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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0167, 1945-12-27.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0531

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 531 Date: 27 Dec 45


ITEM 1 The Diet and the Judgment by the Nation - Provincial Newspaper Kochi Shimbun (Kochi) - 17 Dec 45. Tanslator: K. Satoe.
Premier SHIDDHAR[illegible]stated in the Diet that the authorities must maintain what they believe to be righteous and fair until the last. However, the Government lacks the actual power to enforce this and this is typical of a defected state. We can constuct this statement either to mean that the Government shrinks from its responsibility, or that there are certain limits to the restoration or the regeneration of JAPAN. It is impossible to disregard the fact that JAPAN is no longer an independent country.
The inactivity of the Diet is solely attributable to this very point. The attitude of the members in the Diet was dubious enough, for by a strict pursuit of war responsibility, they would have lost their own positions. Of the present members it is reported many cannot run in the coming election. Parliamentary politics are responsible politics. The shameless assemblymen who assume no responsibility for defeat should never lead the new JAPAN, is a frank opinion of farmers, laborers, the vulgar, etc. Indeed, some parties proposed the resignation of the members, it is true, but we cannot help bouting their sincerity in this state of political affairs. Only the old Mr. OZAKI, Gakudo, the leader of constitutionalism was excepted. He resigned flatly, proposing the resignation of all the members and their rebirement for four years.
The Diet members, once bus in making wartime profits, or in seeking office and rank of influence, now cannot deceive the Nation. The Premier was quite right in declaring that the Nation was innocent because they knew nothing of the causes of the war. It should be recognized, however, that the Diet members are by no means included in the "Nation" in this sense.
The recent Diet where the politicians should have apologized for their crimes to the world and our country ought to have been a test for the construction [illegible]new JAPAN. On the contrary, it lost the hope and trust on the whole world and the whole Nation. In the general election clo[illegible]at hand, the more severe the judgment of the Nation, the hapeier JAPAN's future should be.
ITEM 2 Way to Save the Country - Provincial Newspaper, Kobe Shimbun (Kobe) - 19 Dec 45. Translator: S. Fukuda.
The Japanese peoples knew that, by the [illegible]Declaration, the defeat of JAPAN did not mean the immediate fall of the Country, though the actual ter[illegible]of JAPAN became limited to the four

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 167 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
main Islands. In the future with the complete removal of militarism and the achievements of occupation aims, JAPAN will regain her independent status. Just when this will be realized will be up to the discretion of [illegible]good standard would be the faithful fulfillment of the POSDAM Declaration.
It is regrettable, but we have all recognized that the [illegible]Ministry has no strong a political power. It is an important problem as to whether the party which will for the next Cabinet, after the coming general election, is as strong politically as [illegible]pected. In order to expend politicines and carry out the functions of Government, at least two conditions are needed the people's reliance on the Japanese Government and the awakening of the people with assured hopes. Because we sacked the above qualities during the war, our policies broke down, and we did not the war.
Be that as it may, what about the present. It is quite regrettable to say that we can never put reliance upon the [illegible]Cabinet. Notwithstanding that JAPAN faces the great unhappiness, we can only deplore the fact that the prospects a Cabinet with strong power derived from the people is still remote.
The defeat has completely discouraged the people. [illegible]of there are ma[illegible]ing an effort to rise out of their hardships, but most of them seek only for their own proifit and disre[illegible]ard their victims. This selfish attitude presents a most fearful problem. Conditions, such as unending rise of prices, vicious inflation, the coal famine, food shortages and the great number of unemployed are the first signs of the downfall of our Country. It is a road of therns which we must endure. We have so far only to walk on this road, enduring great shame for the re-establishment of the State. If such a situation continues as it is, the confusion in the social order will never stop.
Finally, the [illegible]llies may think the Japanese people have no political ability. Who would save the State that had faced the utmost of crises? It must be one of the people. All our intellectual men must join hand in hand in overcoming the difficulties of this hard road. If this is not done, it is as clear as day the defeated JAPAN will at once fall into ruin. We believe that these who endeavor to save our country should not uselessly cr[illegible]ticise nor conflict with each other, but should rise up and co-operate to rebuild JAPAN.
ITEM 3 Dissolution of the Diet and Responsibility of the lecters - Toku shima Shinbun (Provincial - newspaper) (Tokushima) - 19 Dec 45. Translator: K. Sato.
The Diet as dissolved. The new election law was promulgated and became effective and the coming election be held about 24 January. The Government intends to execute a free and righteous general election which will relect the will of the whole Nation in order to meet the present situation since the war's end. Therefore, the dissolution was indispensable for ne[illegible].
Although some maintain that the food problem is more important than an election, the solution of the food [illegible]itself is the preaiest political problem. Only through a [illegible]a good Diet and a good government can any problems solved. Without winning the
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 167 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
confidence and the support of the [illegible]llied Forces by these reforms in the State, the problems of industrial reorganization, unemployment, housing, inflation or the return of Japanese from abroad can never be solved. Thus, all depends upon the results of the coming election. It will indeed be the first [illegible]towards the new world the starting point for democratic in JAPAN. In addition, it has a grave significance as an experiment in political education and training for the oppressed masses of the Nation.
Brigadier-General KRAMER, Commander of allied troops in SHIKOKU, issued a statement to the voters and the candidates in SHIKOKU in which he admonished the ambitions and the selfishness of individuals. He stated that he would allow the election of the old party men, and would encourage the establishment of a [illegible]ce-loving government capital of co-operating wit the other world powers. Now, we are quite free to criticize the principles, and policies of the various parties and are fr[illegible]to choose any party or any candidate. On the other hand, we have a duty and responsibility to relieve the miserable defeated Nation. We entertain great ho[illegible]es in be newly invested strata of young people and awakened women, and are paying keen attention to present trends. As for the old voters, we sincerely hope that, with courage and decision, the will make a new start, so that all the people throughout the country will reflect on the coming election the spirit and insight of the Japanese Nation, and even more, realize their great mission to decide JAPAN's future policy.
ITEM 4 Offer Lodging to New Farmers Prom[illegible]tly - Manichi Shimbun - 25 Dec 45. Translator: K. Hirata.
Full Translation:
This country is now suffering from an acute housing shortage. The houses which are currently needed number approximately three million, thirty thousand. Up to the end of November, only twenty thousand temporary houses had been constructed under the plan of the War Damages chabilitation Board. The Head of the Board, [illegible], stated that there was no alternative other than an emergency building program for the solution of the housing problem. On 21 November, the Government decided to offer war suffers such habitations as dormitories in war plants, Military barasks, and other vacan residences which had escaped bo[illegible]. But already more than a month has elapsed without any news regarding execution of the plant.
The problem in his cities is that [illegible]houses are usually jammed with several [illegible]living under the same roof, while most large residences are rather duty. The nation is new suffering from a shortese of food, clothing and housing facilities. Yet the Government is [illegible]is [illegible]with mere explanations about why these problems are difficult to overcome. If this continues, the situation is sure to become even wor[illegible]it was during the war. Before long many of our people will success to [illegible], cold, and disease. It is true that our country was defeated, but why must she perish? The housing problem can be are easily solved then the clothing and food problems.
The city intends to build 150 temporary houses by next spring. For this, five million koku [illegible]of number necessary. But current transportation [illegible] [illegible]paralyzed. In addition, it is very difficult to transport good [illegible]land or [illegible]in winter. The urgency of the housing proclaim on this on the urban districts, however, is open
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 167 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
to question.
Since the end of the war, most cities, large and small, have changed a great deal. Production has stopped dead. [illegible]othing yet known as to hen and on what scale it will resume activity. Most citizens are new mere consumers, separated from production. Every firm or facter is [illegible]ges, from s[illegible]eer force of habit, to its employees who have nothing to do. For instance, although it has no active reduction, TOKYO has at present [illegible]population of three million fifty thousand, and it is showing [illegible]gradual increase. This is not a pleasant respect at all. There is an urgent need for encouraging a systematic redistribution of urban populations in farming districts. The Government, however, s[illegible]s to lack intiative in this respect, although it is somewhat enthusiastic about the rehabilitation of big cities.
It is true that the Government is cont[illegible]anting extensive cultivation or land area of one million five hundred fifteen thousand chobu. This will not solve the present urgent situation. Narrow as it is, JAPAN has an [illegible]land area of six million five hundred thousand chobu. It is necessary to estimates her much of our urban population can be absorbed in farming districts by making available a maximum area of ar[illegible]land. We should facilitate th[illegible]prompt removal of urban dwellers these lands. The trouble is that there who want to become farmers are idling away their time remaining in cities because of this shortage of houses. Another problem in the lack of materials necessary for building stable [illegible]storehouses for fertilizer.
As far as the housing problem is concerned, it would be a better policy to offer lod[illegible]ings to farmers who are now ready to produce food than to city residents who are or will soon be separated from industrial production. In farming districts there are no bottlenecks in transporting [illegible]. In farmers know how to build a house and keep it in repair. The Government, therefore, should include farmers as well as urban dwellers in their plans for temporary housing facilities.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0167, 1945-12-27.
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