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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0357, 1946-02-04.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1115

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1115 Date: 4 Feb 46


ITEM 1 Schooling Should Be Free - Provincial Newspaper [illegible]iigata Nipoo (NIIGATA) - 31 January 1946. Translator: K. [illegible]bounaga.
Full Translation:
Because of the rising priors of commodities salaries have bean increase Consequently, this is exerting a great influence upon our national and prefectural economy.
The raising of rail fares is a case is point. Of course, the increase in salaries is natural, and various kinds of policies will be establish to raise funds. However, some of the polici[illegible]s [illegible]may cause unreasonable conditions which should not be ignored.
One of these is the problem of the raising of school foes which is due to the improved treatment of teachers. A few private schools in this prefectures are planning to raise school fees on the grounds that they find it hard to maintain themselves. The prefectural or public secondary schools will also follow their example in the near future.
This raise in fees seems natural enough, however, it raises a problem. We should consider whether or not instruction should be free at the secondary schools. Today, all our people should receive a secondary education in order to reconstruct JAPAN as a cultural country. Without doing way with the privileges or attaining equalization in education, the cultural level of our nation [illegible]not be raised. If the difficult entrance examinations and the high school fees of today are left untouched for a long time, neither a higher culture in our nation nor the development of scientific education and the establishment of a democratic administration cam be expected.
Today school fees should be totally abolished and a plan for free study should be established. For this, the number of schools should be increased. A large sum of money has beer spent during the war. Nevertheless, the expenditures for education have been so low that General YAMASHITA admitted that JAPAN's defeat was due to poor education military facilities should be taken advantage of by schools.
In addition, new schools should be established so that school tuition may be decreased. Government and public schools may be able t[illegible]carry without school fees, but private schools can not.
The Government should force private schools to build up their education equipment and obtain good teachers; it should also, give subsidies to good schools so that the [illegible]y retain their own characteristics. To have high school fees is net reasonable from the standpoint of education.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 357 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
The effects of education on the solution of the food problem, the prevention of inflation, the relief of the unemployed, and the treatment of the war victims is expected to be great. Therefore, if we can expect good effects, it will be less difficult to reconstruct JAPAN in peace. After all, we should expect everything from the progress of education, and secondary education should be the center of this progress. Consequently, the prefecture assembly should increase its expenditures for education and, at the same time, abolish school fees.
ITEM 2 Nothing Can be Achieved by the Government for Three Months to Come - Provincial Newspaper Shinano Mainichi Snimbun ([illegible]GA[illegible]) - 1 February 1946. Translator: B. Ishibashi.
Full Translation:
It is presumed at present that the date of the coming general election will be 31 March, and the Special Diet Session convened after 20 April. What has been done and is being done by the SHIDEHARA. Cabinet since its reorganization for the worse was made in an attempt to remain in office? Its announcement of the property taxes stimulated the tendency to increase the issue of currency and the raise in market prices by more than 100 percent, accelerated the progress of inflation, and did nothing about the vital problem rice delivery, except resort to compulsory measures. Naturally, the general less of confidence in, and popularity of, the Government has become all the [illegible]recomopicuous with each passing day. Notwithstanding, its intention to conduct the comin[illegible]election as its only entrusted mission does not seem at all shaken. Far from it, as seen from the statement of SHIDEHARA some days ago, it is clear that his Cabinet intends to monopoeliz[illegible]politica1 power with a view to retaining the old political forces.
Properly speaking, this Cabinet came to office only as a temporary one to continue at the most for a period of two or three months. By this time, it should have stopped out of office after achieving its only mission of holding the election. It is not entitled and lacks ability to play an important part in overcoming the fatal crisis of our national economy, now seriously suffering from inflation end food shortage and in reconstructing a new, democratic JAPAN
It is about three months before the Special Diet Session. If we let such an incompetent Cabinet take the help of state affairs for the above period of time, what will be the results? The total currency issued to date is 55 or 56 billion yen end suppose the currency continues to be issued at a rate of 100,000,000 yen per day, the total issue will be increased by 9,000,000,000 yen. In the case of a rate of 2,000,000,000 yen per day, 18,000,000,000 yen will be the total. The climax of the rice delivery would have been long passed at the time of the Special Diet Session. Illegal sales and heardings of rice would have been successfully, carried out. Such being the case, no matter want Cabinet may fellow the present and now effective may be the measures taken by it, it can be foressen that the amount of rice to be handed over to the Government will be very small. Also the inflation would be dangerously accelerated.
As shown above, the objective conditions leave no room for any continuance of the presort Cabinet. On the other hand, the return [illegible]of Mr. NOZAKA contributes not a little to the growth of the subjective conditions, it must be recognized. However, the Social Democratic Party, which is in a position to lead the democratic front movement, still assumes a conservative attitude in regard to acting in concert with the Communist Party and other democratic parties, being absorbed merely in the outcome of the coming general election. We can reproach its attitude in neglecting the hardships of our earning class in
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 357 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)

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general for the advantages of the party itself. It is a matter of course that the present Cabinet is not so simple a one as quickly to step out of office, even in the case of the formation of the democratic front becoming a reality in a short time. Not only that, its formation may cause the Cabinet to stay in office all the more.
In his statement, regarding the attitude of his Cabinet to be taken after the election, SHIDERARA insists obstinately as follows: "It (whether to step out of office or not) will be decided by the situation If a trustworthy party oaks its appearance, I will willingly hand over political power to it. However, generally, the sphere of influence of a new rising party cannot be firm rooted at an early date." His intention is seen to mean that he does not want to hand over political power to a new rising party. Even in the case f his stepping out of office, the possibility of his recommending MITSUCHI to succeed to the premiership, with a view to retaining the old political forces, cannot be overlooked.
In short, the present Cabinet is making every effort to remain in office for the three months to come and even after the election, as long as possible, neglecting the hardships of the rank a[illegible]d[illegible]filet of the people, which is deteriorating with each passing day. Such being the case, it is a matter of self-defense for the people fervently to hope that the Cabinet will step out of office as soon as possible. The recent national movement for the destruction of our official structure is one of the examples of self-defense by the masses, who have got their backs against the wall. However, it is necessary, first of all, to turn out of office the present Cabinet, which is still plotting to retain the old political forces by relying on the old structure.
ITEM 3 People's Medical Treatment - Yomiuri Hochi - 2 February l946. Translator: A. Suzuki.
Full Translation:
Acute epidemics, venereal diseases, and contagious skin diseases have become virulent. Many will perish from malnutrition, colds, and pneu[illegible]ia . There have been no definite measures taken by the Government. During the war, the Government emphasized medical treatment only for the military and officials and never considered the people. For an example in issuing medicines, the military and the officials got most of them and the physician[illegible]s who had to look after the rest of the people got only what was left. Even here we see the arbitraryness of the military carrying on a totalitarian war and at the same time despising the people. The licensed physicians have recoiled no, or only a very small amount of, medicine end hygienic materials since last year. How did they manage to continue their practice? To save their medicine, they had to refuse all patients at night mid also in the afternoons. Some even had to close their doors after using up their stock. The NIPPON Medical Association was f[illegible]red essentially by officials, and its members on the whole were dupes during the war. They were idle and lacked policy.
To cure the sick and save the dying we must abolish this association and establish a democratic one. Above that we must have popular medical treatment for the good of the people. (Letter from ITO, Ichiro in NAKANO)
Democracy in the Medical World
Here I shall discuss only dentistry. In the violent storm f democracy when, everyone is vigorously discussing it, the only group acting in concerned is the medica1 world. The old influences are still clinging
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 357 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
to the ruling groups. For example, look at the election held by the TOKYO Dentists Association. The retirement of Mr. KAWAKAMI, the president, was quite natural, and their choice as a successor fell on Mr. KOMUKU. Those who elected him were well known bosses in the dentristry world. Mr. KOMUKU is a city member, and a professional politician who failed in the TOJO Election. The vice president? and four others were former officials. One was evidently a trustee of the IPPON Dentists Association. All these men, helped themselves during the war and, proclaiming themselves as leaders, displayed their war spirit to the people. They established patriotic associations and collected money from us several times under the purpose of contribution for warplanes.
Under the present system the NIPPON Dentists Association and ether committees are clearly co-operating agencies under orders of the Governme[illegible]Therefore, the authorities should strictly examine the appointment of the president and subordinate officers. I request that the present officers and the old influences behind them retire, and desire the appearance of new men suitable for a democratic dentistry world. (Letter from a dentist).
ITEM 4 Welfare Annuity - Tokyo Shimbun - 2 February 1946. Translator: I. Hotta
Full Translation:
The NAKAJIMA Airplane Company with which my son was serving was dissol[illegible]on 25 August of last year. At this time the authorities of the company asked my son to sign documents sc that he would be able to get retirem[illegible]pay. However, we have not heard anything about it though it has already been over a year. Meanwhile, my son died on 3 December. How will the retirement pay be treated in such a case?
I wonder if the Insurance Office is neglecting its duties in spite of proper procedure by the company authorities or if the company has not yet gone through the procedure. Will we be able to get the welfare annuity for my son, even after we notify the company of his death?
He worded at the company from March 1944 to August end a part of his wages had been set aside in a fund for the annuity. (Letter from a father.)
According to the TOKYO metropolitan Board, retirement pay is usually paid within a month or two after a requisition is sent in. We think that it is due to an error in procedure or some similar reason that you have not been paid after such a long time. In case an insured person dies after a requisition is sent in, one should send in a copy of the census register or a census-register certificate to get the name changed. In case an insured person dies, and a requisition had not been sent in, his name can be used for five years after his death to request the authorities to send a copy of the census register or to pay retirement pay.
In general, the annuity is as a rule paid to those who have been insure for over three years. However, in such cases as death, mobilization, or demobilization, those who nave been insured for six months to three
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 357 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
years can also demand payment. The same rule applies in the following cases: to laborers who return home after a fixed term of contract; to insured women who retire from employment to merry; those who take out insurance for the first time after reaching the age of 50 or more can dissolve the contract of insurance; one who was working for a private railway company can dissolve the contract when the company is bought by the government; members of the Girls Patriotic Cores (JOSHI TEISHINTAI) can dissolve the Contract; mobilized pastors and monks can dissolve the Contract; one who is enlisted by volunteers for, or is serving at an office abolished or reduced in size due to the end of the Greater East ASIA War can dissolve the contract.
A requisition for payment should be presented to the local governor administering the district in which one works.
Here we note the address of the TACHIKAWA Insurance Office.
TACHIKAWA Insurance Office
3-2700, SHINOZAKI - Cho,
(letter from TACHIKAWA Vocational Office.)
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0357, 1946-02-04.
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