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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0341, 1946-02-01.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-1064

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 1064 Date: 1 Feb 46


ITEM 1 What are the Economists doing? - Provincial Newspaper Hokkaido shim-bun - 25 Jan Translator, T. Unayama.
Full Translation:
Owing to the aggravated state of affairs and the over-all stagnation of industry, the economic situation in our country has become increasingly confused since the end of the war, and its collapse and ruin and approaching every minute. At this point, what are the economists doing?
The workers and farmers are now trying their best to stave off the crisis in national economy, forming democratic unions in all fields. Under the capitalist system, enterprise cannot be carried forward m rely by the hands of workers and farmers, it requires capital, material, equipment and other various facilities Therefore, those who possess these things are entrepreneurs end financiers, that is to say the economists. Industry would be in a tight spot without their co-operation. What are they doing for the rehabilitation of national economy?
During the war did they not blame and attack bureaucratic control? Or, did they not emphasize in the name of the people that their creative and inventive abilities should be held in high esteem? Bureaucratic control has, because of their stubborn desire, already been abolished or reduced by the Government which acted on their behalf. The bureaucrats have now been degraded as far as possible.
Consequently, the economists have been given an excellent opportunity to put their creative and inventive abilities to practical use for the benefit of the country. However, far from utilizing their creative and inventive abilities at this momentous point of the national economy, they are rather, aggravating inflation by their sabotage of production.
For example, on the part of the financiers, deposits are being rapidly withdrawn in order to purchase actual goods for the purpose of evading the property tax, and they have no intention of taking any positive steps, against this move. Another matter concerning deposits, to make matters worse, is that loans are increasing markedly. This fact proves that they pre loaning speculation funds, which also indicates the impetus which they are providing to inflation from the financial side. If their consciences and good sense make them desirous of saving the national economy from collapse by stabilizing the people's livelihood, they should new display their creative and inventive abilities, and take the necessary measures to prevent the withdrawing of deposits and check speculation loans. At the same time, if they have any positive measures, they should submit them to the Government and ensure their operation. If the Government fails to adopt their measures, they should appeal to the people and make other independent recommendations.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 341 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Nevertheless, we have not as yet been informed of any positive movements on their part to check inflation. They are merely silent end on a "go-slow strike". Is it then advisable to trust finance, which has an important role in checking inflation and rehabilitation of national economy, to such saboteurs?
As for the entrepreneurs, they have formed a so-called federation of four economic bodies, and are studying plans to render servi[illegible]in promoting industrial production. So it has been claimed, but production has not yet increased in the slightest degree. They do not increase production because they profit by holding materials. The Staple commodity Manufacturers! Association has dared to suggest a plan to evade the property tax be the Government, and they said that their desire for production did not materialize because they could not see the prospects of an indemnity. Hence their sabotage!
Did they not praise their creative and inventive abilities to the people during the war? At the present point, when prospects are obscure, isn't it the very time when they should display such creative and inventive abilities and resuscitate production? Is it advisable to leave such saboteurs in charge of national industry?
Now we can understand clearly that the economists' praise of creation and invention as well as their attacks on bureaucratic control were mere expedients to protect their profits, and it was not their real intention to do anything for the sake of the National welfare. The economists’ were really protecting their profits in the name of the people. If they try to protest against this accusation, they should show their burning passion to display their creative and inventive abilities, by practising them.
ITEM 2 Recklessness of the Transportation Department - Yomiuri shimbun - 30 Jan 46. Translator: K. Sato.
Full Translation:
Can the nation remain silent on the announcement of the Government to raise passenger fares to and a half times and freight rates three times the current level? when this becomes effective a sharp rise in the prices of commodities will definitely become evident, and the resulting influence upon the life of the Nation will be inconceivable, Setting aside the employees of the Transportation Department which number 2,500,000, including their families, who will be anything but affected, the remaining 70,000,000 people in the Nation must suffer from this event. The transportation authorities can obtain food, etc. directly in the productive districts and distribute them carriage free, to their respective families. The Nation in general, however, has to pay the increased costs for freight and wages, in other words prices of commodities will rise all the more viewed in this light, the question rises why should 70,000,000 people suffer to benefit 2,500,000?
At this juncture when a democratic policy is gaining power under the principles of freedom and equality, it may be contended that it is definitely opposed to the increase in rates which results in an increase in commodity prices.
At this crisis of our national existence when the ration is facing the greatest living hardships, an increase in fares and freight, which will drive the people into greater difficulties, should be postponed until the life of the people is more stabilized and public opinion will accept its operation. I sincerely urge the authorities to seriously reconsider this problem.
(Letter from KUBOTA, Reisen.)
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 341 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (continued)
The season tickets of students are also severely, affected. Office workers who live out will receive proper attendance allowances, and those who travel by rail once in a while would feel it worth while to travel 100 kilometers for a large number of manda[illegible]in oranges. However, the students are threatened with enormous expenditures. In our case, fares exceed 1,000 yen year, and we cannot continue attendance for financial reasons. I am well aware that such long-distance attendance is abnormal, nevertheless, the world of today is abnormal. The number of students who attend school from a distance of 100 kilometers would probably reach a considerable figure, if investigated. Of course, this rise in fares will not necessarily benefit the students who live nearby.
In view of these circumstances, I ask the authorities of the national railways to retain the current fares as students have about a third of the ordinary season tickets, and at the same time, I appeal to the authorities in the Education Department and schools to initiate movements to support us. I heartily agree with the formation of co-operative associations within schools, but the question of our fares demands an immediate solution. Without stabilization of life, study or participation in politics is difficult. For, in spite of the present situation, it is not desirable for me to become a black market dealer wearing a university cap.
I was really amazed at the publication of the decision on the increase in passenger fares by the state Railway. In the ease of a poor and desperate salaried man or a worker as I am, who attends an office from the country by the first morning train, it would be impossible to continue on the same salary. This is a measure that will aggravate the conditions of the war-sufferers who have already drained their meager savings, and have no homes to return to in city districts, and that who now in spite of insufficient sleep, eagerly attempt to maintain their families on slight incomes.
Under any circumstances, please do not, raise the season ticket fare. There are few, if any, who abuse factory certificates. For, in these days when the examination of distribution chit books and factory certificates is required, people in general do not buy season tickets except the ordinary commuters, such being the case, please do not raise the fares of season tickets, for the benefit of the commatting Workers. This is a question of life and death and last night I could not sleep.
(GUMMA, a Commuter)
ITEM 3 The ITABASHI Affair and Others - Mainichi Shimbun - 30 Jan 46. Translator: I. Kuniko.
Full Translation:
The Communist Party is advocating the management of food by the people and at the same time is assuming a very unpleasant attitude in the ITABASHI affair. It is suggestive of a distribution of the stolen goods by people controlled by the party.
The goods concealed by the military are really the property of the country, and the people in ITABASHI and TAKIHOGAWA Wards should not have disposed of it selfishly. It is all very well for the Communist Party to carry on a movement for the innovation of society, but the management of the people by the party should not be carried out in such a mad and disorderly way.
Why did such an affair occur? It is because the life of the people is becoming more difficult due to the sabotage of the officers. You officers! Cease instantly your sabotage and become public servants working faithfully for the welfare of the nation.
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 341 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
In ITABASHI Ward, the goods concealed by the military were distributed to the people by the people. But what kind of people disposed of it selfishly? They are not, it is clear, the general [illegible]public, but a few persons who have been organized for the powerful movement to resist the Government.
(TANAKA, Tsuneko)
A Counter Action
(Two Letters)
The Government has decided to exercise its authority to remedy the poor distribution of rice. Though it has been slow in taking action, we eagerly desire the Government to arrest the dishonest farmers and the black marketeers.
When I came back to FUKUSHIMA Prefecture, my native place, I found that the agricultural association and the executive union there had acted together in reporting a great decrease of rice. It was a great error for the Government, relying upon such random reports, to have caused the nation to feel uneasy about the rice problem, It is, at present, a wise policy for it to boldly carry on the rice distribution of 3 "go" in order to slacken the uneasiness of the nation.
The Social Democratic and the Communist Parties have opposed the intensification of the food management by the Government. What is their food policy? Is their opposition to the Government based upon such a concrete policy as increase of the rice ration from 1 or 2 "go” to 3 "go"? we went this explained clearly by both Parties I hope they are not opposing it merely to win the farmers over in the general election. And if their object is only to call the present and short-lived Cabinet "incompetent" from first to last, they will be unable to win the confidence of the housewives.
(A housewife)
I Speak to the Communists
The farmers who deliver rice in full have hitherto been more distressed than the farmers who do not. If the dishonest farmers continue to please themselves more than the honest farmers and are let alone to sell a bale of rice at such an illicit price as 2,000 yen, I will withdraw from the agricultural association.
In many villages, the fanners are clamoring to withdraw from the associations. If the confusion spreads, what will become of it? Now is the time to deliver rice. Mild measures will not improve the situation. There is no other means than to make the dishonest farmers suffer great loss. It is very proper for the Government to exercise its strong authority, and in order to stand by the hones farmers and to punish the others, the intensification of rice management will be welcomed.
(ISHII, Masao)
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EIDTORIAL SERIES: 341 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
The Cry of A Farmer
The rice delivery is very poor, as everybody in JAPAN already knows. But if the officers pass a law to punish the farmers, do they think it possible thereby to improve the situation? By ignoring the circumstances under which the farmers do not deliver rice at the official price, and further, without solving any problem definitely, do they think it possible to improve the delivery by [illegible]strong authority? The tenants have already been disappointed is the mutilated farm land reform bill. If we who with our families are working hard, without rest even on windy or rainy days, are punished only for growing rice, what will become of us? It is only too [illegible]ear. We shall cultivate the soil rather than grow rice, or we shall change our occupation. If we do this, we shall not, at least be punished by law and our families will be put at rest. The Government official had better become tenant farmers themselves in order to promote the rice delivery with their so-called "brotherly love".
(UJIYA, Oso)
- 5 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0341, 1946-02-01.
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