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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0093, 1945-12-15.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0326

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 326 Date: 15 Dec. 1945


ITEM 1 Reflections on Defeat - Mainichi - 10 Dec. 45 Translator: K. Mobunaga.
Full Translation:
If we know that things, however small they may be, will be restored to their original condition we should remain composed even though we were defeated in the war. However, it is not easy to find even one little thing that has returned to normal. About this time last year we could not sleep easily, because we were frequently annoyed by air raid sirens. Since we do not have suck troubles this year we ought to be more composed, but it is not that simple.
Last year we had some chorcoal and believed in victory, but this year we have no fuel and are defeated. Last year the number of sufferers was very small and as our people was not aware of the truth of the war situation, they were in high spirits. And, now, although the war has ended and the trains once again are beginning to run according to schedule the station clocks have stopped running. I would seem they could be easily repaired but nothing is done.
In the meantime the amount of coal has so decreased that the number of trains has had to be reduced. Everything is not running very smoothly and since there are many things that can not be restored to normal, we can not be calm. However ever it is of no avail to be angry. It is necessary for us to train ourselves not to be nervous, and to understand the situation of others. After all, we have only to keep in mind the fact that JAPAN was defected. Even if JAPAN had won w[illegible]might still have such worries. All the learned men in JAPAN said that even if JAPAN had won it would have been her ruin.
As we can now pereceive the truth of the war situation because of our defeat, we can also realize that if we had won, we would have been even more miserable. Thus both victory and defeat, meant only our ruin. Is this not one of the characteristics of war?
ITEM 2 Lagging Discussion in the Diet - Asahi - 11 Dec. 45 Translator: M. Kawanabe.
Full Translation:
Two thirds of the 89 Session of the Diet has passed away, but discussions on the three big bills are begging so for behind that the Election Reform Bill is just coming to its end. The Farm Land Reform Bill is still now being deliberated on by the committee, while the Labor Union a Bill was finally introduced to the Diet on 10 December for only five days' deliberation.
The Diet must fully recognize the urgent situation which requires speedy progress of the deliberation. The representatives have wasted away

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ITEM 2 (Continued)
precious time by indulging in party strife. Furthermore, in the Election Law Committee, there were repetitions of interpellations, similar to petitions, and the Land Reform Committee handled the belated Bill with its usual speed is in past Diets.
The fact that, despite the short time left, the Labor Union Bill was not submitted to the Diet shows that the men inside the white building are entirely indifferent to affairs outside. Most of the causes of the late introduction of those bills may be attributed to the lack of diligence by the Government. If we recollect that a newly born Japanese democracy is dependent on these Bills, we must thoroughly remove any obstocle to their smooth passage.
The manner of progress and the result of the discussions for revising the Election Bill betrays shre[illegible]dness on the port of representatives. The bill was discussed from the standpoint of their own return to office or on the advantages to their party. No consideration was shown concerning the people who are the voters. They are busily attempting, to control the management of the election. The question of restricted plural ballots was discussed in the interests of their party or themselves. No devoces such as the increase of voting places, the simplification of methods of voting etc were adopted. It is clear that such a Diet could not desire the passage of the Farm Land Reform Bill or the Later Union Bill.
Such idleness will never be allowed, because the Supreme Commander for the Allied Forces today issued orders for the emancipation of Japanese farmers. The importance of speed is far more important in this period of emergency. Increase of efficiency must be fully realized. Bills which are at present laid before the committees of the Diet must naturally be submitted to the House of Peers. We advise the members of the House for their own sake, that they should not waste any time in discussing them.
In demanding the passage of these three Bills we must advice the representatives not to try to postpone the dissolution of the Diet under the pretext of the deliberation. The earliest possible general election must take place to reflect thoroughly the voice and sentiments of the people on these issues. This is the urgent business of the Government and the Diet today.
ITEM 3 Diet Column - Asahi Shimbun - 11 Dec.45.Translator: I .Kuniko.
Full Translation:
On the afternoon of 10 December only four days left before the end of the Session, the Labor Union Bill to which the greatest importance has been attached by the laboring classes, was introduced into the House of Representatives.
Premier SHIDEHATA explained that the Bill is so important that the Government has barely managed to present it after cautious investigation, and the delay is not due to the idleness of the Government. This excites our suspicion. The tempo for the establishment of democracy has a great relation to the Nation's life. At his excuse, we want to cry aloud, "Why are you so tardy?" In every country of the world, a labor law has been passed, and it is nothing now. Then, what is
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ITEM 3 (Continued)
The government so timid about?
Mr. HANEDA Saburo, believes that, since the employees are now crying, "Bread is better than the song of birds" and " First of all, increase our wages," there is no other way for the reconstruction of JAPAN than to have capitalists and workers unite literall as one group. The problem is what concrete measures should be taken to unite them, but it is true that there is no other nay for JAPAN than to put employees on a level with capitalists in order to speed up the economic rehabilitation. There, we can find epoch-making significance in the Labor Union Law.
It was a fact in the past that wages were decreased due to the infinite supply of workers from farm-villages, and it is now a fact that wages have not been increased even twice in proportion to a tenfold increase in living expenses by inflation. If we overlook such facts, industrial reconstruction is an idle word in this case. This is not a problem to be solved easily by the sympathy of the Government or capitalists, been collective bargaining is established by the institution of a labor union in order to equilize wages with labor worth, Japanese capitalism, being justified, can be active.
Supreme Headquarters ordered the government to present concrete plans for the adjustment farm land not later than 15 March of next year. Should'nt the Government and the representatives do there best to make the function of the Diet more efficient? For instance, in the problem of the adjustment of arable land, they have only repeated the same questions and answers. As it is an agrarian problem, they have proceeded slowly, but even so, they have no words of apology for the farmers. Under these circumstances, the session may be prolonged, but we wish both the Government and representatives to ponder over what a great significance this day has.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0093, 1945-12-15.
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