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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0270, 1946-01-20.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0845

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 845 Date: 20 Jan 46


ITEM 1 (A) What We Expect of ABE Our New Education Minister; (B) A Subsidy System for Increasing the Manure Production - Provincial Newspaper Tokushima Shimbun (Tokushima) - 14 Jan 46, Translator: Y. Suzuki
The reconstruction the SHIDEHARA Cabinet is finally realized. However, we were disappointed, for the Personalities wore exactly of the same type as before. Even in this disappointment, we still have great expectations from our now Education Minister, ABE.
Young people may not know that he played an active part in the literary world when our national literature was in its gold on ago. Although, thereafter, he held his position in retirement as the headmaster of the 1st Higher School, ho had a splendid influence upon our educational world as a humanistic educator.
Our future education demands an historical reformation; that is to say, education must cast office conventional nationalistic ideology and courageously set up democracy. For our leader, we must select a person who has true discernment and new sensibility. We cannot consider Minister ABE young, for he is already 64 years old. Nevertheless, the Japanese Government has selected a person whom it never had before, a really suitable man for the present situation, one who has had long experience in the educational world. To us, the future direction of the educational policy is an unknown problem, perhaps a source of apprehension. However, we expect the now Minister of Education to exhibit his talents in revamping JAPAN's educational system.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry established a subsidy system for the increase of fertilizer production. Although the war is ended, our fertilizer supply was still far from satisfactory. Hitherto, chemical fertilizers were used for their simplicity and good results, without regard for the evil effects on the soil; for example, ammonium sulphate used continuously would [illegible]the soil to acid.
Self-produced fertilizer is indispensable for the safety of our soil. However, the farmers in general object to making fertilizer, themselves, for it takes time and requires considerable exertion and trouble. During the war, production may have been difficult, but now since men are demobilized and returned hone labor has become more plentiful. Increase of fertilizer production at present will not only lessen our hardships but will also contribute greatly toward the farmer's self-sufficiency and increase the fertility of the soil.
When ease becomes a habit, he cannot bear hardship. Unless this is overcome, farm management will never be self-sustaining. There are many measures for increased production of fertilizer. Harvesting every year brings changes in the capacity and the fertilizer of the soil. It is easy to overcome this if only farmers would open their eyes and devise means such as using plants for [illegible]. using stable manure, and using garbage for fertilizer. With Government encouragement, we must [illegible]to increase production.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 270 (Continued)
ITEM 2 Emperor System and Democratic Revolution - Provincial Newspaper Kahoku Shimpo (Sendai) - l6 Jan 45. Translator: K. Hirata
Full Translation:
In discussing the abolition of the Emperor System it is first necessary to rely upon facts which have passed historical judgement and, second, not to distort historical facts purposely to reach definite conclusions. Judging from our defeat, it is quite evident how seriously such distorted conclusions will affect a nation's fate. The present Emperor System is not so old in origin as is generally believed. Strictly speaking, there has been only half a century's history since the promulgation of the Imperial Constitution.
Prior to and since that time, the conception of the Emperor's divinity was never universal in our nation. According to HARRIS's Diary, a high ranking offical of the TOKUGAWA Government, in reply to HARRIS's question concerning the MIKADO, stated, "The MIKADO has neither money nor authority nor anything valuable in the world." Dr. BELZ. a founder of JAPAN's modern medicine, reported in a diary entitled, "A German Doctor's Life in JAPAN at the Dawn of a New Era" how the Japanese people in those days often failed to hois[illegible]national flags on KIGEN-SETSU (Anniversary of the Accession of the Emperor JIMMO), and that policemen went from house to house to urge them to hoist flags. From this, we can see that Japanese emperor worship was not universal in the days before and after the Restoration.
The origin of the Emperor System is not an old one. The so-called JAPAN "Divine Message" cannot be called an historical fact based upon scientific grounds. It is nothing but a fabrication by a decadent court official of the the Seventh Century, According to the real historical facts which have passed scientific examination, the relation between the Japanese Emperor and people is not one between parent and child, but an antagonistic one between victor and [illegible]. Also, the Japanese ancient community was parasitic with a slavish production system as a basis.
Aside from the general historical background of the Emperor System, the present system involving the Emperor, should at least be examined scientifically and in relation to the democratic revolution and reconstruction which JAPAN must carry out under the present condition of human progress and also at the current stage of our political development, no definite individual, but the people themselves should be allowed to enjoy the sovereign power of the state. This is an important and quite evident fact which requires no proof. JAPAN's political organization, which established an unique Emperor System against the trend of world progress and served to keep the people living under slavish standards, owes much to the MEIJI Restoration, which was important in the development of imperialism as well as in the maintenance of privileges for the ruling class.
In these seventy years since capitalism was introduced the masses of the people have been under a condition of unenlightenment thanks to our own good customs and manners, the low wages of a hunger level, the family system, reactionary ideology in all fields of education, thought and phylosophy, with the Imperial Rescript on Education a basis. On the other hand, the Emperor and the military clique, the ZALBATSU, and officials, all his supporters, enriched themselves and enjoyed luxuries at the expense of the masses. They were also warmongers and accordingly responsible for the current misery of the Nation. All these evils are to be attributed to the Emperor System itself.
However, the YAMATO race must strive to grow up to prosperity by all means. It is necessary for us to re-construct a peaceful and cultural country on a new basis of democracy in order to develop this country, contribute to human welfare and join the nations of the world. For this, even those reaction[illegible]who wish to maintain the old regime should co-operate in the construction of a democratic country free from all bias for the prosperity of their own offspring.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 270 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
It is quite evident that we will encounter another disaster in the near future if we continue to maintain the Emperor System in its present form. If the Emperor System is desirable at all, we must first strive to eliminate all the possible evils of the present system. Under a new system, it is necessary that a real relation between parent and child be established, the jobless be given jobs and the homeless provided lodgings. Also, an educational organization which allows a people to enjoy thoroughly human culture should be established and basic personal freedoms of speech, meeting and organization be guaranteed.
In relation to a democratic revolution, we must take a calm but serious view as regards the current problem of the Emperor System. If the problem is examined against popular will for the convenience of policies or from the standpoint of the political interests of the ruling class, the general masses would hardly escape from another disaster in the future. In short; the problem must be carefully studied from a scientific and rational point of view, because the future destiny of the YAMATO race as well as the peace of the whole world depend entirely upon our decision on the Emperor System.
ITEM 3 The Appointment of the Imperial Household Minister - Asahi Shimbun - 8 Jan 46. Translator: I. Hotta
Full Translation:
Both IKKI and YUASA were commoners when they were appointed ministers of the Imperial Household Ministry, and MATSUDAIRA, Tsumego and ISHIWATA remained as commoners. However, the new Imperial Household Minister is Viscount MATSUDAIEA, Yoshitami. Will it not be contrary to the trend of the times if a peer is appointed to the ministry? If such an idea the that peers alone are the bulwarks of the Throne still remains in some persons minds, now that both the Imperial Palace and our private houses are burned to the ground, it is a serious anachronism.
Some may say that they care nothing for the title and court rank. If these are trifles, should we not solve them rationally? It is good that the new minister is the highest authority on ENGLAND in the Imperial Household Ministry, However, being 65, he is so old that we wonder whether he is capable of being at the helm of a court. which now faces a crisis. We can easily imagine how his father Prince MATSUDAIRA, Shungaku knew how to manage the problems of the times, having been influneced by KATSU, Kaishu, YOKOI, Shonan, HASHIMOTO, Keigaku and MITSUOKA, [illegible]. If the new Imperial Household Minister is worthy of his father, it will be good not only for him but for all of us.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0270, 1946-01-20.
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