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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0091, 1945-12-14.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0322

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 322 Date: 14 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Peace of the World and our Situation - Provincial Newspaper-Chubu Nippon Shimbun (MAGOYA) - 9 Dec 45. Translator: I. Hotta.
The arrest of war criminals by Allied Supreme Headquarters is making progress; included are those who are in the most important positions both in political and the intellectual worlds. We cannot say that all of those arrested were supporting the war. For example, Prince KONOE is believed to have been desirous for world peace and co-operation with AMERICA, even though the CHINA Incident broke out under the KONOE cabinet. It proves how a man is influenced by the power of his surroundings. JAPAN is now completely released from the power of the military clan or plutarchy and we Japanese have recognized how miserable are the results of war. Accordingly, any possible chance for a war will never exist among the Japanese.
However, the fact that GERMANY caused the second World war in spite of their miserable experiences after the first world War, and that the SOVIET UNION has developed to the present state which is altogether contrary to her basic thought, tell us that national thought is led in unexpected directions by the transitions and developments. Therefore, we must never take a wrong step which might jeopardize world peace.
The League of Nations, which was established after the first World War, excluded GERMANY and SOVIET UNION because of the contention that these two nations could not co-operate with AMERICA, now AMERICA and the SOVIET UNION are the Center of the present movement for world peace. This is the difference between the present movement and that which occured after the first War. World peace, however, depends upon keeping public feelings at ease throughout the world, and, does not depend upon the construction of a peace movement. It is clear that the causes which led GERMANY and SOVIET UNION to unexpected directions are based on the economic policy of the Allied Powers, isolation and oppressive policies by these nations. This is a matter which requires the strict attention of those nations which have gained victory.
ITEM 2 For the Sake of the Consumers' Association Movement - Mainichi Shimbun - 10 Dec 45. Translator: K. Hirate.
Full Translation:
Because of the current situation, we have, now come to acutely feel the need for organizing consumers' associations throughout the land. Although the free marketing of fresh vegetables and fish has already been revived, it is lamentably nothing more than a hybrid of black marketing and previous rationing system. That is to say, transactions are being carried on with no system; buyers and sellers often disagree. Still worse, it is always the buyers who sustain the losses. What is

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 91 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
annoying buyers most today, is that prices are as high as ever. A boycott with no system could be ineffective for a decline in prices, because they will not easily drop so long as there exists even a small demand.
Today's sellers are those interim dealers who carry goods on their own backs to whatever place they think suitable for opening stalls. Therefore, it follows that they are apt to prefer to sell at high prices to a few buyers. It is needless to say that farmers or fishermen, as producers, favor high sales prices. In addition, they seem to think it a matter of course to sell at high prices, since, on the other hand, they themselves must buy at high prices these days. However, they will not necessarily stick to high sales prices. They will come to sell at moderate prices or the result of negotiations. This is especially so if a purchasing department attached to an industrial guild, widely prevailing in the farming and fishing communities, functions well as a consumers' association end enables its members to purchase economically. This will not fail to affect sales prices.
It is a fact that voices were heard in our nation, soon after JAPAN's defeat, urging the revival of small trades for the absorbtion of unemployed. However, it is to be recalled that in our country the small traders were already in a critical state due to the pressure of industrial guilds before the war. No doubt for post war JAPAN", there is need of a fixed allotment of our population to be absorbed in every domain of our economy, but there is no need nor can it be hoped that small traders who are not producers will revive to a prewar[illegible]state of excess[illegible]At any rate, it is unreasonable as well as impossible to try to suppress the consumers' association movement for the sake of the revival of small traders.
So far as our financial field is concerned, the possibility of mapping, out the policies, regarding the stabilization of monetary value, appears [illegible]omehow to have come in sight, but it still remains doubtful whether or not it will prove sucessful. The final goal, which aims at the stabilization of prices, seems to be difficult to attain in the present state of affairs. The establishment of consumers' associations will greatly aid in stabilizing prices and stimulating production at the same time. It goes without saying that the direct aim of a consumer's association lies in the protestion of consumers' living. However, the association will be sure to help immensely the reconstruction of vanquished JAPAN. It is still a hanging question as to whether or not the neighboring unit end town association system should be abolished. If they are to be permitted to continue to exist, it is desirable that they be made available for formation of units of consumers' associations.
We cannot but hope that the forerunners of the movement will exert more effort, and the present leaders of town associations as well as the present members of neighboring units will devote themselves to the development of this movement.
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 91 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Problems Confronting the Diet - Asahi Shimbun - 11 Dec 45. Translator: Y. Suzuki.
The Diet has not been discussing realistic problems for the people's benefit. We want it to solve the food and fuel problems so that our living standards can be stabilized. We have no other interest at the moment. We are concerned with the present rather than the future. We prefer the Diet to make clear, as soon as possible, the fundamental problems and then discuss such pending questions as war responsibility and assistance to the Throne The new JAPAN cannot be formed without being able to solve the present questions.
From SEKITANI, Nariyuki, a factory worker in SHIZUOKA.
We hope that members of the Diet will be the first to be arrested as war criminals. At the present, they have quite disregarded the people's present difficulties and are too busy thinking about their positions and how to keep them. If this goes on, no matter how many times the Diet is dissolved, it will be impossible to build a new JAPAN. Only those who have experienced the present hardships should be elected as members, and all present members should be distrusted in the eyes of the people.
(From MORISHITA, Mujuki, a mine operator in GUNMA).
This was the first time in my life that I have visited the House of Representatives in session. I was very much disappointed to see the discussions on war responsibility, which were held on 1 December and were no more than frivolous high school debates or class meetings. Though the speeches were splendid externally, they were merely designed to exempt the speakers from war responsibility. The Liberal and Social-Democratic Parties cannot look haughty, when one thinks of the numerous lives lost in this war. The conscience of a Government official, who should shoulder responsibility, ought to be much stronger than any other citizen. When every moment is as precious as it is now, I hope they will stop at once these nonsensical debates and be replaced by true leaders of the people.
(From HIRAIWA, Shotaku, a student in TOKYO).
Note: There were 30 letters concerning the Diet and 12 on, "The Diet should have responsibility for resolutions concerning war responsibility." Five condemned IWATA, President of Legislative Bureau, in his answer-concerning "The liberal discussion on the Emperor system." One approved it, There was one disapproving the manners of Mr. YONAI, Navy Minister, on the first day of the Diet. Five upheld him, We are able to determine from the scarcity of letters concerning the present session that the people on the whole are rather cynical in their feeling towards the Diet.
ITEM 4 The Present State of Society Asahi Shimbun - 11 Dec 45. Translator: H. Arai.
Full Translation:
The proverb says, "when all people are well off, every prison is empty." However, from the point of view of the maintenance of public peace and social morals, it must not b carelessly overlooked that such crimes as burglary, murder end looting have successively increased in the last month of this year when people are suffering from
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 91 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
defeat, cold weather and hunger.
They say that a man of good antecedents, who had been a CHOKUNIN official (TN appointed by the Emperor's order) in a certain department, stole other people's things and rice balls at a station. What do the administrators think, hearing this? In places, the same special "black" restaurants as those during the war, have remained, and dilettantes satisfy their appetites at these places. Also, food accumulated in the black markets is sold in the streets.
This unwholesome phenomenon is not the result of a sufficient supply of goods to the people, but proof of the converse. This phenomenon has developed from the absolute shortage of food; consequently, the inadequate rations and the fact that the weak have become victims of the strong. To understand the whole food situation in JAPAN, the administrators must realize that that which lies at the bottom of this unexampled phenomenon is nothing out the miserable lives of many people who lack a bowl of rice and a dish of soup. Therefore, the authorities who are in a position to explain the present conditions of JAPAN to the Allies, should take special care in this regard.
- 4 -
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