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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0273, 1946-01-20.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0854

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 854 Date: 20 Jan 46.


ITEM 1 Insignificant Reorganization of the Cabinet - Provincial Newpaper Hokk ku Mainichi Shimbun (Kanagawa) - 12 Jan 46. Translator: K. Nebunaga.
The majority of the people had expected the SHIDEHARA Cabinet to resign en bloc. Nevertheless, the cabinet decided to carry on by reorganizing its personal instead of resigning.
We are strongly opposed to such worthless reorganization and request the immediate deposition of the Cabinet. This request is not made because of the fact that several ministers of the Cabinet are with-in the scope of the directive issued by SCAP, but because of the fact that it is an obstacle to JAPAN's democratization.
Also, in the recent Diet session, the Cabinet did not make earnest efforts to pass both a labor-union bill and a farm land reform bill. Moreover, it is clear that the Cabinet is too unenthusiastic and incompetent to settle such serious problems as those of the food and coal situations.
If the Cabinet last several months, wage earners will die of starvation. Representatives of both the Liberal and Social Democratic Parties will make up this reorganized cabinet. However, the SHIDEHARA Cabinet is not expected to take positive action for JAPAN's democratization.
Nothing can be expected from a cabinet composed of members of the Social Democratic Party, to say nothing of the Liberal Party. We are disappointed over the attitude and conduct of the Social Democratic Party, which has rejected a Proposal for a popular front by the Communist Party, while planning to compromise with the Liberal Party.
Judging from the Social Democratic Party's attitude and acts since its formation, we can not but criticize it, in that it does nothing but try to develop its political power. In other words, the party is net working for the masses. Therefore, no matter how many members of both the Liberal and Social Democratic Parties enter the Cabinet, the character of the SHIDKHARA Cabinet cannot be expected to change. Consecuently, we cannot but conclude that the reorganization of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet is suite worthless.
ITEM 2 The Trend of Forming a Democratic Joint Front - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Nippo (Niigata ) - 17 Jan 46. Translator: M. Kato.
Full Translation:
The following statement was issued at the outset of the administration of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet by the chief secretary of that Cabinet: "It is the friendship between fellowcountrymen, awakened in time of need, that enables our country to collaborate with the peaceful countries of the world. Therefore, the Government and the public, the

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 273 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
capitalists, the laborers, and the landowners and the tenants should be united for work of reconstruction and should lay aside for a time their strifes".
That is well explained, but what is the actuality? Is it not the fact that those despotic ruling classes of militarists, bureaucrats, and the ZAIBATSU, who led our country into an aggressive war, are still keeping their hold and, what is worse, are neglecting their duties in reconstructing the national life, politically and economically? This has resulted in productive stagnasion, in filling the country with unemployed, and in accelerating inflation. The people's life is now on the verge of destruction, and the country is in a crisis, Will the masses be willing to rise up in accordance, with those words of the chief secretary's statement and not tolerate the Cabinet's attitude of showing no sign of taking steps to relieve the people's agony?
The recent reorganization of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet means nothing more than maintaining feudalistic influences. Therefore, we are unable to expect from this Cabinet any contribution towards democracy; rather, it will be a stumbling block to it. This is the public opinion existing among the Japanese populace. It is noteworthy that, to prevent this evil, there is a tendency for all the democratic influences to unify and term a joint front. The reorganization of the SHIDRHARA Cabinet was due to the fact that we were obliged to be tolerable, and the democratic influences wore too weak to assume power. What competent cabinet can we expect to emerge in case the SHIDEHARA Cabinet withdraws? In this respect, we regret the dearth of talent. Every existing political party, despite demanding with occasional insistence the resignation of the present cabinet; cannot boast of its competency in connection with its policies, especially such vital policies as those concerning food problems, inflation, and coal shortages.
The type of competent persons in the Progressive Party and the Liberal Party is almost similar to that of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet. The Social Democratic Party is no different from those two parties in respect to similar points. As for the Communists Party, it is sticking as ever to its old policy of overthrowing the Emperor system, mechanically and persistent [illegible]. Thus we could not help but be tolerant of the present makeshift Cabinet. It is however, self-evident that the present state of affairs will eventually lead our Country to inevitable ruin. Fortunately, the Communist Party started on an active movement for the establishment of a democratic joint front under the influence of NOZAKA, Sanzo, who recently returned from abroad with a changed policy for the Emperor system. A section of the Social Democratic Party expressed agreement with this attitude. A general tendency is likewise seen toward the achievement of democracy by casting off the attitude of blaming one another.
The aims of the democratic joint front should at least be the following:
Thorough democratization of administration and organization;
Reconstruction of industries;
Stabilization and improvement of the people's life.

To this joint front the people at large as well as all the democratic influences are expected to be introduced.
The SHIDEHARA Cabinet is reported to have decided, if circumstances permit to remain in power even after the general election. This means
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 273 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
that the feudalistic influences are still too vigorous to he rooted out. If the present attitude should he maintained by the SHIDEHARA Cabinet, democratization in the right manner cannot be expected. Every political party which does not exert itself for democracy should devote itself to protecting the people from feudalistic evils by destroying them and not by merely offering the public concrete means for this purpose.
Our regret is not due to SHIDEHARA keeping power but rather due to the low level of political leadership and to the lack of diligence and sectionalism on the part of every political party. It is high time now for the political parties to consider in earnest the formation of a democratic joint front.
ITEM 3 A United Front to Check On Government Officials - Yomiuri Hochi - 19 Jan 46. Translator: T. Unayama.
Full Translation:
In the conference of the Vice-Ministers on 17 January, the loafing spirit of the officials was pointed out and strict enforcement of official discipline was demanded. To achieve this end, mutual agreement or instruction may be ineffectual. At this juncture, drastic measures should be taken toward the most indolent persons.
In contrast with the groups which have been investigated for war responsibility, the bureaucrats are still holding their positions with security. In the Public Service Regulations for government officials, it is expressly prescribed that all officials should pledge their loyalty to the Emperor; but the Emperor has now lost his divinity, and consequently the officials' faith in the divinity of the Emperor has been broken.
Among those who have lost this faith, there may be some who are unable to change their attitudes immediately from "the officials of the Emperor" to "the officials of the people". Officials such as these should retire from office without hesitation.
The political parties are now occupied in preparing for the general election and for the popular front; but the power of the parties must be brought into play in the inquiry on official discipline immediately. The leaders of every party, therefore, should give more thought to this problem. Political parties should form an united front, not only for the general election, but for the inspection of Government officials, and should relieve the measure on the masses.
ITEM 4 I. We fear for the Future of the Social Democratic Party (Tokyo Shimbun) II. Put the People above the Government. (Asahi Shimbun) - Tokyo Shimbun and, Aahi Shimbun - 19 Jan 46. Translator: I. Kuniko.
Full Translation:
The Central Executive Committee of the NIPPON Social Democratic Party has decided that after the general election, the peoples' front will unite under the leadership of the Party. The party is fully aware that the common front is essential to democracy, but according to Mr. NISHIO, "The common struggle and united front are not realized just by objective circumstances, but by subjective conjunction with objective circumstances."
He means by this that objective circumstances have already matured, but subjective ones have not yet matured. Then, what are the sub-
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 273 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
jective circumstances? The first is that the Communist Party is too juvenile and is hated by the people. The second is that the Social. Democratic Party is now rapidly developing its force throughout the country and is doing its utmost to make its principles and policies fully understood by all its party members. It is also investigating a concrete policy with a view to taking charge of the political situation, and is involved in adjusting the party itself. The third is that the Communist Party lacks mutual reliance and agreement."
Since the Social Democratic Party is already stamped with the mark "political party", it is useless to say that it should not lack concrete policy and should not neglect to prepare for taking charge of the political situation. It is proper that the Party be devoted to making preparation to take charge of the political situation now. But iis it proper that in this cause, it has not yet begun the common struggle? The objective circumstances have already matured. We shall not be able to wait until after the general election. Should the starvation policy be ignored for so long?
Mr. NOSAKA has denied the despotism of one party. The Social Democratic Party has said, "Our Party has advocated the common struggle. The word "Our Party" is offensive to the ear. If the Party, thinking much of itself, does not become despotic, after getting into power, we shall feel easier.
We can overlook no longer the sabotage of the officials which began during the war. They had been forced into the war by the military clique. Consequently, annoyed at the acute shortage of goods, they became very busy with such things as refuge from air raids, gathering of goods, air defense and conscription. They were too anxious. After defeat, the military clique, which had spurred them on, disappeared, but they had already lost their power to stand. alone.
The top officials are all war crime suspects and their farmer subordinates are feeling uneasy about the reduction of the staff by eighty per cent. They are also annoyed at the grim realities of life, the acute shortage of goods, and transportation difficulties. If they do not have strong enough wills, they will be unable to work satisfactorily.
After all, the official system, which holds promotion as its ultimate object, had created privileges which are now disappearing. When officials try to form associations and committees for making innovations, they should use great caution, or, it will be difficult for them to get sympathy from the Nation.
Though we don't intend to follow the opinions of Mr. NOSAKA, Sanzo, the officials must, first of all, become public servants, loved and admired by the Nation. They must possess the idea of putting the people before the Government.
ITEM 5 I. Young People. II. Desires of the New Education Minister. III. Sabotage Instructions and the Public - Mainichi Shimbun - 19 Jan 46. Translator: Y. Suzuki.
Full Translation:
Even as a man, I agree with the letter of Miss SUZUKI, Hisai, written about social intercourse between young men and women. There is no other nation in the world whose men know nothing of their women, and whose women are so ignorant of their men. How does the society
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 273 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
look upon their friendship? The answer is that it is always suspicious. In the hunt for delinquent youths, many were restrained from merely walking with a girl. Probably JAPAN is the only country among modern nations whose people consider a boy and a girl walking together as depraved conduct. Young people should go together freely, Nevertheless, marriage should not be the only aim.
Free and wide social intercourse in itself increases sentiment and develops knowledge, Women from now on must be equal to men in intellectual and cultural standards. In order to fulfill this, women must make use of the tine before their marriage. I desire for Young women to release themselves from the old ideas.
(From a student)
The greatest reason causing school teachers to be spiritless at present are their low salaries. Teachers, who have great difficulties in living on their low salaries naturally think first of self-protect ion and become conservative, cowardly people. If they struck as educators they would immediately be discharged and, together with their families, would become paupers. Education Minister! Triple the teachers salaries! Mr. ABE, too, should have been an educator himself.
(From KURAISHI Taketaro)
I sympathize with the KANTO Electric Supply Company's Labor Union, which is requesting improvement in treatment and other measures from the Company. However, I cannot understand why they instructed the use of sabotage as a means of strife. Is it democratic to accomplish ends by causing much trouble and sacrifice to the people?
We are constantly having electricity failures. We do not want any more trouble. The tactics in this struggle may be carried out by the Union collecting the electricity fees and in this we shall cooperate.
(From a man living in a hut)
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0273, 1946-01-20.
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