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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0094, 1945-12-15.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0331

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 331 Date: 15 Dec 45


ITEM 1 To Provide for the New Start of JAPAN - Provincial Newspaper-Niigata Nippo (NIIGATA) - 8 Dec 45. Translator: S. Ota.
The "strong country" JAPAN is now changed to a miserably defeated JAPAN just four years after her declaration of war on the UNITED STATES and GREAT BRITAIN, Some of the intellectuals could not help feeling frightened and distressed on receipt of the Imperial descript on the declaration of war, but it seems that most of the nation felt excited at the thought that "At last it has come!" They had fallen into the complete illusion that JAPAN had the ability to control the world, and this was just what the militaristic leaders had expected. Most of the nation believed that JAPAN was the strongest nation in the world merely because the other powers did not resist JAPAN after the temporary successes in the Manchurian Incident. This led to their dream that they can reach the object of controlling the world, at least to "emancipate" the oriental races, if they followed these military leaders. Of course the nation is responsible for this to some extent, yet the major cause must be attributed to the militarists and the official or civilian leaders who closely co-operated with the former to deceive the nation so successfully. On the other hand, it was also due to the national feeling that Imperial Orders must be obeyed without question. Now that it is proved after the termination of war that the declaration of war itself was neither intended nor desired by the Emperor, namely, that the Emperor was forced to declare war by his assistant officials around him, the nation's hearts re filled with bitter regret and sorrow. For sometime in the early period of the war, the nation was fascinated by our winning battles, though at the moment of the outbreak of the war they were anxious and uneasy. But hardly a year passed when they began to observe some grave facts in the "turning progression" and the "concentration of battle districts" as stated by Military Headquarters. But, by this time the militarists and officials were fully prepared to make the nation blind and deaf. The statements of Military Headquarters were full of lies, and criticism of the nation was prohibited by several laws. Only opinions beneficial to officials of in admiration of the militarists were allowed. In such circumstances, it is only natural that the facts were scarcely known to the people and that they were all astonished by the Imperial rescript on the termination of the war.
Now all is over. We must accomplish the duties of a defeated country and reconstruct a JAPAN of new culture with our wisdom based upon the recognition of the real aspects of the lost war. Supreme Headquarters bared all the facts gathered by the allied countries before the Japanese nation on the very day which we must always remember. We have already been made fully aware of our defeat, and we must ascertain our illusions of the past by this statement and find our new path through serious self-reflection.

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 94 (Continued)
ITEM 2 Problem of Party Presidents and Platforms - Provincial Newspaper- Chubu Nippon Shimbun (NAGOYA) - 8 Dec 45. Translator: Y. Ebiike.
A choice bit of news on leaders of political parties was released on 6 December. One particular item posing the question of who shall assume leadership of the Progressive Party reflected one of the urgent politicial problems of the day. The chief secretary of the party is now engaged seeking in a firstrate candidate with no connections with either the Diet or old political parties. Another item, which bears on the former, reported that UGAKI, Kazushige, in reply to reporters' queries, stated clearly, "Of course I will accept the presidency if it is the wish of the membership."
Is the presidency of the party to be decided merely on such replies? Can presidents be established in so simple a fashion? Never!
After the coming general election the president of the majority party in the lower house, will be expected to receive an Imperial mandate to form a Cabinet. If so, the president of a political party is required to have his own program. Has old general UGAKI ever revealed to the people how he proposes to extricate them from the difficulties defeated JAPAN is facing?
Of the three major parties, only the Social Democrats have announced its policies. The platforms of the other parties tare mere paper-plans.
I wish to emphasize that any person aspiring to condidacy for public office should belong to a political party. Moreover, the president of a political party must have concrete plans for the alleviation of current conditions. These plans must be supported by that party, since the plan should reflect party convictions.
With individuals of the highest position in every class being arrested and other individuals heretofore labeled traitors returning to respectability, confusion in ideas of right and wrong is unavoidable. Though this may be a social phenomenon peculiar to transitional periods, we should bring about a reconfirmation of our faith, justiable before God and man, because it is consistent with a free society.
Society has digenerated as a result of material shortages, especially of food. In the KANSAI District, daughters and wives of even the good families have exchanges chastity for sweet potatoes. Spiritual collapse that accompanies transitional periods is persisting too long in JAPAN. True, JAPAN has been reduced to the status of a fourth-rate nation, but that is no reason for appearing before the world as a beggar race. Though our wealth is exhausted, our territories and natural resources gone, we need not lose our souls.
Absorbed in current legislation, the Diet has ignored problems of morality, though the House of Peers happens to have discussed it. There can be no reason why this question should be neglected.
ITEM 3 The Progressive Party Should Be Introspective - Yomiuri Hochi - 10 Dec 45. Translator: M. Kato.
Full Translation:
The expression, "the evil-doer's audacity" is particularly applicable
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 94 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
to the Progressive Party in the Diet wherein they command an indisputable majority. The current trend toward a democratic reformation is not a product of our energies, but rather the result of Allied Headquarters directives.
Millions of our compatriots have shed blood in a war that ended catastrophically. Thus gained, an unprecedented opportunity for the final attainment of democracy in JAPAN has been presented this session of the Diet. But the Diet, strangely, is constituted of members who gained their seats as moninees of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, supported by TOJO, in co-operation with KONOE.
Rather than take drastic measures when the constitution was suspended, the general public exhibited great restraint, and tolerated the attitude of the government. The people then petitioned the government to introduce they bills, including the Election Law Revision Bill, along with other vital suggestions for the Diet's deliberations, On this issue, the people endeavored to make a fresh start toward democracy in JAPAN.
But what results were expected by the people who with great generosity bore the yolk, implicitly trusting in the conscience of the Diet members? We consider the behaviour of the Progressive Party Diet members extremely provoking.
At the beginning of the session, the Progressive Party passed a bill of their own sponsorship, deliberately fabricated to escape the consciences of their own war guilt by "self-abjuration". At the same item, they high-handedly rejected the bill jointly introduced by the Liberals and Social Democrats.
Arrests of some Progressive Party leaders by the Allied Forces have frustrated some of their deceptive intrigues to secure a president. Their shameless machinations in choosing their leader is more than we can bear, and their distress at the lack of a head is easy to understand.
Some of the party leaders reportedly favored a scheme to turn the presidency over to KONOE, but this burst like a bubble when KONOE was apprehended. They were further disgraced when Finance Minister SHIBUZAWA declined the presidency. SHIBUZAWA is an heir of the SHIBUZAWA family which, though not as great as the MITSUI's or IWASAKI's is one of the large financial combines. As such, he was partly responsible for the war, and did right in refusing the Progressive Party presidency. As Finance Minister, he is understood to be in atonement for his past misconduct. To place SHIBUZAWA at the hear of the Progressive Party was merely to gain access to his considerable fortune.
A third candidate for the presidency of the Progressive Party is former General UGAKI, noted in military circles for his opposition to TOJO and TERAUCKI, UGAKI numbered among his friends, SUGIYAMA who committed suicide and KOISO who has been apprehended, by the Allied Forces. These followers received the patronage of UGAKI who, though having nothing to do with the CHINA Incident and subsequent World War, can not deny his moral responsibility as the foremost lead of the militarists.
A certain influential advisor to the throne and Premier not more than
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 94 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
10 years ago, admitted that although his own opposition to the TOJO Cabinet's aggressive policies in indisputable, he must still assume responsibility, since he was in an influential position and was well aware of the infamy of the war plans. Further, being in that position, he should have opposed the scheme at any cost. But his responsibility is not as great as that of those who blindly obeyed.
Contrast his attitude with that of the Progressive Party, and especially of UGAKI.
In a Diet whose duty is to advance the progress toward democracy, an attitude that is not self-analytic can not be tolerated, more so when this attitude persists in the majority party. The people must arise and eliminate the evil elements in the Diet in order to construct a peaceful JAPAN.
We are confident this will occur. We advise the Progressive Party to be more introspective.
- 4 -
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