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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0112, 1945-12-18.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0374

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 374 Date: 18 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Judgment of the Nation to be Manifested in the Coming General Election TOKYO-SHIMBUN 14 Dec Translator: OTA[illegible]S.
Full Translation:
The Election Law Revision Bill has finally passed the House of Representatives after an amendment to the original plan of the Government. An amended plan was proposed by each of the parties, Progressive, Liberal, and Social Democrat, and the plan of the Progressive party, which is the majuority pary in the present Diet, was finally adopted. Most of the Nation was disappointed and angry with the antiquated manner the Diet displayed in the process of deliberation on this bill, the lack of an earnest attitude towards the Land Reform Bill, the Labor Union Bill, and the problem of war responsibility. Nevertheless, it is wrong for the Nation to think that the Diet is of no consequence. On the contrary, it becomes more important than ever for the people to send true representatives of the Nation to the Diet, thus firmly establishing a democratic system. We must fully understand this, and must be cautions to avoid mistakes in the coming general election.
The Nation knows, to some extent, what are the political characteristics of the Progressive, Liberal, and the Social Democrat Parties as shown in the present Diet, and how the members of the Diet who do not belong to any party have behaved. But many other political parties, to say nothing of the Communist Party, will run in the coming general election, and many persons who do not belong to any party will run for Diet .seats. In these cases, whether the people are to [illegible]oto for a certain political party or for a particular candidate is up to them. Yet, in view of the true character of democratic politics, it is very natural to vote for a political party. The chief object of the Election Law Revision Plan submitted to the Diet by the Government lies in this and the amended plan was no different from the original in this regard. Rather, it may be said that the original plan was amended for the convenience of the Progressive Party, which desires to retain the majority after the coming election.
But will their campaign be carried out as expected? At any rate, a democratice election in its true sense cannot be attained merely with the revision of the election law itself, whether it be the original one proposed by the Government or not; this Revised Election Law is merely a passing method to realize a true democratic election. The Nation recognize that not only the election law but also many other laws must be revised in order to establish a true democratic process, The direction which politics will take, as shown by the judgment of the Nation is very important, and the coming general election furnishes us the opportunity to manifest our wills or to show the level of our political consciousness before the world. Thus considered, we should be deeply concerned with the coming election and we are obligated to manifest our will.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 112 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Full Translation:
Heretofore the Nation has not been much concerned over elecions, and has lacked earnestness in voting. If we perpetuate such an attitude in the coning election, it is not too much to say that the fate of our country will be seriously affected. The Nation must be fully aware of this. We must investigate the policies advocated by each political party, closely study the opinions of each candidate, and have the will to decide positively upon what we think best. There are many serious problems left in regard to the future of defeated JAPAN, such as: "What will be the economic situation of JAPAN? "or," Is the Emperor System to be continued?" All of these must be decided by the will of the Nation. We see, then, that the coming election is the touch-stone and key for the future of JAPAN. All must be juged by the Nation; the people must open their eyes widely, never to be deceived again. They must demonstrate to the world their awakening in the comin general election.
ITEM 2 Responsibility for the war ASAHI-SHIMBUN l4 Dec 45. Translator: UNAYAMA T.
In the plenary session of the House of Peers on 1 December, in his reply to an interpellation on war responsibility, Premier SHIDEHARA said that the persons responsible for the war had no malicious intentions and therefore should be treated with a broad mindedness which condem the offense and not the perpetrator. He said many legal difficulties would be encountered if the Japanese were to punish their own war criminals. Does this attitude win the people's support? The Premier said further that this problem must be solved by public opeinion. In short, his statement is in full support of the war criminals. (From a person without a regular occupation, YAMAGUCHI)
The thing which has made me most indignant since the termination of the war is the hypocritical attitude of the upper class when they say, "I am an adocate of peace; I am an apponent of war."
It is really deplorable that, after their old colleagaes have been surrendered as war criminal, suspects and are to be judged by foreigners, the words and deeds of those who were once respected as ministers or generals should betray their old friends.
Gentlemen, it is disgusting to place your responsibility upon others! I pray that you rmay honor the closing days of defeated JAPAN with the spirit of BUSHIDO! (Japanese warrior code.)
(From a priest, NIIGATA)
The newly-organized political parties have been crying loudly of late for investigation into responsibility for the war but they do not inquire into responsibility for the defeat. If as the Communist Party says, all who co-operated in the prosecution of the war were to be deemed responsible the greater part of the pelple would be war criminals. But, can those who did not co-operate with the Nation during the war show the way after the war?
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 112 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
JAPAN was defeated because there were war-profiteers and war-shirkers. Those responsible for defeat should, therefore, be strictly investigated by the people, and the root of moral corruption should be eradicated. (From a person without a regular occupation, YAMANASHI)
Of late some people are discussing the war responsibility of the present representatives of the Lower House. I want to ask them who elected the representatives. If every one of the people voted faithfully for the person really worthy of being their representative, such representatives as destroyed in a day the history of three thousand years could not be elected, All the people, therefore, are responsible for the war.
(From astudent, KANAGAWA)
We are suffers from the war and we are not at all responsible for it. The war was an enterprise carried out by the Military clique, Bureaucrats, impartant statesmen, and ZAIBATSU politicians who desired to raise their ranks. In the end, they made us the defeated Nation, and to make matters worse they now want to put the blame on the people.
Their recriminations in the Diet are useless settling national affairs. it is very dangerous to have such persons in the upper classes.
(From a student, YAMANASHI)
- 3 -
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