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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0148, 1945-12-23.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0481

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 481 Date: 23 Dec 45


ITEM 1 (1) A Political Party Or a Faction? (2) Public Markets Should Be Opened - Tokyo Shimbun - 22 Dec 45. Translator: J. Wada.
Full Translation:
According to OZAKI, Yukio, political parties of our country failed to develop along proper lines, and party politics did not fully function, because the political parties became factions bound by the ties of petty interests. He stated further that among present political parties the Progressive is most open to that charge, though any new party in our country is liable to become a faction. In the past, political parties were absorbed in the struggle for power. This fact disappointed the Nation, bringing militaristic and bureaucratic politics to the fore. However, the people, on their part, should share responsibility for the misconducts of political parties.
Let bygones be bygones. Now, when democracy has been restored and the opportunity for party politics has been reopened, both the Nation and political parties should cast off their old wraps. If the political parties which are to dominate future politics remain mere factions, it will be a great misfortune to the Nation. On the contrary, it is a duty imposed on the Nation at large that they should be greatly elevated in a political sense as to disapprove of such factions. Toward that objective, not merely in elections, but also in all other phases of political activity, improvement and progress should be attained and ideals should be more ardently pursued.
In AMERICA, too, there were dark times of what is called boss politics", the real aspects of which were beyond our imagination. However, the American nation, which has much zeal for ideals, has contended against bad politics with gradual but successful results. Even now, they are still striving toward their ideals.
We cannot believe that the underlying factors of our political system are more primitive than those in foreign countries, though we don't think our underlying factors are any better. Endowed with such rather favorable elements, political parties should not again become factions bound by petty interests. On the other hand, the Nation should not allow them to repeat their past errors.
With abolition of controls over fish and vegetables, shipments have increased, but the prices have risen. As a measure to check the high prices, it has been decided to reduce market commissions. However, from the consumers' standpoint, we ask the authorities to open public markets as soon as possible. Some people argue that the present irregularity

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 148 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
among prices cannot be corrected without an all-round price policy, and that the policy cannot be set up without increased production. But, in the case of fish and vegetables, abolition of control has improved the situation, at least in the amount of shipments. Then, apart from theories, we believe that the best way to have the price of fish and vegetables find its proper level is for the municipal authorities to open many public markets as soon as possible. A concrete problem deserves a concrete measure, A concrete measure for the establishment of public markets would be most effective for stabilization of current prices.
ITEM 2 Re-education of the Demobilized - Asahi shimbun - 22 Dec 45. Translator: M Kawanabe.
To The Demobilized Youth
It was not I alone who saw the justice of Mr. SHIGA, N.'s remarks after reading his letter to the editor on the re-education of the former Special Attack Corps. My recent trip throughout the country testified that the demobilized were not so anxious about the present state of defeated JAPAN as the old people. It was the old farmers who were working hard in the fields, while on the contrary the young with hunting or soldiers' caps on their heads were standing chatting together at the crossroads in the village. The old and the women are as busy on their farms in the production of food as during the war. Nevertheless, there seems to be among the demobilized those who think it fitting and lofty for them only to give orders to their subordinates. The labor of the head of a family is not confined to the purpose of securing food for himself or his own family only, but it has the implicit objective of [illegible]causing the young to work by giving them full cognizance of the importance of labor.
This definite opinion of mine is not confined to the range of my sight and hearing. Though I am a sharer with the old parents of the feeling that their fine sons, after long and arduous services at the front, should rest as much as possible, I demand youth's prudence and love of country shouldering the rebuilding of JAPAN, since more than two to three months have passed since their demobilization brought them to their old and peaceful homes.
Doctor of Science, TOKYO
Extend a Warm Hand to the Demobilized
The success of a complete democratization of all JAPAN will be definitely influenced by pure and naive youth. It is regrettable that JAPAN is actually so full of frivolity, shame, egoism and brutality that youth is in danger of falling into the deep dark hell of nihilism or self-abandonment. Though re-education may be necessary for them as Mr. SHIGA, N. pointed out, first we must provide for them "a house of warm hearts."
Even if the members of the Special Attack Corps receive re-education, it will add nothing to the improvement of the present situation, for the
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 148 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
so-called degeneration of the members, resulted from the evil condition of our present society and not from their military education. As a member of the demobilized, I feel the urgent need of the re-education society as a whole as the only key to the solution of this problem.
No Need For Re-education
It is regrettable that there are a few degenerate former members of the Special attack Corps, but it is premature and subjects me to no small annoyance that a proposal for their re-education should be made because of a few examples of degeneracy among the great many former members of the Corps. It is very wrong to consider the education received by these members as special and entirely different from any other. Specific as the fighting-techniques might have been, this was not the case in the mental education.
Drinking and philandering at the front are not the subsidiary causes of degeneration of the members, for they are also factors of throwing civilians into a disgraceful state. I was, as a former member of the Special Attack Corps, moved to tears of gladness at the deep sympathy expressed in his (SHIGA's) proposal, but I am sorry that I must decline "the re-education to restore the demobilized to a right and sound state worthy of youth."
At this time in JAPAN a mental attitude such as would cause youth to meet fate like a philosopher is extremely necessary. The situation now demands youth who will willingly abandon their lives, property and fame for the fatherland. A dearth of able men" is not a question of some ten years in the future as he fears, it exist now and is the very cause which has brought about the defeat of JAPAN. For the youth who used to leave the front in an air-plane determined to die for his father-land, there is no more sublime duty than such death. Even in democratic nations no greatness or sublimity can add anything to the ultimate sacrificial act of the citizen for his fatherland. The specific education of the Special Attach Corps was specific training in the construction of new JAPAN. Such is the eternal law of humanity no matter what changes may take place.
EBARA, Takeo
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0148, 1945-12-23.
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