal of them cannot get in the cars even after waiting for two or three cars. It is beyond endurance, too, to be waiting on a fire-damaged platform on a cold rainy day. To make matters worse, owing to the shortage of cars, they are damaged more than ever, and consequently accidents frequently take place. Under these conditions, are these trains still regarded as a means of communication authorized by the Government?
Nowadays, all cars and trains are crowded, but the INOGASHIRA cars are the most horrible and disreputable. If the Ministry of Transportation had supervisory authority, we would ask it to exercise its power to prompt the improvement of the track. (From a person living in 2-Chome, SHIROTA-Cho.)
(The Reply of the TOKYO Superintendent Bureau)
Lately every sort of conveyance has been tremendously crowded, and especially the private lines are awful. We have been doing our utmost. Due to the destruction by fire of cars and materials, we cannot do as much as we wish. This is particularly true on the TEITO line, which was the most damaged by air-raids. We are instituting a "special repair week" program. We are, therefore, expecting to improve this line as well as to increase its transport capacity in the near future.
(From the Supervisory Section)
ITEM 2 The Mission of JAPAN in the Future - Asahi Shimbun - 16 Feb 46. Translator: I. Imai.
Full Translation:
Disapproval is expressed by Chinese newspapers TA KUNG PAO and SI CHIH HSIN PAO of CHUNGKING in regard to the agreement on the Manchurian issue which was made in the YALTA Conference without Chinese consent.
Hot discussions are also reported concerning the restoration of the rights dating from the time of Tsarist RUSSIA by the SOVIET UNION. Things are very delicate. Of course, we ought to listen to what CHINA says, but we cannot say that there were not any peculiar points when we look back at the closure of the thrilling stage of international diplomacy of a year ago.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 456 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
On the other hand, the SOVIET UNION's intent to recover her lost rights was not at all unexpected.
JAPAN has experienced a miserable defeat such as has rarely been seen before in human history and is allowed only to revive as a cultural and peaceful Nation. She must hereafter make strenuous efforts in the solution of worldwide conflicts and in finding a rational course out of the chaotic world situation. For a defeated trouble-maker, success in becoming an eternal peace-maker is the only way left.
ITEM 3 STALIN's Speech - Yomiuri Hochi - 17 Feb 46. Translator: M. Kato.
Full Translation:
STALIN's speech at an elector's meeting at MOSCOW created a sensation among the nations of the world. Specifically his speech is noteworthy because he attributed the cause of the world war which ended six month I ago as well as the preceding one to the inevitable consequence of the development of politics and economy based on modern monopolistic capitalism.
His speech has likewise significantly given the world a suggestion as to "what the world should do" in order to prevent the repetition of the past disasterous world wars. Those who desire world peace and the happiness of mankind should listen open-mindedly to his speech. An objective investigation of the prewar as well as the postwar policies and actions of SOVIET RUSSIA will reveal that even those who have heretofore hated Communism, cannot find fault with the policies and actions of SOVIET RUSSIA.
The heroic fight against fascism along with a glorious victory over it has firmly paved the way for world peace. All mankind entertains great hopes for the Russian people who are making strenuous efforts to achieve peace.
ITEM 4 1. Purification of Education, II, Bewilderment of a Middle School Boy - Yomiuri Hochi - 17 Feb 46. Translator: M. Kato.
Full Translation:
It is long time since the purification of education was suggested. I wonder what the Ministry of Education has been doing?
I am one of the staff of a girls' high school located in SETAGAYA-Ku, I am surprised to find our principal although of the gentle sex has continued her feudalistic despotism without reserve. Under the cloak of Christianity and preaching progressivism she has been committing a series of nefarious acts. To begin with she is suspected of having carried home abundant materials belonging to a munition office.
Second, she still keeps savings named "Principal's savings" which have been kept secret even front the accountant of the school with the intention of spending them as she pleases. Where as the pay for the staff remains as ever between the sum of 60 and 200 yen.
Third, woolen yarn was purchased by the staff at the price of 120 yen per pound against the distribution price of some ten yen and thus a profit as about 2,000 yen was made.
Fourthly, despite having no family, she has bought and kept no small amount of rice.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 456 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
Fifth in contrast to the low level of pay for the staff, our principal employed a neighboring gardener giving him work only ten days or so a month for which she has paid him to date as much as 10,000 yen. Moreover the source of that pay was not made known.
Sixth, when the salary is paid each of the staff must proceed to the principal's room where they are handed their salary, and where the principal generally hands out insults.
Other examples of her wrongdoings are countless. It is no wonder that there is such a number of reactionary feminine principals beside our own.
What really surprises us is the program of these feminine principals to set up a Woman Teacher's Federation. The staff of this federation are those who, if they were males wore sure to be forbidden from public offices because of the active part they has taken during the war years.
Those lady principals seem to keep their position by virtue of their opportunism. We of course cannot look to the education authorities for effective purification of the education world. However, we cannot help calling for the public opinion in order that a true democratic school system be set up wherein public election of the principal or the council system of the staff, be adopted. (by a woman teacher, TOKYO.)
Bewilderment of a Middle School Boy
We students were informed of the presence of the Emperor on 14 or 15 February on the occasion of his inspection of the metropolis. This was made known to us by the principal of our school, the First Metropolitan Middle School, on the happy occasion of KIGENSETSU. Our principal further stated that our present Emperor is the most considerate among the Emperors of our country and that it was an unprecedented event. That the Emperor should be pleased to visit our school.
The principal added that to prepare for that occasion the school house could not be swept too much. The next three days shall be occupied with cleaning. During this admonition of the principal, one of our teachers scolded us for the charge of irreverence for the Emperor.
On this occasion while we were listening, with our heads bowed down, to the Imperial Rescript on New Years Day along with the Imperial Rescript on Education, I happened to think of the Imperial Rescript on the Declaration of War and its connection in the approbation of the aggressive war.
When the song on KIGENSETSU was being sung, I could not follow because of my thoughts on the misery of the populace. Why must we clean our school for three days in succession leaving off our lessons? Why must we listen to the Imperial Rescript which is a mere paper and which is filled with falsehoods with our heads bowed? My sentiments are for the sympathy and respect for the Emperor, however, my reason makes me abhor the Emperor as the Supreme being responsible for the war.
One of the teachers warned that the communists have been set free and told us not to disarm our minds together with the ordinary disarmament. The principal told us that in consideration of the history of JAPAN'S founding, we should aim at the establishment of a democracy which is at once Japanese and moderate and sound i[illegible]order to support our nationali[illegible]
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 456 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
The principal further warned us "Never be bewildered by the absurd opinions arising with freedom of speech".
Our teacher in history tells us that our country is a grateful country where sovereign and subjects make one, and the sympathy and affection are those of father and son, while the faith and morality are those of sovereign and subjects.
Why is this country of ours a grateful country? How can the Emperor love us when he was the chief executive that led our country into aggressive war and the people into the depths of hellish agony?
(by a middle school boy)
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0456, 1946-02-18.
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