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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0343, 1946-02-01.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1070

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1070 Date: 1 Feb 46


ITEM 1 About Election of Representatives for Teachers - Provincial News Paper Shinano Mainichi (NAGANO) - 26 Jan 46. Translator: M. KAWANABE.
Full Translation:
The managing staff of the Education Association in this prefecture (NAGANO-Ken) chose candidates for the coming general election and required all the teachers to support them. This caused public attention and criticism in and outside of the educational circles. It is not question of the advisablity of teachers' in general taking part in the election but a question of the justness of the manner in which the candidates were chosen by the one-sided will of the Association. It is to blame for its imprudence because it has chosen at one sitting candidates who are quite foreign to the bulk of the teachers.
Responsible persons of the Association explained that the choice was merely an understanding and it was foundless that the Association had compelled individual teachers to solicit for others to votes in favor of the chosen candidates. The explanation, however, is nothing but a play of words. It cannot be doubted but that today the manifestation if intentions of high-ranking members of an educational body has a coercive power over subordinate teachers, though it may take the form of a request or even report. In such a subordinate relationship peculiar to our educational circles, the choice of the high-ups should be avoided as far as possible.
It is, however, quite natural that such an imprudent act should have taken place then we think of the real situation in educational circles today. There is sufficient reason for it, that is, that the educational circles in this prefecture lack democracy.
It is a demand of the times as well as an ardent desire of teachers that democracy being taken advantage of, a direct coupling between education and politics should be made. For this purpose, the democratization of the educational world itself should be the first difinite step to be taken. The path to it does not lie far from us; it starts from directly under our feet.
The action of the Educational Association in the election campaign as an authorized group is apt to be followed and there will be a confusion of education with politics. There are, therefore, many reasons why a political body which will be called, for instance, "The Association of Teachers" should be organized by those interested, as a mother-organization for a political campaign as the prefectural authorities stated. However, it should not be arbitrary and function as a detatched force of the Education association. It must be founded on voluntary will from below.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 343 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
From a view-point of practical politics, the significance of electing representatives for functional interests ought at first to be taken into consideration. Setting aside this question now, it must be first of all remembered that the political campaign to be commenced shortly should serve as a political training of teachers as well as a promoter of the democratization of the people in this prefecture. We desire that the masses of teachers should take advantage of this opportunity in enlivening their political spirits to the highest extent.
ITEM 2 Love Your Own Country! - Provincial Newspaper Chugoku Shimbun (HIROSHIMA) - 28 Jan 46. Translator: Ketel Karl.
Full Translation:
According to the POTSDAM Proclamation, extreme nationalism must be removed from our future life, the expression "extreme nationalism" has a somewhat abstract meaning. There is perhaps no other way of explanation except that of common sense. I believe that it is the additional word "extreme" that makes the expression more pregnant and significant.
Nowadays human life would be inconceivable without the State structure. We cannot imagine a world where there will be no nations the nation is a deeply rooted and fundamental unit in the life of mankind. We art not able to think in our mind about present-day life without the State. We cannot enjoy life without the State system even in a world in which people are shouting "down with sovereignty." Today, the prosperity of a nation determines the welfare of the people and the rational function of a state stipulates the rational life of the people. On the other hand, let people experience the consequences of an irrational function of a state and they will see hardships and privation. Whatever ideals the world might have and whatever illusions the people might form, the nation in actual life is the root and basis of the life of all human beings. I want to exclude the construction and significance of law, economics, culture, and social life from my discussion for a while. We cannot visualize a world without first recognizing a State structure. I hold the opinion that here lies the spirit of the POTSDAM Declaration that recites the exclusion not of nationalism but of extreme nationalism. Therefore, we cannot make up our life without representing the State. If we realize that the rationalization of our life is deeply rooted in the rational life of the entire nation, we ought to rationalize the State itself, first of all. Then, for the first time, our life will become rational, and prosperity and peace perhaps guaranteed.
The present situation of our country finds it with many irrationalities, which must be improved at any cost. If the present existence of the people is deeply rooted in the State structure, and if the life of the nation is seen not as a collective mechanism of the lives of each independent individual but as being composed of closely related organic links, we must carry out all possible reforms, the will and proceedings of reformation originated only for individual advantages and the interests of separate groups will derange the State structure and destroy the harmony of national life. In surveying the domestic conditions of our country after the end of the war, I cannot help but ask: where is the harmony of national life and where is the State structure? Some of the people who have the ambition to be faithful to the POTSDAM Declaration and to contribute greatly in world civilization and who believe in the eternal existence the Japanese race, ought to rid themselves of patriotic lamentations and ought not to allow the present state of affairs.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 343 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
In CHINA our neighbor, the political Consultation Conference has been held recently and as a result the nation is making the greatest efforts to establish a uniform democratic State by the pressure of the people. The re-born CHINA has a bright future and her national development will be the substance to her claim to belong to the four great Powers of the world. In contrast to this, the course of defeated JAPAN is a destressing one. We must not forget, however, that the hopeful prospects of CHINA have been attained by means of the result of a long, hard and despairing struggle on the part of her people. We ought to take this national consciousness and awakening, literally obtained by means of a nation-wide struggle with sacrifices and hardships, into consideration, Mr. NOZAKA, Sanzo, when he saw the conditions in his native country, was surprised because of its wretchedness. If this condition is left as it is, it is feared that JAPAN would politically and economically, become a semi-colony. Everyone who is watching carefully the change in the conditions fears this. We must be filled with patriotic ardour. Without our ardent love of our own country we will perhaps never be able to fulfil the ideals of the POTSDAM Declaration.
ITEM 3 (1) Consumers and their Moral Responsibility (2) The Unification of Relief Agencies - Tokyo Shimbun - 31 Jan 46. Translator: K. Nagatani.
Full Translation:
Rations of foods are so poor today that we cannot live unless we purchase foods from farmers at black market prices. It is inexcusable, however, for the rich to buy any amount they wish, since all consumers should act in accordance with their moral responsibility.
Since controls have been lifted, a fairly abundant supply of daily necessities, especially food, has come into the market. However, those commodities on the black market are still very dear. There is no decline in their prices because buyers devoid of any moral responsibility as consumers are neglecting to curb their desires and are rejoicing in their ability to purchase necessities even though they are priced very high.
As long as there is no change in the attitude of the consumers, merchants will continue to gain undue profits. It means the consumers are falling into a trap provided by the merchants. In a situation of this kind, we cannot even hope that our livelihood will be stabilized and prices will cease fluctuating. The advantage of free prices is found in the fact that they are natural and settled prices decided by the balance between demand and supply. The consumers are therefore requested to regulate their consumption and to use sound judgement on prices. This is the reason why we propose that the buyers obey their sense of morality and assume their responsibility as consumers.
Recently, control over prices of daily necessities has become a topic of popular discussions. We are afriad, however, that unless the consumers change their attitude, there will hardly be any improvement in the situation. The consumers should not be allowed to buy whatever they like and at the same time, would examine the quality of goods and purchase the cheapest. This is a most common but a very important way in which the consumers should obey their sense of moral responsibility to buy only what they need.
The proposed plan to unify all relief services into "The Association far Relieving Our Follow Countrymen" (DOGO FNGO KAI,) under, the leadership of the Welfare Ministry, with the intention of strengthening the relief services is not likely to be realized.
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 343 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
The unification of relief services is highly unnatural, because those services including the Association for the Relief of War-sufferers (SENSAI FNGO KAI,) Association for Relief of Demobilized Servicemen (GUNJIN FNGO KAI), and Association for Relief of Repatriated Fellow Countrymen (HIKIAG[illegible]DOHO FNGOKAI), have different purposes and different functions. Nevertheless, the authorities attempted and failed. How will they meet the present situation?
The Association for Relief of War-sufferers and the Association for Relief of Demobilized Servicemen are both scheduled to be dissolved in January; the latter has completed the necessary procedures while the former has already received a directive to dissolve. Now that the plan to unify the relief services has proved abortive, they have reached a deadlock.
These relief services cannot be allowed to stop their activities even for a day. Many of the repatriates have no relatives, no means far livelihood, or no valuables with them. They are now in such great distress that prompt relief must be extended to them. Under these circumstances, it is expedient that the authorities, instead of playing a trick to conceal their faults, should make a new start at one.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0343, 1946-02-01.
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