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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0198, 1946-01-04.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0614

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 614 Date: 4 Jan 46


ITEM 1 The way to Victory - Mainichi Shimbun - 1 January 1946. Translator: I. Hotta.
Full Translations:
The main topics on Christmas day in AMERICA were the twelve greatest events in the world in 1945. The atomic bomb was of course the greatest among these events, and the POTSDAM Declaration and the defeat of JAPAN were also included. Changes in the world such as the death of ROOSEVELT, MUSSOLINI and HITLER; and the defeats of GERMANY and of JAPAN are certainly tremendous events. Such important news is seldom seen in the newspapers. The Japanese were at the peak of their pride when they celebrated the 2600th anniversary of the nation six years ago. However, they are now in misery and do not know how to celebrate a new year. Such a miserable change has seldom been seen in human history.
However, has not JAPAN been proud of things unworthy of pride? Hasn't she thought glorious! what was never glorious? What did she do during 2600 years? What service has she done for mankind, and what were the characteristcs of the nation? JAPAN discovered herself for the first time in the war. She discovered her past and present, realizing her true form without disguise. This — and not the defeat — i s the greatest shame for JAPAN.
The Japanese would never have been freed from the distorted national thought and narrow outlook on the world which they were taught at elementary school if they had not been defeated. There would have been no way for them except remain slaves to absolutism and oppression of militarists and officials. If we think thusly, the present situation should be a. happy one to the Japanese.
If the Japanese are suffering from famine and utter poverty, it is only a second "defeat". We must abandon such a state of mind as quickly as possible . We regret our past, not only because we ourselves caused a war and suffered the consequences, but also because we have spent some months after the end of the war doing nothing but recognizing what would have enabled us to escape from the present circumstances. The latter should be our greatest regret. It is certain that we seem to have become awakened to democracy. However, there must be found an idol of democracy for the miniture shrine we carry about to replace the former idol of Fascism. We must think about this. We should also free ourselves from the idea that we are defeated, and should recognize that in honest effort and in co-operation the way to "victory" will "be found.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 198 (Continued)
ITEM 2 Plans for Reconstucting a peaceful Japan - Yomiuri - Hochi - 1 January 1946. Translator: Y. Ebiike
Full Translation:
Misguided Japanese leaders forced the people to make war, which spread all over ASIA with great destruction and which now demands our atonement. The war has also brought us economic confusion, food shortages, and vicious , all of which are speeding us toward disaster, Now we find ourselves surrounded by misery, despair, destitution, shortages, collapse and downfall caused by the atonement and confusion mentioned above, If we remain in the present state of idleness, allowing ourselves to be dragged toward the abyss of starvation and destruction, we, the Japanese, can never hope to stand upon our own feet again. It is high time that we, the people, planned our way through difficulties by our own efforts.
Any real problem will always be met courageously with unerring rightfulness, but the wrong traditions of the past have forced upon us a sense of helplessness, mutability and cowardly resignation which we must now get rid of. Starvation, unemployment and uneasy living net only bring poverty, but also speed up the general crisis, and turn the people into sufferers imbued with anarchical and nichilistic ideas. Those shameless bureaucrats and capitalists who do nothing but look on, leaving the people alone in their misery, and try to put the responsibility on others' shoulders, are the root of all evils. We must remember that the task of reconstructing this country rests on no one but ourselves.
There are, however, many people who, under the camouflage of democracy, intend to maintain the old regime and to check the democratic revolution. Democracy seems to be skidding. The term "JAPANIZHD", of "JAPANIZED DEMOCRACY", may be considered only as a result and not as an objective, but those who want to maintain the old regime use this term with a special meaning. Though special conditions must be considered in effecting democracy in JAPAN, we should nonetheless construct a free peaceful and civilized state, profiting by the rich experiences of other democracies. Democracy can be realized only when the people concentrate their entire efforts on this task instead of simply following the POTSDAM Declaration or vaguely expecting some assistance from the Allied Nations.
Let us, however, examine the real situation in JAPAN. First: the mass of the people, who have been turned into tamed domestic animals through long ages of feudalistic oppression, are extremely indifferent to politics, which, according to them, is a concern for upper class people only. They are not fully aware of the tyranny under which they have been living, but still depend upon their rulers. They are just beginning to understand that they have been freed from this state of slavery. They cannot seek help except from themselves, because it is democratic revolution alone that can bring them a bright future.
Second: the people's political ability is not yet fully developed. They seem not to have sufficient spirit to react against incompetent government. But, influenced by the rapid changes in the political situation, various people's organizations have been born, and there is an indication that economic strife is going to change into a political strife. Now there is an urgent necessity for the people to be organized, to stand up themselves, and to hold the reins of administration.
Third: the Japanese do not thoroughly cultivate their individuality, their lives are empty, and they do not seem to know how to live. Freedom is apt to degenerate into dishonesty and selfishness, while vanity, jealousy, self-complacency and ower are apt to rule society, bringing a. general degeneration of Social morality. These are the sad results of the rulers, encouragement of morality for the convenience of the rulers, rather than for the encouragement of individuality, or for the awakening of the people to the progress of the world.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SEREIS: 198 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Our society has few men of ability, and men of lesser ability seem to occupy higher positions in the government. We, the people, must unite our democratic powers, abolish despotism of the Cliques and seek men of ability freely from the various spheres of society.
Fourth, the lack of national ideas and knowledge which is the mainstay of our way of life, and also the dreadful leek of recognition of the "modern age" should be criticized. The spirit of liberty and the spirit of science are the same in their goals, and upon them a new powerful intelligence should be cultivated.
Fifth: JAPAN's economy and industry are below the world's level, while her natural resources are scarce and the means of utilizing them is poor. .The economic potential to feed the population is not sufficient at present. Therefore, it is a prerequisite in the reconstruction of JAPAN that the working people are respected so that they will accomplish a positive self - revolution, transmuting themselves into productive people.
Our immediate duty, however, is to organize a popular front as soon as possible, and thus achieve a democratic political revolution. This does not mean to give a mere form to democracy, but to make it fruitful by the power emanating from the common people. If we conquer all difficulites and confusion, and establish an administration for the people and by the people, then we can surely find a way toward hope and light.
Start anow. Lead a vigorous life as new men. Recognize correctly what a revolution is; face the actual reality positively; then our future will be filled with the light emanating from our newly revised souls.
ITEM 3 Outlock for the New Year - Yomiuri Hochi - 1 January 1946. Translator: K. Sata.
Full Translation.
We are happy to greet a bright and peaceful New Year, with a refreshing sensation never experienced before in life. Not many families this year can serve O -TOSO and O-ZONI (TN soup served at New Years) at their tables. Nevertheless, on the peoples faces the joy of being liberated from the rigorous restraint of SHINTO is more conspicuous than discontent about the food problem. There may be rare occasions where some will hold a formal New Years' ceremony, The need to observe the traditional SHINEWNAWA (TN A Shinto New Years Decoration which requires great care and detail), is gone and our hearts are glad. Ceremonies may be scarce as will as food. The nation, now liberated from all religious convention, is now intent upon the construction of a new life and a new country free, clear beginnings.
Within last rear, most of the preparations for the coming social reforms were completed and this year such concrete problems as the determination of war responsibility and crimes, previlleges of rank, and production will be our main consideration. The way however, must not be paved to nihilism, but to equality. Those who have a tendency toward nihilism and who were driven to scepticism by the dissipation of their dreams ought to be completely defeated by realistic and active social groups.
When we throw away armor, helmets, and swords and when we associate ourselves with real ability and clean souls, then, and then only,
- 3 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 198 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
true compatriot love will spring forth, pushing away all trouble and misfortune. Love does not come into existence from inequality. In the temporary hovels, with little charcoal, how cold the war-suffered must be! We shall warm then, however, with our hearty love and affection. After living through years of suffering and pains, we hope that all will appreciate the blessed hope of greeting the New Year.
ITEM 4 The Old Japan and the New - Asahi Shimbun - 1 January 1946. Translator: K. Sato.
Full Translation:
Never since the very beginnings of our country have we faced such a serious New Year as this one. The reckless diplomacy, boldly but thoughtlessly advocated by Foreign Minister UCHIDA, Kosei just after the Manchurian Affair, was given the finishing touch by Foreign Minister MATSUOKA, Yosuke and then it became literally unexampled in recklessnes and its effect was spread all over the country, leading it into a vast wilderness of ruins.
MARCO POLO, who stayed for more than twenty years in CHINA during a period, extending from the SOOWG Dynasty to the YUAW Dynasty, and who returned, homo to VENICE recognized as the highest authority on CHINA, said that "JAPAN was a country of gold and silver " Can anything be so wretched as the present grim reality of conditions in the island Empire of JAPAN?
The "Golden Palace" mentioned in. "Visit to the East" by MARCO POLO is in reality, the Golden Chapel of CHUSON Temple at HIRAIZUMI , famous for the anecdote associated with KANEUTRI, Kichiji. Its fame must have spread to RUSSIA and CHINA, and resulted in POLO's glowing description. There is no doubt that its influence stimulated the adventurous spirit of Europeans.
The MOSCOW Company in LONDON, sailing through the APTIC: the Portuguese and the Spanish, making a circuit a round the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, were eager to rake their way to JAPAN.
When one realize that the only result was the discovery of routes to INDIA, the South Seas and CHINA, the term "old hibernating JAPAN" might not have been justified.
Every foreigner today, when he sees occupied JAPAN burned to the ground, cannot help being disillusioned . However, JAPAN has made itself for good or evil, the central magnet of the whole world.
At the very beginning of the grave year of SHOWA, an epoch-making Imperial rescript was promulgated, which advocated mutual trust and affection between the Emperor and the people, and destroyed the visionary idea of a living god. Surely, it will be one of the first steps in the construction of a bettor JAPAN.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0198, 1946-01-04.
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