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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0080, 1945-12-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0283

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 283 Date: 11 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Science and the Spirit - Niigata Nippon - 4 Dec 45. Translator: Y. Ebiike.
It is said that one of the causes of JAPAN'S defeat is the inferiority of its science. This might give the wrong impression that JAPAN is superior in the spiritual field. This is the very thing we must now reconsider
Since the ages of GALILEO and NEWTON, who relieved the world form its thousand years of darkness, the greatest revelation of science towards human beings in convincing us of the might of truth. Science awoke us to the truth that we live in a world of law, also it instructed us in an attitude of living our lives based on reliable knowledge and experiences. In a democratic nation, the people must at once believe in the might of truth and penetrate this sublime spirit of science.
Not only has leadership in science seen transferred from GERMANY to AMERICA, but GERMANY itself brokedown, because the spirit and research oh of science in that country under Nazi rule was intended only for its own benefit and neglected the values common with the world. JAPAN has shared the fate of GERMANY. The people who neglect laws and do not believe in science, and cannot be superior in the spirited world.
JAPAN has been defeated. Indeed, this is a fact of great misfortune. This is the result self-[illegible]lancenty and illusion, which forced the consideration of spirit and science as two different matters. Therefore, we must well remember that truth has no frontier.
ITEM 2 Reconsideration of Education - Miigata Nippon - 4 Dec 45. Translator: Y. Ebiike.
The re-establishment of education and the solution of the food shortage are the pressing needs of the hour. Then what were the defects in education of the past? In short, too much adherence to formality in the militaristic education has ruined education.
Both social and national education must be based on the education of personality. In spite of this fact, the students have been treated as a corps. Hence, [illegible]to this fallacy, the Japanese have all

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 80 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
become mediocre and equal; the talented being reduced, and the inferior being elevated.
All the evils of this formality in education are the products of a wrong conception of a corps. The students' rejection of teachers, which occurs frequently now-a-days, is the result of this formality. The authorities of the school can he said to have been caught in their own trap. Education in the future entirely depends upon the overthrow of formality.
ITEM 3 Diet Column - Tokyo Shimbun - 8 Dec 45. Translator: K. Gunti.
Full Translation:
In yesterday's meeting of the Diet members in the Progressive Party, there was a fierce controversy between the leaders' group, which supports General UGAKI, for president, and the opposition group, which stands by Count SHIBUSAWA, Finance Minister.
This party is a mixture of liberals-conservatives, turn-coats, and sup[illegible]cted war criminals, and. has at last revealed its weakness. If their leaders succeed in their attempt, it is very probable that they will get into power. Nevertheless, we cannot admit that such a party is the only stabilizing power that can tide us over present difficulties. We do not want the appearance of such a stabilizing power. The Liberal Party wants to put a limit upon liberty, and the Progressive Party intends to check progress. Such is democracy in JAPAA.
In the same nee meeting, Mr. TSURUM, Chief Secretary, said that radio broadcasts recently have tended to criticize politics from a one sided point of view, and that they sometimes broadcast songs insulting Diet members. The meeting decided to protest against the Government before long on this matter. They must know that people at large are giving vent to their indignation by applauding the NONKIBUSHI (humourous song).
ITEM 4 The Arrest of Prince NASHIMOTO and Political Changes - Yomiuri Shimbun - 8 Dec 45. Translator: K. Nagatani.
Full Translation:
"If the Japanese Government's petition for a reprieve to delay the apprehension and confinement of Prince NASHIMOTO is rejected by Supreme Headquarters, the SHIDEARA Cabinet will go out," reports the NEW YORK Times TOKYO dispatch.
We do not know on what basis this prediction was made. A TOKYO correspondent of the above paper may have reached this deduction upon considering the Japanese people's reverence for the Imperial household and assuming that the cabinet members will be filled with trepidation. Otherwise, this prediction may be understood as showing to what degree the present Cabinet is trusted by Supreme Headquarters. Our hope is, however, that the present Cabinet will go on until the results of the forthcoming general election are revealed. If a political change should occur today, we would be loss to decide the next cabinet. Even the progressive Party, the most influential among the existing
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 80 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
political parties, has not yet decided on its leader. The Literal Party headed by HATOYAMA is a minority party. This Social-Democratic Party, too, is a minority party and without a leader. Accordingly there is no political party today, influential enough to form a party cabinet. A coalition cabinet would not be a regime truly diserving a world-wide reputation as long as no general election is held.
MATSUDAIRA, Tsuneo, may be suitable for leading the next regime. However, if MATSUDAIRA picks up cabinet members from among Government bureaucrats or party members who were indifferent to the war, it will be no more in substance that a refirth of the SHIDEHARA Cabinet.
The absence of elder statesmen such as KONOE, KIDO, HIRANUMA will not be a cause for troubles in recommending a prime minister of the next cabinet to the Throne. The grand chamberlain or chairman of the Upper or Lower Houses may recommend the premier of the next regime to the Emperor until the present political parties, having become full fledged, will have formed a party cabinet. At any rate, now that the cabinet members cannot be decided without the approval of Supreme Headquarters, there is no room left for any high polich-maker to decide on the head of the next regime.
The Cabinet is tottering, and. Government officials are practicing sabotage in the face of the administrative readjustment to come. Under these circumstances, there is no solution of the pressing problems of increase of food and coal production and construction of houses. If a political change is expected to ease our relations with the Allied Nations, the present Cabinet must be replaced by a new one. If the frequency of political change throws JAPAN into turmoil and serves to speed a democratic revolution of JAPAN, political changes will be welcomed.
ITEM 5 Diet Column - The Asahi Shimbun - 8 Dec 45. Translator: K. Gunti.
Full Translation:
In the Upper House, neither plenary session nor committee meetings were held on 7 December. The Lower House, however, held both a budget meeting and an election committee meeting. It is obvious that the work of the committee will be carried over into next week. The term of the present Diet session was set at 18 days in consideration of the Election Bill, the enactment of which is the principal object of the present Diet.
As things are, however, passage may require entire session and possibly result in a extension of the session. Moreover, the Farm Land Reform Bill, and the Labor Union Bill have been added to the agenda. We anticipate some difficulties in the closing part of the Diet session.
The Diet members to be concerned, not with the bill, but rather with the war criminals and the general election. In the dining rooms they discuss the difficulties of election in the snowy districts, and in anterooms, they discuss the war criminals. The rumor prevails among then that 8 December will see some striking action.
Although the Diet is enjoying the revival of democracy, the members still feel the pressure of the stern reality of defeat.
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