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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0158, 1945-12-26.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0507

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 507 Date: 26 Dec 1945


ITEM 1 Whom to Choose - Provicial Newspaper, Hokkoku-Mainichi-Shimbun (Kanazawa 15 Dec. 45 Translator: K. Sato.
When the masses, pressed by hunger and suffering due to the tragedy of disastrous defeat, have lost their hopes for the future, it is potiti[illegible]that gives them the courage and vitality for restoration. Herein lies the mission of the politison.
Neverthless, there has been inactivity in the Diet to such a degree that the Election Law Reform Bill, the Farm land Reform Bill, and the Labor Union Bill would not have passed had it not been for the instructions issued by Supreme Headquarter.
This is due only to the vulgarity of the politicions. The political party in JAPAN is based on the relation of leader and followers, which differs but little from the gamblers' world. Their cliques consist of spheres of influence, being far from united by character or by similar views, and every matter is dominated and carried out by means of financial power. Thus, it is quite reasonable that the intellectual classes have been unwilling to co-operate with them and became indiffer[illegible]toward politics. On the other hand, the politicians, taking advantage [illegible]the situation, kept the intelligentsia in the distance, regarded them with contempt, and themselves degenerated into meanness and vulgarity.
Politics here after should never be entrusted to these party leaders. It is not their private preserve. The masses of the Nation should break down these evil traditions, however difficult the task may be. The youth, the women, the intelligentsia, should all enter politics with the aim of achieving their goal in the coming election.
In these days, so many parties are being organized that it is difficult for the Nation to choose between them. However, it is better that minor parties should spring out in excess than to see the old parties dominat[illegible]Time alone will adjust them, and natural selection will decide their future. Therefore, we will vote in accordance with the character of the candidates. In ISHKAWA-Ken and in KAGAWA-Ken, at least, opportunity to acquire knowledge of the candidates' personality is easily available. We sincerely hope that the educators, the intelligentsia, and the cultu[illegible]groups will take positive steps with a view to sweeping away the feudalistic assemblymen.
ITEM 2 The Fundamental Problem of Unemployment - Provincial Newspaper Kochi Shimbun (Kochi) - 16 Dec. 45 Translator: I. Hotta.
Due to the fact that the number of the unemployed is increasing, a

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 158 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
committee on the unemployment problem has been established in KOCHI-Ken How to devise measures to meet this problem is very serious, and the establishment of the committee must be considered a timely measure.
First of all, however, those who seek employment should change their ideas. The recent employment statistics in KOCHI-Ken tell us that most of the unemployed wanted to get white collar jobs which the employers do not desire. Such a fact is also seen in other cities in Northern KYUSHU. People seek white collar jobe although the employers want to employ many laborers. The present unemployment is not unavoidable nor pressing. It is really ridiculous for us to be confronted by such a phenomenou.
Those who seek white collar jobs belong to the intellectual class. They do not like common labor. These idease, however, should have been swept away during the war. A man who does not like to live by the sweat of his brow can not be allowed to exist in JAPAN today and such a person will not be able to get any job. Let him know that an academic career or a title is not considered much today. The committee should set to work with the firm idea that only he who earnestly seeks a job will be able to get one.
ITEM 3 On Female Suffrage - Provincial Newspaper Chugoku Shimbun (Hiroshima) 17 Dec. 45 Translator: Y. Fbiike.
Women have been given the vote at last. Of course it is unreasonable to keep women from partaking in the conduct of state affairs. Without it they can only remain ignorant concerning political matters forever. Some people oppose women suffrage, saying that they do not yet have enough political ability to take part in the election and therefore they may spoil a sound development of constitutional government. However, it may be also said in the case of mer. who also must be politically re-educated.
Generally speaking, men are ambitious, like to argue, and spend almost all their time ouside of their hoves. On the other hand women are affectionate, hope for peace, and are attached to practical and domestic life. Therefore, it is natural that politics by men only should tend to go away from peace, neglect real life, and recklessly lead to a war in the end as we have just witnessed. We anticipate that women will correct such errors in state affairs by imparting to politics such feminine characteristics as we have mentioned above. We also expect that as the result of women's enfranchisement, the common but basic problems of everyday life will be debated more eagerly than ever, and suitable measures to meet them will be taken up and put into practice at once. Again, we insist that political education is now a pressing need for all the people, especially women when we consider their important roles in politics.
ITEM 4 The General Election and the Stabilization of Livelihood - Provincial Newspaper Niigata Nippo (Niigata) - 19. Dec. 45 Translator: K. Nagatan
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 158 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
The present Diet session discussed many live issues including the food problem, although the stabilization of livelihoods with which the nation is most concerned was not discussed much. Accordingly, to our great regret, we failed to see a resolute decision by the Government to cope with the dire privations and hardships now confronting the general masses. The five year financial plan proposed by Finance Minister SHIBUSAWA is considered by our people no more than a paper plan.
What is the Government actually planning to insure the nations livelihood. The market abounds in goods, food and other necessities, while salaried men and wage laborers can not afford to buy them. The steps the Government has taken since the end of the war have not only been too weak to check soaring prices, but some of them actually accentuated inflation.
First, the Government has not adopted any effective measure to weaken the purchasing power of the people which was swollen tremendously during the war. On the contrary, the Government paid indemnities for the loss of armament works, resulting in the further growth of purchasing power.
Second, the abolition by the Government of price control on daily necessities including perishable goods caused a remarkable rise in price
Third, the Government's measures to promote the production of consumers' goods are not scientific and are full of inconsistencies. Accordingly all production is still left in utter chaos.
Under these circumstances, the livelihood of all salaried men and wage laborers has lost its stabilization and is on the point of collapse. The only relief measure for this critical situation scorns to be raises in salaries and wages. However, the raising of salaries and wages will obviously be followed by a subsequent advance in commodity prices. Thus we come to the conclusion that in order to insure the livelihood of the general masses, a balance must be established between prices and wages.
Permanent measures must be rapidly executed. The abolishment of [illegible]bureaucratic control may well be necessary, but the greater requisite is the stabilization of the currency value and raises in the income of the laboring classes in accordance with the newly stabilized currency value. Along this line concrete measures and principles should be established at once.
The present situation will be aggravated if control is abolished without preparations. In order to stamp out inflation, financial reform and consolidation of public loans are indispensable. The Government is preparing to carry out a property tax on a large scale. However, our situation is becoming increasingly worse. No delay can be permitted.
We expect a news powerful Government supported by the will of the nation to replace the present incompetent Government as soon as possible,
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 158 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
and to effect the stabilization of livelihoods. The Diet was dissolved and the general election will be held in the near future. Now is the time when the people should participate in politics through the general election and link our livelihood with politics to protect our right to live.
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