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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0228, 1946-01-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0713

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 713 Date: 11 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Baneful Influence of Militarism - Provincial Newspaper Kobe Shimbun (KOBE) - 4 January 1946. Translator: T. Naruse.
Full Translation:
It is five months since the end of the war. Meanwhile the devilish militarists, who have driven the nation into the present piteous state, abusing their power in every phase, have successively been arrested by the Allied Forces and are about to be judged before the whole world.
The abominable year of 1945 has ended and we greet 1946 in the construction of hopeful new JAPAN. On this occasion, we must deeply examine ourselves and must make many efforts.
The state of society is falling into catastrophic confusion day by day. Especially, the excessive rise in prices is accelerating the progress of inflation and the corruption of social order and morality is promoting the growth of violent crimes. Although such a disgusting phase of life is a natural fate which defeated nations must experience, it may be said that this also is a product of militaristic thought and that this is the true character of bad militaristic education.
It has been thought that unconditional obedience was the basis of the military spirit. But excepting constraint by superiors there is nothing in this idea, and no attention is said to explanation, personal rights, and the freedom of individuals. However no coercive measure can completely remove a desire of freedom from man's mind. We can clearly feel in this extremely aggravated phase of life the barbarous nature of man who has been brought up and warned by savage military training. It may safely be said that this is a reaction of the oppressed person to militaristic thought, and that the phenomenon which shows the end of such a military training is the prevailing phase of life, many demobilized soldiers or civilians attached to the military have mingled in the groups of offenders who have been ravaging various places day and night, utilizing murderous battle tricks in the post-war land. And the fact that former members of the special assault corps, who once became the focal point of the people's worship, have also mingled with them, has made our feeling more gloomy. We have a new fear at the thought of military training now. At the same time, we cannot but feel a bitter anger toward the military caste which have set themselves up as its leaders. Let us look at the American occupation troops. They have enjoyed freedom and personal rights along with their striet military discipline. They are benevolent and know morality. Now we must consider cooly that the wrong thoughts of the Japanese military training have deeply penetrated among not only the soldier but also the people. Unless we completely cost off this horible thought, therefore, we cannot have a social life that enjoys freedom, peace, order and morality.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 228 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
At present it looks as if democracy is sweeping through post-war JAPAN. However, the idea or trend of democracy which now has penetrated every field of politics, economy, education and society has been entirely grown by outside influence. On this occasion when we greet the painful, but hopeful, first year of a reborn JAPAN, we must fix firmly in our minds how horrible militaristic thought is. At the same time, we should consider coolly how we must guide and turn our thoughts towards democracy. The key which rules the rise and fall of our lives, our society and our country i[illegible]in every person's hands now.
ITEM 2 To The Young People - Provincial Newspaper Hyuga Nichinichi Shimbun (MIYAZAKl) - 5 January 1946. Translator: Y. Suzuki.
Throughout history, in all nations, the establishment of a new era is always fulfilled by the efforts of the youth. History does not flow straight forward like a river or a waterfall. It is based upon a combination of a driving power of the past and the determining power of the future. Therefore, youth alone has the power to repel reaction and force time forward. JAPAN was completely defeated. The youth [illegible]ho must shoulder the responsibility for the future is now in a position of being controlled by the Allied Nations. There is no time to waste, the economic situation is on the verge of collapse, and fellow men are continually starving to death; people's hearts are being swayed by atrocities and corruption. We cannot be merely spectators in the field of politics no longer. Our crisis is much too serious, something has to be done, someone has to save us, and we look to the youth. There was once a time when the Japanese people tried to lead JAPAN through the power of the youth. However, it was hacked to the ground by reactionary political powers. The boys did not have the opportunity to grasp the liberal or democratic spirit because feudal, militaristic plutocracy lasted so long. Boys after enlisting had to live a special life in the army and then perhaps afterwards be thrown into battle like ammunition. However, with a suddenness their blind dream of victory was torn to pieces so that they are still dazed end unconcious in some respects. Nevertheless, it is not the time to linger. Youngsters from villages, tows and cities must unite end organize to re-build our new nation. The only thing to save our country from this crisis is a complete democratic reformation.
SCAP is hastening democratic reformation hence, the epoch-making laws were made. It is not the Allied Nations who will carry out these regal t[illegible]one, but our own people. In this sense, the results of the coming general election will be influential. According to the election law reformation youth new has the opportunity to widely express its feelings. An unexpected power will be formed, when the intentions of the boys have been united. The main problem is to express genuine feelings in a straight forward manner. The responsibility for carrying cat the democratic revolution, avoiding the deceiving reactionary political powers lies in each youngster's genuine feelings and courage.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 228 (Continued)
ITEM 3 a) Don't Fear to go too Far; b) A Way to Promote Rice Delivery - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Nippon (NIIGATA) - 7 January 1946. Translator: K. Sato.
The recent directive issued by MacARTHUR's Headquarters leaves no doubt of its desire to wipe out the aggressive JAPAN and to open the road for a democratic JAPAN. Since the end of the war, we repeated urged that persons responsible for the war should answer for their past and voluntarily resign. The bigoted and apathetic politicians showed no signs of assuming responsibility. The people fearing to cause domestic strife, hesitated to denounce their leaders. The directive dealt a fatal blow to this irresolution, conservatism, and timidity.
The extent of the recent directive is vague and ambiguous. However, that very ambiguity gives us a freedom of choice between the minimum and the maximum. If the politicians intend to shuffle through by subterfuge and pretence, second and the third directives will be unavoidable. Whereas, if the old influenced is clearly removed and new leaders are promptly chosen, the activities of the Headquarters will diminish remarkably. What we have to do at present is to fully comprehend the directive. The Nation should be positive enough to banish the leaders according to the roles that thy played during the war, even if they are not included in the scope of the directive. There is no need to fear overextension; but the only way to save the country from ruin is to carry out a drastic reform.
The rate of ric[illegible]supply already delivered by farmers is about 10 percent of the official allotment, a real "sabotage in rice delivery''. Though the crisis is close at hand, the government will not take any drastic measures against these conditions. The farmers understand democracy and liberalism as something which will allow them to hold as much of their crop as possible, and permit them to deal in the black market. The most important cause of in activity is the unfair assignment of quet[illegible]s. While some farmers got along with 50 or 60 percent of the allotment, others were forced to deliver 90 or 100 per cent. This unfair, confused situation in the past prevented rice delivery to greet extent.
The government may well be doing its best. Yet, in the Government has no better measure to cope with the situation. At might not be too much to say that the government is leading the nation to its death. If one farmer can meet his alloted deliver y of rice, there must be a way for the other 99 to do so. The quota could have been stabilized quite a while age if it had been fairly calculated. If the authorities continue to be incompetent, the Nation will no longer trust them. The solution hangs upon the equity of quotes.
ITEM 4 We Demand the Immediate Resignation of the Present Cabinet - Pronvincial Newspaper Shinano Mainichi Shimbun - 8 January 1946. Translator: B. Ishibashi.
Full Translation:
The purge directives were issued suddenly by the Allied Powers. Undoubtedly the seriously affected the political situation. The SHIDEHARA Cabinet faced a fatal crisis in deciding its future moves. Several members of the Cabinet are to be ousted from public office as a result of the directive. The government action is still undecided, and the political situation for two or three days to come is worthy of attention. We cannot but urge the present Cabinet to resign on bloc immediately.
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 228 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
The main reason for this is the stringent situation of JAPAN today. The people expect nothing but immediate dissolution of such a transitory aloof cabinet as we now have to make way for the appearance of a new, constructive Cabinet, which would not fail to be responsible for the execution of its measures. It may be plausible to say that the pres[illegible]t Cabinet, which was charged with holding the general election should survive until that date. However, at this critical moment, if the practical administration of public affairs should, as usual, be dominated by such a transitory cabinet as the present, without any fixed policy, its results would be inevitably disastrous. Then, who will assume the responsibility for action? It must be recognized that we are confronted with a serious situation.
Such being the case, the general election should be held as soon as possible. The Government says that holding the election at an earlier date will hinder the compilation of the budget for the next fiscal year, but this is but a trivial, technical matter. Above all, to establish a political administration which is prompted in action and responsible for the execution of its measures, is a burning necessity. It seemed necessary to allow an interval of time to elapse in order to educate the electorate along democratic lines. The Communists' demand for the prolongation by one month of the date of the general election was perhaps based on such a standpoint. However the situation has changed drastically as a result of the recent Allied directive. The old political forces suffered a serious blow and are attempting to keep up appearances. The interval of time before the election will be utilized by these old forces to "revive and start afresh". Furthermore, the existence of the present Cabinet will contribute to their revival in no small measure.
There is but a month until the general election. However, this one month is an important period sine our currency is being issued at a rate of 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 yen per day. The general system of delivery of rice to the Government is yet to be decided. The Government claims, plausibly, that an immediate change of Cabinet will cause a confusion in practical administration. However, no more serious confusion than the present can be expected in the future. Naturally, the makeup of the next Cabinet is bound to affect conditions. In reality, some sort of a transitory, coalition cabinet is most likely to be formed. Even if positive action cannot be expected from it in practical administration, the general election will be held be sincere political forces. It is clear that this will give impetus to the genius of the purge directives and make way for the emergence of new political forces.
The SHIDEHARA Cabinet, if it should try to survive by reorganization, would not hesitate to demand entry in the Cabinet of the Liberal and the Communist Party, it is said. Moreover, the possibility that the present Cabinet may try to remain in power by taking such an attitude cannot be denied. Of course, it is very doubtful whether both parties will play into the hands of the Cabinet, because they have their own electoral campaigns in the immediate future. At any rate, if the Cabinet should take such an attitude, its existence would become all the more insignificant.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0228, 1946-01-11.
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