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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0174, 1945-12-28.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0549

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 549 Date: 28 Dec 45


ITEM 1 A Dual Government Now Appears - Asahi Shimbun - 27 Dec 45. Translator: H. Purukawa.
Full Translation:
Democratic revolution in JAPAN cannot take place by outside pressure alone. Japanese initiative is necessary for it. Labor disputes, now frequently occurring, are significant because they may be regarded as the first step toward the democratic revolution under Japanese initiative. In these labor disputes we see a certain fundamental tendency which is deeply concerned with the future political life and social structure and is not limited to the labor movement. This tendency is a preview of the control of production by labor which we have long awaited. In she case of the [illegible]Electric Car and TOKYO [illegible]Railway labor disputes this tendency is distinctly shown. The labor disputes in the MUBABI coal mine resulted in the decision that the managers should take charge of production in co-operation with the laborers. Employees of YOMIURI [illegible]s[illegible]em to have required substantially the right to participate in the management of the newspaper as the result of their dispute. In future disputes participation in the management of production, as well as wage increases will generally been employee demand.
Production is now at a low ebb, capitalists are sabotaging, and the people as well as the nation are suffering from the coal shortage. The revival of the Japanese nation is hopeless without activity in production. Production can no longer be restored under the capitalist regime operating under the profit motive. Many people denounce the sa[illegible]otage of labor. Nevertheless, laborers cannot be earnest in production under the leadership on capitalist who got exorbitant profits at the sacrifice of the people during the war. There is no other way to solve the matter than the control of production by labor.
There are two types of labor control of production. One is joint management by company authorities and laborers on the basis of equal rights. The other is the demonant control of management by labor. At present labor disputes generally aim at the acquisition of the former type, although that of the [illegible]Electric Car Company seems to preview a tendency toward the latter and is worthy of attention.
[illegible]eleasad from the bondage of capital, the [illegible]ISEI employees are feeling success without putting passengers to any trouble. What's more, they now repair broken cars and drive them to relive the passengers from crowding. As a result of the intearation of modern production, however, the labor movement will not develop under the dictatorship of common employees alone. The employees should show their magnanimity by letting all clerks including even those in the higher brackets to join their movement of they are willing to do so. At

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 174 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Any rate, the KEISEI dispute has an important significance, though it was started as a movement for the control of production by labor. So it is desirable that more support be given to it by intellectuals.
The YO[illegible]IURI dispute suggests what the social viewpoint of intellectual laborers in the future should be. Faults peculiar to the intelligentsia, such as colorlessness or ultra-radicalism, have now ceased. Intellectual laborers in cities are expected to produce fine leaders of the social movement.
Since the coming democratic revolution will be carried out by the productive masses, such as laborers, farmers and working intellectuals, it will be revolutionary and democratic, and not a bourgeois democracy in the conventional sense.
Revolutionary democracy in economy practiced by the above-mentioned laborers movement inevitably requires a political structures corresponding to the economic. The Government, though it still holds vast state agencies has become too powerless to save the people from ruin. The people, on the other hand, have distrusted the Government since the war. The Movement by peoples committees etc. now taking place in various quarters, though small-scale, are exercising power in place of the Government, and save the people from the crimes of life. This movement should be consciously developed into that of a popular government. When the two powers, that of the Government which has become paralyzed and powerless, and that of local organization of the people which hold the real power, stand together, we call it a state with a dual government.
This stage of dual government will be realized more definitely in proportion to the difficulties of social conditions. To carry out the democratic reformation in general, it is of course important to reform the parliamentary system and hold the general election. It is a more fundamental problem, however, from the standpoint of revolutionary democracy, to let the masses directly express their will and make the peoples' control powerful enough to solve their problems by themselves. The democratic revolution for the reconstruction of JAPAN can be executed only by assign through such stages as labor control of production in industry, natural development of popular organizations, appearance of a dual government and a convocation of an all-JAPAN meeting of the representatives of these local popular organizations. (Letter from S[illegible]NO SAKU, TOKYO.)
ITEM 2 (A) Starvation Coming Soon to Cities! (B) That Policy Is Provided Against Inflation? - Tokyo Shimbun - [illegible]Dec 45. Translator: S. Ota.
Full Translation:
A cold wind is blowing outside the door. The vicious inflation is growing day by day. Hardly any money is left in the savings accounts. Such is the economic status of most of the city dwellers. They are confronted with starvation.
It was revealed by the Agriculture Ministry that the rice crop for this year is the worst we have for many years. It is certain that a food crisis will come in May or June of next year, even if the farmers are as enthusiastic to deliver rice as they were during
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 174 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
the war. It seems that the Government expected, in vain to realize the import of foreign rice before the crisis comes. The amount of delivered rice was much below expectations. The reserved stocks of rice in large cities are so scanty that they can furnish food only for ten days or a weak for the dwellers. Due to the delay in the distribution of rice, most homes have hardly a grain of rice left in the kitchen. They are confront[illegible]d with a food crisis right now!
We can only feel sorry to see how the agricultural authorities have misjudged, and are still muddling. They make merely paper plans. Their great miscalculation lies in the belief by authorities that the delivery of rice would be accomplished as during the war if only the Government would appeal to the farmers or if only the Government would raise prices or appeal to the farmers' sense of loyalty. The allotted amount for delivery this year is very great. The authorities must make an extraordinary effort in order that the farmers accomplish this huge delivery. Yet no serious efforts have been made.
We want to point out the idlenss of the Government, to say nothing of the agricultural authorities. Every measure must be taken in order to save the Nation from starvation. That is the policy of the Government, if it leaves the Nation to starve? Does it want each person to save himself from starvation. If that is so, the result will be that "the strong feed on the flesh of the weak." Hence, we earnestly seek a workable agricultural policy by the Government.
The policy for checking the vicious inflation is no less urgent than the one for food. The issuance of bank notes has risen above 50 billion yen; moreover, it is increasing day by day. Since the plan for the war profit tax and property tax has been revealed, savings must be used in payment. Accordingly, the circulation rate of bank notes is accelerated day by day, and money is being exchanged for food and all kinds of other materials. What can such trends be termed but vicious inflation
The Finance Minister cries for checking vicious inflation, yet he does not propose any concrete policy. Thus, the more loudly he cries, the more accelerated inflation becomes. The case is similar with the agricultural authorities who hinder the delivery of rice by crying out against scanty deliveries.
Do the financial authorities think that vicious inflation can be checked merely by oral statements? They advocate a plan to retard the purchasing capacity, such as the freezing of the savings and the issue of new yen. But, or the other hand, they allow money to excape through open outlets. Their minds must be very simple if they think that inflation can be checked by suchloose methods. Both the food shortage and vicious inflation threaten the lives of the Nation. Moreover, terrible inflation is destroying national finance. No sternly warn the authorit[illegible]s to assure a more earnest attitude towards checking inflation.
ITEM 3 Abolishment of School Reports - Tokyo Shimbun - 27 Dec 45. Translator: Y. A. [illegible]uzuki.
Full Translation:
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 174 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
Having seen the announcement of entrance examinations for TOKYO high schools, I wish to suppest that school reports be abolished. Elementary students studying in schools which have lost their records during the air raids have to rewrite them so that no difference would be made at the examinations. However, how can we judge them when some have [illegible]ractically noting recorded but others have made a complete record. At the present I am in charge of the 6the grade with 50 children. I took charge of this class from the 20 November after I came back to TOKYO from the students' evacuation camp. I have to write the student's term 2 records, and in a month and a half I shall have to write 40 student's character, conduct, and their family condition records. Now I am wondering if I shall be able to do it with justice and clear conscience. This is the present condition. (From SAKAI, [illegible]atoo.)
ITEM 4 (1) Official's Association; (2) [illegible]oseki's Masterpiece "Cat" and Officials - Mainichi Shimbun - 27 Dec 45. Translator: Y. A. Suzuki.
Full Translation:
There are many strange things happening in troubled JAPAN today. For example, the Social Democrats have come to support reactionary bureaucracy a really astonishing thing in view of [illegible]ast events.
Although there is urgent business piled high at the Government offices, the officials have committed sabotage by letting matters accumulate. We cannot help saying they are in a very awkward position, but they are setting up a sort of feudalistic guild in democratic society and are trying to maintain and protect their own privileges and power.
Among the present officials, of course, some are sincere, but the majority of them sit calmly in their warm upper class houses during the war o[illegible]ressing the people and continuing the war. After the defeat, the only ones who were able get one she of first-class wine at 15 yen were then Central Government officers and officials. They enjoyed the privileges of their position.
It is galling to see officials who were quite conscious of their special privileges but have not relected at all on their inefficiency in their official duties. They have established an association and are extending their evil [illegible]ite in the name of democracy. After they have become true public servants, it is natural to form an association for their benefit, but if the present officials are left along in such an associatic[illegible], it will be even more difficult to cure their privileges and reform their inefficient ways. Unless reforms are instituted, a terrible calamity will result in JAPAN's democratic Government. (From TO[illegible]of UTSUNOMIYA.)
SOS[illegible]KI's "Cat and Officials
In the book called "Cat," which [illegible]wrote, there is a fine paragraph saying, "The bankers begin to think that the people's money belongs to them because they handle it every day. The officials are the people's servants, and they are like proxies, who have certain rights such as making speeches on business, but when they manage the business every day under the shelter of their entrusted power, they too begin to think it is their own power and that the people have no right to interfere with it."
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EDITORIAL SERIES 174 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
There are many officials who were impressed when they read this book as young men, but it most regrettable that they have forgotten this analogy and have formed a most undemocratic Government which gives power to officials and exalts official life above private life. Officials! Read one again the "Cat," SOS[illegible]'s masterpiece, ad recal the impression you had when you were students—and then turn over a new leaf! (From SOKUT[illegible]N[illegible]YOSHU[illegible]SEI (pen name).)
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