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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0162, 1945-12-28.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0518

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 518 Date: 28 Dec 45.


ITEM 1 Make Efforts to Check Voter Absenteeism - Asahi Shimbun - 24 Dec 45. Translator: I. Kuniko.
Full Translation:
As the imperial ordinance fixing an election date has not been issued, the date when the general election will be held is not yet settled. Our Nation should realize the great significance the coming election will have for the present and future of JAPAN. In consequence of the defeat in world war II, JAPAN is under an obligation to fulfill faithfully the stipulations of the POTSDAM Declaration and is also under control of the Allied Powers until the provisions of that Declaration are carried out completely. The POTSDAM Declaration has demanded democratic reconstruction as a basic stipulation for JAPAN'S rebirth, and it is urging the institution of "A Government based upon the free will of the Japanese Nation." In order to decide on the political power essential to such a Government, the coming general election will be the first good opportunity given to our Nation. Whether or not such a political power will be decided by the election alone depends upon its results. Nevertheless, the Nation should strive for the above objections. Everyone is under an obligation to reflect his intentions in the election, and if he forgets this, he will not only be negligent in the reconstruction of JAPAN but also will commit a moral crime against this country.
Democracy may be criticized "Politics by numbers," or "Politics by the Decision of the majority," but if the numbers are lacking, it will be ineffective. However rich or lofty a man's knowledge or character may be, if he stands alone he will not contribute to the actual state. We must clearly understand the fact that when he, as one of a united group, is affiliated with a political party, he will then contribute to the political power. In an election, every one should voluntarily cast a vote to [illegible]his own representative. He should never cast a vote to suit another's request. [illegible]vote cast justly will be a political force for JAPAN, and in the coming election it will be a generative power in JAPAN's reconstruction. Therefore, the Government should give careful consideration to the problem of indifference to voting and take measures to meet the situation.
In the face of such problems as the sudden great increase in the number of candidates and voters, and the permission to female voters, the Government, the political parties, and the Nation seem to be without self-confidence. We should think more seriously of the problems as part of the fulfillment of the POTSDAM Declaration. The enforcement of civil education and voting education should not be neglected. However, no matter which the authorities may lecture on elections during the period of [illegible]that alone will be no avail. We maintain that the [illegible]should be educated by great deal of campaigning and electi[illegible]. Every political party, defining its social standpoint, should appeal to the Nation by debating its actual of standpoint, should to [illegible]Nation by debating its actual a[illegible]lution of such problems as food, the [illegible]shortage, u[illegible], housing, reconstruction

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 162 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
of war-damaged places, support of air-raid sufferers, and [illegible]on. It may be a good idea to face a volley of questions from the [illegible], after speeches at a meeting. In such a way, the people will became familiar with politics. Lefty ideals and theories may be necessary, but they alone will be ineffective.
The Government, as the administrator of electoral business, should take measures let voters [illegible]vte freely and simply rather than to give aid to the candidates. In the problem of indifference to voting, the Government should not only say. "Don't abstain from voting," but also should do its best to make voting easy. For instance, such matters as the increase of polling places, or making the voting procedure more simple, will be improvements. Even if election day is established as a holiday, if at the same time voters are forced to walk many miles in [illegible]vote, or to wait for a long time in a line of voters, or to feel afraid, as though polling places were [illegible]ourts, their will to vote will[illegible]greatly decreased.
We hope that the Nation will recognize the great value of the coming general election, and the Government and every party will do their utmost to raise the Nation's interest in the election.
ITEM 2 A Proposal For the realization of Cultural JAPAN - Mainichi shimbun - 24 Dec 45. Translator; H. Furukawa.
Full Translation:
Since JAPAN has been reduced to the lowest depths in her history by taking the wrong road under military rule, there is only one way left for her to restore his position among the nations of the world. That is to become a peace-laving, civilized country. This course was decided upon when JAPAN accepted the POTSDAM Declaration. Both the Government and the people must concentrate their whole efforts and originality in this purpose. To accomplish this big task, however, a central organ is required and enormous sums should be expended.
In this last mytraordinary Session of the Diet there were questions and replies vary suggestive of this problem. The Government answered the question about the balance of the contributions for national defense made by the people during the war and its future use. That it inten[illegible]to appropriate the balance of the contributions, which amounts to 500,000,000 yen for the Army and 220,000,000 yen for the Navy, for cultural undertakings.
The peoples' contributions for national defense, are basically an expression of the true spirit of the people, who earnestly desired the prosperity and development of their country. The appropriation of the sum of 720,000,000 yen, the fruits of the peoples’ desire, for the establishment of a peaceful[illegible]civilized country, is a most pertinent disposal and can be considered the expression of the peoples' will. When one says, "establishment of a cultural state," various ideas may be contained in this simple phrase. Therefore the money should be used for important purposes in an effective way. In other words, it must be used in such ways as will contribute to the progress of the world, renouncing militarism both concretely and in spirit.
From this point of view, we feel kee<ill the necessity of establishing an investigationg agency in polities, [illegible], industry, labor and society. No policy suitable to actual [illegible]can be established, unless the tru[illegible]character of Japan[illegible] [illegible]and economy are grasped.
- 2 -

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 162 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Such an investigating agency as the above-mentioned should be a civil one independent of outside influences. It should study all social phenomena cooly and objectively, with the aid of science. This agency should offer the results of its study to political and other groups. To our regret, JAPAN lacks at present, such an authoritative agency with broad investigative powers. Its establishment, however, is most necessary for the construction of a democratic JAPAN, in a rational and scientific way. We should grasp the dynamic form of contemporary JAPAN by use of the scientific method and at the same time, we must study scientifically and grasp the JAPAN of ancient times. It is necessary to clarify the substance of Japanese history scientifically by baring the mys[illegible]and uncovering the history of JAPAN.
A Japanese philosophy, the view of the world based on the inherent Japanese circumstances, should be established by rejecting the traditional nationalistic philosophy which is dogmatic, exclusive, and not universal. Not only history or philosophy but drama, music and movies, of which JAPAN can beast on the basis of originality and artistry, must be created. By these means we must establish a first-class cultural state. For this purpose there is a need for a central agency to take charge of the comprehensive and united investigation of JAPAN's culture.
When we look at the scientific and technical the level of Japanese science is regretfully low. The reform of institutions and the improvement of artists, material and spiritual states should be carried out at the same time. For our country, which is so poorly endowed with natural resources, it is necessary to introduce scientific methods into agriculture, which may be expected to become more inactive and poor as the result of the dissolution of the ZAIBATSU. Epochal measures for this sort of study is of urgent necessity.
We stated summarily the important points in the establishment of the cultural state. Moreover, there it left the problem of the invitation of foreigners of culture and the establishment of an international agency for the exchange of culture, for the purpose of the elevation of JAPAN's culture to an international level. Results of the past show, however, that these important tasks cannot produce any results so long as they are entrusted to the Government. Here we hope that the Government will establish a cent[illegible]organ, called something like "Foundation for the Construction of Culturel JAPAN," and set up an advisory body, composed of civilian intellectuals, to render decisions on Government policy, and to ca[illegible]out above plan as soon as possible.
ITEM 3 CHIN[illegible]CRITIC[illegible]OR JAPAN - The [illegible]iuri - [illegible]Dec 45. Translator: K. Gunji.
Full Translation:
An article by Mr. [illegible], president of the TAKUM FO (TN Famous Chinese new[illegible]), which ar[illegible]eared in "Forsig[illegible]Affai[illegible]" raises a very important question for us. In this article, Mr. [illegible], [illegible], expresses his earnest desire for friendly relations between [illegible]and JANPAN.
He demands, as a prerequisite, the ext[illegible]rmination of military elements in JANPAN and the cenversi[illegible]of the mental attitude of the Japanese people. Of these two, the former needs no discussion here, for it is in the course of successful achievement by the occupation army of the Allied [illegible]vers. As to the latter, h[illegible]ever, we desire active dis-
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 162 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
cussions among our own people, for it is entirely concerned with the people themselves. Mr. WU, Lin, says, "The first step in this reformation should be the thorough destruction of existing political and legislative [illegible]zatuibs which center around the Emperor." He says, furthermore, "The Emperor System should be abolished in principle."
If we are justified in taking his opinions to represent the prevailing [illegible]ient in CHINA, we must change our attitude towards the Emperor System in order to attain a friendly relationship with CHINA. Mr. WU, Lin, has been acting as spokesman for CHIANG, KAI SHEK, and is known as pro-Japanese.
On the other hand, Mr. LIN, Yutang, a famous pro-American writer, also says that the theory in which the Emperor is regarded as God must be eliminated. He also discusses the Emperor's responsibility for the war.
In JAPAN, these who favor the abolition of the Emperor System are supposed to be communists. In CHINA, however, both Messr[illegible]. KO Lin, and LIN, Yutang, are noted anti-Com[illegible]unists.
The Communists in CHINA are, of course, against the Emperor system. In other words, the Chinese people agree in their opposition to the Emperor system.
We hear also that a lawyer's association in the Philippines has sent a telegram to President TRUMAN to the effect that the Emperor should be tried as a war criminal. This indicates that they entertain the same feeling as the Chinese towards this [illegible]uestion. It is well that our thoughts and beliefs are independent of their feelings. We must realize, however, that independence of thoughts and beliefs is quite different from narrow-mindedness.
This war was not a war for the emancipation of East Asia, but a war for realizing the ambitions of the militarists, ZAIBATSU, and bureaucrats. It has thrown the Chinese and other nations into an unspeakably miserable plight. We must not disregard their feelings towards our political system, which brought upon them this disaster. Therefore, our conclusion is that the problem of the Emperor system must be considered, not from the domestic, but from the international point of view.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0162, 1945-12-28.
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