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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0454, 1946-02-18.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1398

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1398 Date: 18 Feb 46


ITEM 1 (I) The Problem of Night-Soil Collection (II) Heartless Government Officials (III) Why to Shelve an Excellent Plan?" - Tokyo Shimbim-15 Feb 46. Translator: K. Sato.
Full Translation:
In regard to the night-soil collection problem mentioned in this column on the 11th, I cannot make out, as a citizen, why the cleaning section of the metropolis flatly refused the proposal made by Mr. ISHII who offers to undertake the matter of collection to make up for the shortage of manure which is indispensable to farming production. The remark by the chief of the cleaning section, that the project will hamper the established system of transportation and distribution between TOKYO and SAITAMA-Ken, is not unreasonable. However, was the collection ever carried out smoothly by the metropolis authorities? Night-soil men come merely once or twice a year, and then only when we offer to pay ten to 15 yen. Such being the case, usually we must carry it to the river. How filthy and unbearable this is to us! We wish to co-operate promptly with the farmers. (EJARA-Ku, a citizen)
(II) Reading the problem referring to the collection of night-soil, printed in this paper on the 11th, I would like to say a word on it, as a mother of seven children. The solution of the prevailing food problem can best be attained when producers and consumers are strongly joined and help one another by delivering manure directly to the farmers. Hitherto, brokers coming between the farmers and the citizens, hindered the completion of delivery. The people of my original home in SAITAMA-Ken, three is from hero, are suffering from the lack of fertilizer, and are being pressed for crop delivery. On the other hand, their brothers and sisters in the city districts are, charged with high night-soil collection fees and are obliged to buy costly vegetables, and thereby are in dine straits in bringing up numerous children. Must we suffer from such a contradiction of ideas? In order to save defeated JAPAN, there can be no other way but to develop the mutual support and sympathy of the whole nation. The offices run by heartless people should be closed. (ADACHI-Ku, a mother)
(III) I would like to ask Mr. NISHIYA, chief of the cleaning section of the metropolis, for whose sake does the cleaning section operate, or for what purpose have they been formed? They will not be able to excuse themselves, if I insist just as Mr. ISHII remarked, that this was planned in favor of the metropolitan office or rather of the cleaning section. The citizens hitherto disposed of night-soil for themselves pressed by circumstances. This situation should be immediately removed, now that a better plan is advanced. The nights oil men from the metropolitan office, not only charge the price of three barrels to have one taken away, but they demand money and goods. We hear that they sell it at an exorbitant price! Why are officials so bigoted against such an excellent plan (I dare to call it an excellent plan) as having collection free of charge and a supply of free vegetables on our part, and so also benefiting the farmers? It is outrageous generally to prohibit night-soil collection by the farmers from April on and to retain the charge system.

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EDITORIAL SERIES 454 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
What significance has the quantity promised to be sent out of TOKYO to the country or the subsequent breach of promise which the chief emphasizes? If the price for one barrel is from eight to 15 yen when it is delivered to the farmers from the prefectural officers, it will accumulate only in the hands of the rich and the powerful. Worrying to the last about money, troubling numerous persons, they cannot after all do away with their bungling measures. If the cleaning section cannot dispose of the problem of collection without earning money, it should be abolished. (SHITAYA-Ku an indignant reader)
ITEM 2 (1) Wife of a Seaman (2) Inquiries of the Shipping Control Corporation (SENPAKU, UMER KAI) - Yomiuri Hochi - 16 Feb 46. Translator: A. Suzuki.
Full Translation:
I, the wife of a seaman of YAMASHITA Steamship Company in KOBE, thinking of how the many families of seamen are suffering, encouraged myself to write. In March 1944, my husband left suddenly sending me a telegram saying that ho was likely to leave for SINGAPORE. However it was under military orders and everything was secret. Since then I have received only two letters from SINGAPORE in two whole years. Though he has served the company for ten years, his monthly wage amounts only to 100 yen. Yet it is not paid regularly each month. Last year, I received his May to September salaries at the end of the year. His bonus is not yet paid. I am in suspense, not knowing how to manage on such a small sum, when prices are so high. Anxious about my long absent husband, I have written many letters to the YAMASHITA Co. to make investigations and have also referred the matter to the Shipping Control Corporation (SENPAKU UNEI KAI). However, there have been no answers.
Seamen are all risking their lives and working hard, therefore although their families may not get security, at least their treatment should be improved. I shall never, never, permit my husband to continue on his job if it goes on this way. I have heard that this Control Corporation has been nationalized. Nevertheless without reforms no man will become a seaman. I request, regular wage payments, the improvement of treatment, raises in salary and above all investigation as to the whereabouts of seamen. (Letter by IZUMI Toyoko, in SKIZUOKA)
Inquiries of the Shipping Control Corporation
I am a seaman who was placed on a retirement list last year. I believe that there are many who have met the same fate, and therefore I ask the following questions of the authority concerned and wish a clear responsible answer.
I. What caused the announcement of retirement orders at the end of the war? Was it because of surplus man power? Was our technique unskillful? Was it caused by our irregularities? Please give the reason.
II. Under what circumstances was the order announced on 15 August? I could approve of the cancellation of the war time Shipping Control Law on that day, but I cannot understand why the crows had to be retired.
III. Why was the retirement order announced and the allowances not decided on?
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES 454 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
IV. The Control Corporation desired the men to retire voluntarily. A speech was made saying "crows were surplus at this time". Was this measure for the retirement of men, without paying their allowances?
V. As long as the ships are all controlled by the Control Corporation, it is impossible to go aboard a ship for a new job. Crews are ignorant of the world and are poor socially. They are indifferent to work on land and therefore, it is a serious menace for them to leave their ships.
VI. What happened to the validity of the crew's insurance after the war? Last year, returning home at the end of August, I sent my diagnosis to the branch office applying for a medical certificate for the insurance. However, the answer was that there were no certificates. Therefore, I informed the agency and found out that they had no such thing. I am therefore, now receiving medical treatment at my own expense. What is the meaning of forcing us to pay high premiums without receiving medical treatment certificates. Among the retired crews, how many who take up new jobs, will receive the insurance surrender allowance or a lump sum? I am amazed at the complicated formalities involved?
VII. Is it not contradictory to retire many seamen, and at the same time broadcast on the radio for crews to board the demobilized ships. (Letter by a retired crew member)
ITEM 3 Trickery of Independent or Nondescript Candidates - Tokyo Shimbun - 16 Feb 46. Translator: T. Unayama.
Full Translation:
The number of the applicants for the certification of eligibility for candidacy has already amounted to more than 2,000. If this trend continues, the total number of candidates will amount to more than five times the number of seats. Upon seeing this number, we may say that the activity of the revived JAPAN's will and desire for politics is great. Especially, when we examined them, we became aware of the fact that 2,022 out of the 2,232 applicants were newcomers, and they were an overwhelming majority in comparison with the other applicants who were former members of parliament.
They cannot, however, be received as utterly new candidates, because one who has had influence over a prefectural assembly as a leader for many years, if he has never been a member of parliament, is also considered a new candidate at this time. Further, another who has never boon elected, though he was a candidate several times hitherto, thanks to these failures, is also considered a newcomer. Setting aside those who are locally unknown, because they are an unknown quantity in political circles, the seemingly new candidates who are actually old politicians should be the objects of our caution.
Lately, it has been clarified that if a former recommended member of parliament was unqualified as a candidate for the coming election, he would be deprived of his eligibility for election. Therefore, none of the recommended members of the Progressive Party intend to apply for the certification. If they have really taken this step, the new candidates, who are, in fact, former members of parliament, will increase in number. To make matters worse, the substitute candidates will not name themselves as members of the Progressive Party, but they will apply, respectively, as independents or nondescripts, or, belonging to a local party. That way they can join
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES 454 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
the Party after the election. For the time being, they need not name themselves as belonging to the Progressive Party, since it would be of no advantage to them in the coming election.
This is, of course, political vice, but, in their present state of political sense, the people will, to our great regret, be tricked by this. It proves this fact, that the independent or nondescript candidates are in an overwhelming majority. The people are now on the verge of the danger that they, who have been led into the present depths of misery by the militarists, are to lose the opportunity of building the people's now JAPAN. They are being cheated, this time, by cunning politicians.
What do the people expect from the politicians who do not oven make clear their platforms? The Chief Secretary of the Cabinet is concerned with the guidance of the new members of the House, we hear, but the customs of the Diet can be acquired in three days. Such a thing is a more trifle. First of all, the cultivation of sound political sense in the people is urgently needed.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0454, 1946-02-18.
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