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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0205, 1946-01-06.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0639

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 659 Date: 6 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Imperiel Rescript at the Beginning of tic Year - Asahi Shimbnn - 4 Jan 46. Translator: K. Nagatani
Full Translation:
The New Year's Imperial message will represent whet the Japanese people have expected of His Majesty since 15 August 1945. The Five Articles of the Imperial Oath were quoted in the message. The true character of the Emperor was revealed in coping with the new situation. It is the first time that the human status of the Emperor was brought to light out of the fog of myth and legend. The Belief that the Emperor is a "living god," was denied. All of this was an extraordinary experience for our Nation.
In connection with the issuance of the Five Articles of the Imperial Oath, there existed some very difficult problems. In those days there were serious discussions as to whether the administration should belong to the Emperor or to the people of to both. For example, it was a [illegible]tion as to whether the Emperor should take an oath to the people or vice versa. KIP, Koin had been contemplating this matter. One day, the idea flashed to his mind, of both the Emperor and the people facing In the same direction prostrating themselves before God. This idea, it is believed, was adopted. When pondering over this story, it can be assumed that our statesman, just after the MEIJI Restoration, supported the theory that the Emperor - and the people were united in one and that the administration belongs to both.
In the POTSDAM Declaration we find the expression, "the revival," and not "the creation," of a democratic trend in JAPAN. Further, it provides that the form of administration in the future JAPAN will be determined by the free will of the people. In his Now Years message to our people, General MacARTHUR stressed that the Japanese are today entitled to govern themselves, and he defined the responsibilities and duties each individual.
What is true democracy in JAPAN? What form of administration is suitable for a new JAPAN? These matters should be decided by the free will of our Nation, and not by a few self-willed persons.
Aside from these problems, we are eager for the issuance of Imperial messages.
ITEM 2 Reorganization of the Town Assembly for the Benefit of its Members - Asahi Shimbun - 4 Jan 46. Translator: I. Inoug
Full Translation:
The town assembly, which has be used for several years as war [illegible]pon, and controlled as if it were an agency of the Government, must be fundamentally renovated at the earliest possible date for the benefit of its members. It must aim at mutual amity of members, establishment of cultural spirit, fire protections and organization of a co-operative

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ECONOMIC SERIES 205 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
society, and it must carry out all its member's demand's for their benefit.
It is very evident that during the war not only the metropolitan authorities, but also the ward offices, looked upon the town assembly as an organization of their administration and forced upon it many a job and responsibility which was their own merely by granting some subsidies. While many evils were seen as the result of government control of town assemblies the president of the assembly, its members and even the heeds of neighborhood associations became entangled in red take were haughty and unkind, and some of them, I am sorry to say, handled the distribution of public commodities dishonestly. Town officials must neither be selected by the president and some special officials now by the recommendation of selecting committee.
The constitution of the assembly must be changed to that of a new organization, its past methods and laws must be completely erodicated. (Sent by INAGAKI, Masaki, TOKYO, a Ward-assembler)
ITEM 3 Investigation of History and Geography - Yoniuri Hochi -4 Jan 46. Translator: H. Arai.
Full Translation:
Geography and history are of the utmost importance in the Japanese school cirriculum. Indeed, the job of bringing these subjects up to date will be a hard one. After the JIMMU Emperor (B.C. 600) period nearly a century is completely devoid of all historical references, which makes it still more difficult. The geography, which we were taught at school was unscientific and stereotyped. It did not introduce the real physical or political features of our country to us. Its aim was to bring about an disire for more living space. Although it is seventy or eighty years since JAPAN became civilized, our study of history is still in this bad state.
The greatest obstacle to our close enquiry into the truth was [illegible]ysticism, which is now being removed. It is necessary for us to understand and study car full Japanese history, and the grographical conditions of JAPAN. The Japanese Nation did not know that the name "Greater East" Asia War" was a by-word for the whole world. However, in the new study of history and geography the question is on what authority must our investigation be based.
The political state of affairs in JAPAN is too imperfect to study in conformity with the materilistic concept in of history. To begin with, the mere stating of facts does not form a scientific system.
AFTER all, it will be decided by the form of democracy which JAPAN adopts. However, the political situation in JAPAN will not be settled in the near future. Therefore, we should map out a year's program at once in historical and geographical research. We had better take steps to fill up the gaps before the program is calculated.
ITEM 4 (A) Dissolve the Japan Transportation Company (B) Abolish the Shall-scale Translator: I. Kuniko
(A) Dissolve the JAPAN Transportation Company
I am an employee working at a forwarding agency which was united, in the name of nation policy, with the JAPAN Transportation Company (NIPPON TSUUN KAISHA). I think, the contribution, "True character of the JAPAN Trasportation Company” which
appeared in your paper on 20 December, is representative of the carry all employees of the company who were not once officials of the Railway Department. We know that the transport capacity of all branches or offices governed by useless
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ITEM 4 (Continued)
and incompetent officials has greatly decreased. They have stolen such goods as work uniform, boats, son, rice, and wine, which should be distributed for our welfar. Today they are still as tyrannous as during the war.
The Department of Railways which should take charges of forwarding agencies, is, itself the evil. Acting against the Law for stopping increase in salary, the Department has secretly given them higher special allowances than other Ministries. The Department is using our company as a dumping ground for useless officials. Therefore, we employees are afraid that when a large number of officials are discharged, the railway officials will, in a body, enter our company and, as a consequences, we shall be fired. When our forwarding agencies were united with the company, we were forced to swear that even if we were ordered to transfer we would not protest. Transfer means discharge at those who cannot leave their present domiciles. Our company has such a structure that it is able to dismiss employees more easily than any other company. We cannot believe the government, and eagerly wish that our company quickly be dissolved with the aid of public opinion. (An employee of the JAPAN Transportation Company)
(B) Abolish the Small-scale Transportation Law
The JAPAN Transportation Company was instituted by the stubborn and much abused authority of the railway officials. During the war, the company was very arrogant and unkind to the people. The low-grade employees of the company still dear gard public interest regarding transportation, and too self-centered. This is nothing but the consequence of the railway officials supporting the company by anacting the Small-scale Transportation Law.
Small-scale transportation is the business which handles railway baggage. It bears great relation not only to our daily life but also to the general production and consumption activities of the country. The business is carried on with bicycles, carts, ox-carts, trucks, etc; the contractors are numerous. Even the who use a bicycle must be given a license by the head of the Railway Department. Under such legal restrictions, small-scale transportation businesses are monopolized by the company.
What is the result of the company embodying the totalitarianism of the Railway Department? It is too bureaucratic and ineffective. Such evils result from the fact that the company has shut the door on other men by abusing the Small-scale Transportation Law. Now, JAPAN is going to reconstruct itself. In order to relieve the multitude of unemployed, the government should first liberate business by abolishing the Small-scale Transportation Law end should secondly dissolve the JAPAN Transportation Company. I expect the Railway authorities to give me a responsible answer to my question. (NAKATA, Minorw)
ITEM 5 General MacARTHUR's Headquarters New Directly - Mainichi Shimbun - 5 Jan 46. Translator: K. Hirata
Full Translation:
General of the Army Douglas MacARTHUR ordered the Japanese Government on the fourth to dissolve existing ultra-nationalistic, militaristic and secret organizations including 27 political bodies. At the same time it was ordered by the directive to remove or exclude from all public officials the leading members of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, the Imparial Rule Assistance Political Association, and the Greater JAPAN Political Association. JAPAN is now ready to [illegible]all militalistic elments and make herself democratic not only to fulfill the terms of the Potsdam Declaration but as the result of her own initiative. Herefore, the above directive must be a proved in principle by the masses of the nation.
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EDITORIAL Series 205 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
Most of the groups which have been ordered to dissolve depended entirely upon the militaristic clique, and were financially supported by the latter. They dared to deprive the nation of its good sense by utilizing the despotism of the militaristic clique. They failed to do anything to enhance JAPAN's culture [illegible]r the people's standard of living. Therefore, there is good reason to believe that their dissolution will be met with favor by a majority of the nation.
The militaristic clique is completely dissolved. Therefore, subsidiary groups also were on the very verse of collapse. SCAP's order would have served to disillusion them decisively. The new order is significant from the stand point of weeding out the remnants of JAPAN's imperialism. Further, the removal or exclusion from all public office of those responsible for the war significant in speeding JAPAN's democratization. Those responsible for the war were the makers or supporters of JAPAN's jingoism. Judging from the situation which confronts JAPAN, the above dissolution and removal are accomplished facts. Some of the leaders, not failing to look ahead, had already decided their attitudes. Most of them have been busy preparing themselves for running in the forth-coming election in the disguish of [illegible]. Politically conscienceless, they have been making of efforts to maintain their old interests which impede the development of the JAPAN. Shamelessly these politicians have ignored the severe criticism of the public. They are, however, hardest hit by this blow of SCAP.
Indeed, General MacARTHUR's new order has served as a roller to level the ground for the forthcoming general election. The final goal of which is take democratic JAPAN's politics. Now is quite evident that those element who aim at power under the support of these hold-over influences will be cleared out of JAPAN's political scene. At a time when JAPAN is undergoing a revolutionary charge, it is t be regretted that we should have to wait for the instructions and guidance f the Allies for every reform. Any rate, JAPAN's politics are now ready to start toward complete democracy. In view of this grave fact, our nation should settle its atitude in the forthcoming general election. It is to be fully recognized that only those who volunteer to undertake JAPAN's political reconstruction are to run for election. Political parties should also take measures in the forthcoming election with the fairest attitude and from the must aquitable standpoints.
ITEM 6 Bushido was on the Wane - Asahi Shimbun - 5 Jan 46. Translator: T. Unayama
Full Translation:
Seeing the actual state of defeated JAPAN, we repent bitterly that we did not seize the opportunity for peace earlier. It is, however, a relief that the desires of the so-called "die in honor" people were not accepted and we were released from blind submission before the island had been trampled down.
If the whole army had hid like ants under the around with provisions and amunitions, while people in general were exposed to the powder and smoke of shells without defenses, food or clothes, what would, have became of most of the seventy million people? When we think of this, we must be patient with the shortages of food and clothing, the inconveniences of housing.
Now, making a comparison between the negotiation of General YAMASHITA and General PERCIVAL on the fall of SINGAPORE and the interview of General NOGI and General STESSEL on the fall of PORT ARTHUR we perceive the deterioration of BUSAIDO and are moved to tears in spite of ourselves.
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EDITORIAL SERIES 205 (Continued)
ITEM 6 (Continued)
In MANCHURIA, we hear, some Japanese officers are permitted of wear their swords and shoulder-straps. This may be the reward of General NOGI's generosity and magnanimity to the Russian officers. On reflection, we think it is not the result of the defeat that BUSHID has been on the wane, On the contrary, to our great regret, BUSAIDO having declined, defeat has come to our state.
- 5 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0205, 1946-01-06.
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