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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0223, 1946-01-10.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0698

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 698 Date: 10 Jan 46


IETM 1 The Serious Directive and the mission of Youth - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Nippo (NIIGATA) - 6 Janurary 1946. Translator: K. Sato.
Of the inumerable directives issued by SCAP since the termination of the war, there has been almost none which exercised such a great influence on such an enormous scale as the recent one, which ordered dismissal and dissolution of ultra-nationalistic leaders and bodies from all fields of politics, administration, economics, and industry. Now that all the superior officers aboard the NIPPON-MARAU have been ordered to disembark, the humble crew and passengers called the Japanese Nation are left to start a new v[illegible]age taking the help. In the Cabinet itself, political parties are threatened to the very core. All the officials who have occupied important positions will be swept away by the blow. In our prefecture, including Governor NATAKEDA, many personalities concerned with the wartime administration of nationalistic organizations, are expected to resign. The political parties in the prefecture will have to reestablish themselves from a new stand point to prepare for the imminent gen[illegible]election. It is demanded that the chiefs to retire with resolution but without regret and hand over the baton to their promising successors.
The recent directive dealt a smashing blow especially to the political world. By its issue, the conventional and transitional stages were distinctly cut out from the new born JAPAN. There is no one except the young people to who[illegible]we can look for her future. Only fresh and unst[illegible]ined men and women can save the nation from bewilderment and distress. During and even after the war, they were dis[illegible]ayed and quite at a loss as to what to do. Recently they began to see the features of the new world and to take an[illegible]ctive part. Ho ever, the world was not favorably prepared to welcome their progressive movement. This time, however, the old. i[illegible]flusmc[illegible]s of the [illegible]ast which ignored all the adolescent ide[illegible]s are [illegible]t last going to be eliminated. If the young people do not brace themselves aid assume serious responsibility, it will be impossible for JAPAN to revive. Pay attention to the fact that the Rest[illegible]rstion of the MEIJI Era was accomplished by the youth, excluding the old political veterans. Now is the time for the to stand on their feet and save our mother country from ruins.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 223 (Continued)
ITEM 2 The Issue of the Directive Coresr[illegible]ing Politics - Provincial Newspaper Shipane Mainichi Shimbun (NAGA[illegible]) - 7 January 1946. Translator: T.Naruse
Full Translation:
Despite the fact that the Election Law Revision Bill has passed through the 89th extraordinary session of the Diet, and the Diet has already been dissolved, the date of the general election still has not been proclaimed. This fact illustrates that the Allied Nations are greatly concerned in the coming general election which is the first step in the construction of a democratic JAPAN. However the trend of the various political parties which will take part in the election has not yet progressed with the old members as their nucleus. In these facts, we can see the underlying motive of our governing classes who have intended to maintain their old feudal influence, in any form, through the [illegible]oming election. At this moment, SCAP has issued two directives ordering the dissolution of various ultra-nationalistic organizations and the banishment of all war leaders from the Diet and other public offices. Although the Government h[illegible]s already established a nominal "defeat-i[illegible]v stig[illegible]tion agency" to investigate responsibility for the war, on the other hand, it has intended to maintain as long as possible the existing governing influence[illegible]s. Instead of the Government therefore, SCAP has dealt a crushing blow to the Id ruling classes. Just as the new directives have enumberated in detail, the categories of the so-called undesirable persons who have become their object are very extensive, and the majority of these who are the back-bone of the bureaucrats are to be banished from their positions. It may be said that the inquiry among our political circles i[illegible]to the responsibility for the war, which follows the discharge of the chiefs of prefectural police last year, has been put into operation. Irrespective of the character of the political power, which enters the stags through the general election, its policies must still be executed by professional bureaucrats. However, it is a well know fact that successive governments have had many bitter experiences due to the non-democratic motions of these bureaucrats. From the view-point of practical politics, therefore, the exclusion of such [illegible]tions must still be greatly appraised. In this connection one of the important [illegible]tters in that, as a measure fallowing the new directive, the authorities must b really careful in appoi[illegible]ting new public functionaries who highly estea[illegible]democracy.
The SCAP directive has carefully pointed out that 'if the current appointment ordinance concerning public function[illegible]ries prevents the execution of the directives, seen rules should be revise or abolished'. We also want to dr[illegible]w the attention of the authorities regarding this matter. As regards the Diet, it is fitting that the new order has also been applied to the [illegible]emembers of the Upper Ruse, and that its scope has extended to mere comprehensive categories than were previously expected. To the type of person to be prohibited from standing as candidates has been clearly indicated, and temporizing or dodging is no longer permitted. There is no doubt, therefore, that the new directive has become as a severe blow to existing influences which had brzenly intended to partidi[illegible]te in the coming election presuming upon the political ignorance of the people. However, the candidature prohibition order [illegible]only the exclusion of the foremost militarists and merely sets an example to the voters. Therefore, we rust, of course, remember that those who are not included [illegible]the scope of this order, intend to run as Candidates with very far-fetched theories. The voters should make a distinction [illegible]these persons by their political a[illegible]arsness.
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 223 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
The POTSDAM Declaration has planned the revival of democracy in JAPAN However, according to the positive report by General MAGARTHUR, which has been made after four months occupation of JAPAN, "millions of pesants and women, in general, are politically ignorant, added to this, the real leaders are afraid to speak out; and as for democracy—-the Japanese have not experienced it in any way". The deep-rooted feudal influence in JAPAN" have successively been removed and new the political and social life of the war-leaders, who have thrived n then have been concluded for so long, has been effectively ended. These steps, however, have only broker the old fetters and, we can net advance unless we ourselves step forward.
ITEM 3 I. Remnants of Tekko, II. The Fast to Relieve the Starving People, III. The Supply of Electric Bulbs - Mainichi Shimbun - 8 January 1946. Translator: T. Unayama.
Full Translation:
It by a[illegible]racent SCAP directive, the TOKKO (TN: Political police of JAPN) was abolishes all over the country. In our prefecture, all officials under the chief of the TOKKO section resigned voluntarily to clear their responsibility. However, those who resigned were the officials in charge at that particular time, while those who had for [illegible]erly tyrannized the people through wrong interpretation of the laws for many years, [illegible]been transferred to other sections and have not yet been retired. The latter, who now hold ranks of the section, chiefs or station chiefs, should, we think, assume responsibility rather than the potty officials who were in the sections for only a short time.
There is one police a who resigned from service without hesitation notwithstanding his short term of service in the TOKKO Section of Police Headquarters in our prefecture. It is, therefore, u[illegible]sopable that those who are new on the staff, after long service in the TOKKO Section, do not resign from the service. These officials who have heavy responsibility should vanish first of all.
These men must know this fact only too well, Nevertheless they still remain, in their of ices. The Government should immediately investigate this matter and sweep away the ream[illegible]ts of TOKKO as soon as possible. It should establish a fair a police organization. (Letter from AOYAMA, Yoshic, IBARAKI).
II "Making fruitless argu[illegible]s[illegible]ts and [illegible]asting time uselessly, you are watching people stary[illegible]death. Where is your loyalty to the country for which you should exert all your powers? After tomorrow, every one of you should fast and attend to office affairs and until the co[illegible]fsrence reaches a decision you should not break your fast. If, while eating your fill and leading idle life, you discuss measures for relieving the starving people, how can you realize whet hardships of the people are when you do come to a conclusion.
If you fast yourselves, and consider the problem, the decision can be reached without any discussion. I will fast, too, and attend the conference. Every one of you, be sure to do this!" His voice sounded like thunder. All these present were startle and became conscious of the re[illegible]son. They said that the storehouse should be open without delay.
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 223 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
This is a paragraph from NIWOMIKA, So[illegible]toku's speech and deeds when he scolded the representativss of the DAIMYO (TN: feudal lords) of the ODAKARA Clan at the conference for the relief of starving people in February 1837. I propose that this be shown to Govern vent officials who are still hesitating on taking any measures to alleviate the food problem. (Letter from Kenji.)
III. I suggest that if the electric companies raise their rates by 100 percent, they give electric light bulbs to us. They are still claiming a bulb shortage but I see many bulbs on the black market. I think they are telling us a lie.
Can't these companies take measures to supply bulbs at a low price in exchange for damaged e[illegible]es, as they did before the war? If they say they cannot, they are as selfish as the bureaucrats of the Department of Transportation and of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. (Letter from TAKAHAMA, Sei)
ITEM 4 Carry Out Innovations in Administrative Organization Thoroughly - Tokyo Shimbun -8 January 1946. Translator: Y Ebiike.
Full Translation
After administrative readjustments, the Government intending to inovate administrative organizations, has already abolished the Information Bureau, raised the status of the Communication Board to a Ministry, and is now studying a reform draft for other ministries.
The contents of the reform draft has not yet been revealed, but, according to a rumor, it allows for the establishment of the new Ministries of Water Resources (CHISUISHO) and of Land Resources (KOKUDOSHO) —- both provisional names —- and abolition, of the Welfare Ministry. Owing to the fact that administrative innovations have often proved fatal to the Cabinets' tenure of office in the past, the Government could not carry out innovations of its organization thoroughly; hence, it had to repeat the reformation many tines.
Administrative re-organization should naturally be initiated to meet charges in political and social situations as often as reforms are considered theoretically necessary. In some other circumstances, however, the current organization can well respond to such changes. Henc[illegible], some contend that more importance should be attached to persons rather than to organizations, but in any case, the most decisive element is the political condition as well as the social condition. In case the conservatives domin[illegible]te the situation, the reform of organizations cannot be carried out thoroughly because they lack accurate recognition of the situation, but on the other hand, sectionalism is also the root of mare evils, sire it tends to take advantage of circumstances.
Injured by both conservatism and sectionalism, the innovation, of administrative organiz[illegible]tion in JAPAN has a continued failure. In this fact lies the true reason that reforms have been fatal to the Cabinet. The current political and social situation can never admit such halfway innovations, because administrative re-organizations is absolutely necessary as is in the reshuffling of administrative personnel. Accordingly, if the failures in the past are repeated again under such conditions as the current one, it means a suicide of all officialdom, to say nothing of utter poverty in politics. Though the Government draft for innovations has not yet been rev[illegible]aled, we suspect the old errors will appear.
- 4 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 223 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
Is there sectionalism, opportunism, or conservatism in the draft as in the past? Does it not lack recognition of the current political and social situation? The Government is said to intend to remove public works administrative affairs from the Ministry of Home Affairs and transfer labor matters to the ministry of Home Affairs, due to the abolition of the Welfare Ministry end establishment of a Ministry of Land Resources. If the bureaucrats think they can meet this rapidly changing political and social situation with such mechanical measures as the above-mentioned plan, officialdom is nothing but a reincarnetion of the old State.
Naturally, the bureaucrats must encourage sound development of the will of the people to establish democracy in this country, and in this case the future state of bureaucrats will be entirely dependent on the question of how this will of the people shall be utilized. This question the becomes the key to the fundamental principle of all the present reforms of administrative re-organizations, and any innovation must aim at its solution. This point of view will lead to the object of innovation of administrative organization, however rapidly the political and social situation changes. Therefore, it is an error to adopt a mechanical viewpoint or to regard any innov[illegible]tion towar[illegible]s this purpose (to settle the problem of how to wake the will of the people fluently expressed) as the downfall of officialdom. In short, there is way left for the Government except to carry out the present innovation plan thoroughly to meet this need. If the reform is not acco[illegible]olihsed fully and leaves roots of evil behind, all the present innovations of the administrative or anization mean nothing, and the death of officialdom will result at the hands of the bureaucrats themselves.
ITEM 5 United Front For What? - Mimpo - 9 January 1946. Translator: I. Imai.
Full Translation:
The Communist Party advocates the formation of a united front of all the democratic political powers and the establishment of a coalition Government based upon this union. The Social Democratic Party rejected this and seems to be declining to co-operate with the Liberal and Co-operative Parties.
What is the foremost aim of a united front? It goes without saying that it is designed for action against all reactionary influences, feudalism and militarism, or in other words, promote the democratization of JAPAN.
As far as the Communist Party is concerned, the aim of the united front is quite clear, for it is trying to concentrate all democratic influences, What, then, about the Social Democratic Party? In this party are war criminals and those who are named in purge directives, Against what are they going to start their action?
- 5 -
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