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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0254, 1946-01-17.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0805

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 805 Date: 17 Jan 46


ITEM 1 The Mission Of A Newly Born Japan by Kagawa, Toyohiko - Magazine: Hope (Monthly) - Jan 46 Issue. Translator: Mrs. Asaka, and T/4 Kawata.
Full Translation:
In spite of the fact that JAPAN was defeated she obtained an international freedom of speech, an occurrence which has several precedents in world history, and, whether we take as an example Buddha's principles or Christianity, there are many things we can learn. The evangelization of Buddha extended ever a period, of 50 years and during this time his home was destroyed. However, his noble doctrines of love and peace extended beyond his country's boundaries and spread through the entire continent of ASIA. JUDEA, the country of Jesus, was also overrun and defeated by the Romans, but CHRIST, with his ideas of love, made the Romans submit to the teachings of God. What of the crusade movements which were started in 1099? These extended over a period of 250 years, and consisted of eight large-scale expeditions, but most of them resulted in failure, leaving EUROPE poverty stricken. The superior culture of the Mohamedan religious group, however, brought about a revival of learning, which materialized into a reform in religion and laid the foundation for modern civilization. In other words, the Renaissance movement was the result of a defeat in war. If JAPAN can realize, as an aftermath of her defeat, a renaissance, a reformation in religion, and progress in natural science, we cannot express how fortunate it would be.
The world is becoming smaller and smaller. The trains, street cars, and automobiles have made the surface of the world small, and the appearance of the B-29's have made it still smaller. It will continue to decrease with such inventions as the rocket planes now being tested. Perhaps an era will soon develope when the 65 countries, which exist in the world today, will lose their independence as countries, and become one nation in the United Nations of the World, patterned after the system of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
If we think about the surrender of 15 August from this standpoint, we can say it is also progress by defeat." Because we did not lose the war to one country but to united countries, JAPAN should overcome her egotism and join the new world organization. In the MEIJI Restoration, Emperor MEIJI ordered the desarmament of 261 different provinces and their union as one nation. Upon the order to surrender their weapons, the individuals threw away both swords, cut off their samirai headdress, and established a new system of keeping law and order. Therefore, one can say that the occupation of the Allied Forces under SCAP is an international police force to preserve the integrity of the Japanese Nation. On 25 April of last year, at the SAN FRACISCO Conference, the establishing of an International Court was decided on as a mechanism for world peace. The POTSDAM Declaration forced this upon JAPAN. However, we can look at this as the first step of the newly-born JAPAN towards democracy. The joining in a world system, after a policy of stubborn egotism, can be considered as a beginning.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 254 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Probably the only thing which the SAN FRANCISCO Conference lacked was economic securiety. The United Nations plan is good as a creation of a world state, However, while these are controversies between the rich and poor countries, there can be no world peace. In order to counteract the problems concerning the increase in population, the development of machinery, and the unequal distribution of natural resources, a co-operative system should be established between the countries of the world. If the system of a cooperative world organization reaches perfection, as the co-operation of mail service between countries, then this world, which is becoming smaller because of aeroplanes, will experience a new life.
Benevolence must be practical. If we refund profits and check the dev 1opment of capitalism, a world-wide organization of sympathy and mutual aid should not be too difficult to form. A glance at the trading system set up by the Scandonavian countries, with SWEDEN as the center, shows that it is developing in the right direction. The countries of NORWAY, DENMARK, and FINI[illegible]are receiving refunds on the profits made by SWEDEN in exporting her light bulbs. If such a trading system were established among the 65 countries of the world, there would be no more wars. This is the reason I emphasize the development of a co-operative trading system is the foundation of a world peace.
However, this world peace is not something which exists outside of our spiritual life. As in the case of a rosary, to tie the beads together, each bead must have a hole; in order to construct a new world peace, each individual must have some feeling for a world organization within themselves. Jesus said that the idea of morals exists in the Being of God and that God exists in the soul of men. This is true! God dwells in the souls of men. The joining of everyone's soul would surely be nothing short of God's country itself.
Without the joining of the souls, there will be no ideal peace. For example even if the people contributed 100,000,000 dollars, but lost peace in their souls, there would be no hope for world peace.
World peace starts from a peaceful soul. Even though we abandon all feelings of enmity, and end all hostilities, if we lose self control, loyalty, and spirit of sacrifice, it would be impossible to bring about a world peace.
Christ said, "In order to be a great man, you must first start by being a servant." As long as there is a dominating power there would probably be wars. If a person, ignoring the dominating power, sits down and thinks the problem over, world peace is at the entrance of his soul. A mother's peace begins with her duties to her children. World peace starts with the duty of each individual towards peace at its infant stage. We must act with the thoughts of a mother rearing her child, and then world peace will develop as does a child. In order to rear world peace, we must not grow weary of the efforts of the "mother".
A beautiful, peaceful world - the Japanese have admired it for so long! The Japanese, during the long war, had one great objective in mind, and that was to welcome new days of peace. The conditions at present are entirely contrary to the people's expectations, but the day of peace has come. The great military clique which poraecuted the people has now been abolished. The Japanese people must arise and make a new start. They must put forth in all their efforts and works and abandon all feelings of enmity, and racial discrimination. They must overcome language difficulties.
We should establish good will and sincerity between neighbors and then transfer this on a larger scale to sympathy between countries. This will be the glorious mission of the newly-born JAPAN.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0254, 1946-01-17.
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