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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0385, 1946-02-08.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1197

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1197 Date: 8 Feb 46


ITEM 1 Demand for Wholesale Cancellation of Enterprises Control Law - Provincial Newspaper, Bocho Shimbun (Yamaguchi) - 28 Jan 46. Translator: I. Imai.
The increase of production is said to be a very urgent matter. Yet, the Government has, so far, issued merely impractical plane for the purpose. If it is not efficiently done, popular economy can not be stabilized. Now the Government should totally cancel the Enterprises Control Law and it will accelerate the increase of trade. Freedom of enterprise will inevitably increase production, make distribution smooth and lower prices. Thus, together with the levying of the Property taxes, it will contribute to checking inflation and stabilizing popular economy.
ITEM 2 Farming Affairs Executive Corporation and Rice Delivery - Provincial Newspaper, Hyuga Nichinichi Shimbun (Miyazaki) - 30 Jan 46. Translator: H. Furukawa.
The Farming Affairs Executive Corporation should be held responsible for the poor results shown in making rice deliveries. The leaders of this corporation are in general too busy to devote themselves to the affairs of deliveries and in this lies the reason for the poor supply of rice. We hope the governors and the authorities of the Agricultural Association will manage to make these leaders of the corporation better able to devote themselves to the affairs of maintaining a food, supply.
ITEM 3 The Part of the Government in Revision of the Constitution - Provincial Newspaper, Kahoku Shimpo (Sendai) - 31 Jon 46. Translator: H. Furukawa.
The coming general election will be highlighted with the problem of the Constitution revision as its main subject. All the parties have announced their stand on the revision of the Constitution while the present interim Government, to our amazement is also drafting a revision plan of its own. The present Government which is scheduled to resign directly after the election can never he qualified to draft a good revision plan. The mission of the Present Government should be to enlighten the people in preparation for the revision by publishing the draft of it as early as possible.
ITEM 4 Stabilization of Economic Life - Provincial newspaper, Bocho Shimbun (Yamaguchi) - 1 Feb 46. Translator: H. Furukawa.
The people's livelihood is now on the verge of collapse due to the inflation. Without taking some measures to check inflation, the people will be brought to a plight more miserable than the defeat. It is

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 385 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
suggested by the Government that far-reaching measures be taken for the control of commodity prices. The time is now ripe. We hope that the people's livelihood will be stabilized as soon as possible.
ITEM 5 Re-educate Ourselves - Provincial Newspaper, Hyuga Nichinichi Shimbun (Miyazaki) - 1 Feb 46. Translator: I. Imai.
For a fairly long time, schools of this country had been used as a means of leading obedient people to follow blindly militaristic and imperialistic national policies. The moral education of the individual was completely neglected. He wonder the Nation became so egotistic and short-sighted. Upon entering the second year of the democratic revolution, we ought to wash away the dirt from our hearts and re-educate ourselves. The focal point must be the fostering of a public spirit.
ITEM 6 What Democracy of Today Should Be - Provincial Newspaper, Kahoku Shimpo (Sendai) - 1 Feb 46. Translator: H. Furukawa.
The Japanese nation has been perplexed in accepting the democracy which was suddenly granted by the Allied Powers, though they had experienced an age of democracy in limited form in the past. However, they are becoming aware of the true nature of democracy, and democracy in JAPAN now holds great popularity. Democracy today must be based on the mode of life of the people, and should not be a mere fashion of the day.
ITEM 7 Concrete Programs on Economics Are Needed By The Parties - Provincial Newspaper, Chubu Nihon Shimbun (Nagoya) - 1 Feb 46. Translator:
The platforms of many political parties, which number more than 150 at present, lack a concrete and substantial plan sufficiently effective to tide over the crisis. The parties present only abstract and formulative programs to the people. They are only mocking the people who are in a miserable plight. As Mr. NOZAKA lately announced a substantial program for forming a democratic front, all the parties should reveal concrete programs effective in improving the situation. If not, they do not deserve to be called political parties and should be dissolved.
ITEM 8 We Demand Social Democrats Reconsider - Provincial Newspaper, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (Nagano) - 2 Feb 46. Translator: H. Furukawa.
The attitude of the Social Democrats to the problem of the forming a democratic front is most disappointing to us. Whatever excuses they may make, their attitude shows nothing but ambition to come to power after the election. The heads of that party know well the plight of the people. Nevertheless, they are still the prisoners of the charm of power politics. We demand that the Social Democrats reconsider and form a democratic front with the Communists which will represent the interests of the people.
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