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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0079, 1945-12-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0281

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 281 Date: 11 Dec 1945


ITEM 1 My Complaint - Mainichi Shimbun - 8 Dec. 45 Translator : I. Hotta.
My house was burned twice during air raids. Supposedly air raid victims were supplied with quilts and blankets and other things, but I have not received even relief funds. I came to TOKYO from SHINSAU, to get funds. However, I have net been able to get them because of the complexity of the procedure. The Government should be kinder to air raid victims. The metropolitan authorities should reform their officials.
ITEM 2 Infringement upon People's a Interests - Mainichi Shimbun - Translator: I. Hotta.
There are some examples showing that members of the rice distributing station and policemen often play into each other's hands. Such dishonest acts are also found in the distribution of goods for the air raid victim[illegible]It is because of the unfaithfulness and unkindness of the authorities that these dishonest acts are done without compunction. We should abolish the Police unless it exists for the general public.
ITEM 3 Political Processes in JAPAN During the Past 14 Years - Mainichi Shimbun - 8 Dec. 45 Translator: H. Furukawa.
Full Translation:
The special correspondent of the New York Times in TOKYO reports that the list of suspected war criminals shows that the war crimes are retroactive to 1931 when the MANCHURIA Incident broke out, not just limited to those occuring during the Pacific War. The political processes during the past 14 years since 1931, which have been concealed, will be baned in the course of the trials.
The LYTTON Report says that the citizens of MUKDEN awoke on Saturday morning 19 September 1931 and found the city of MUKDEN occupied by Japanese troops. We imagine that the terror-striken feelings of the Japanese nation at the outbreak of the MANCHURIA Incident were no less than those of the citizens of MUKDEN. Already at that time, many people anticipated that JAPAN'S fate would inevitably result in irrevocable failure. The criticism by the Japanese people of the monopoly by the military clans in politic s became stiffer when the military tried to keep the civil administration under its control.
Since 1931 the Japanese press groups opposed strongly the arbitrary tendencies represented by the KWANTUNG Army Group until at last the press was deprived of its liberty of speech. It must also be

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 79 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
remembered that the bureaucrats, who were followers of the military clique became a target of attack by the press after the outbreak of the CHINA Incident. In 1931 Premier HAMAGUCHI was assassinated, and a few months later a campaign for a Manchurian invasion was opened. The retirement of General KANAYA as chief of the General Staff was the result of the menace to his life, caused by internal conflict among the military with regard to the prosecution of the war. The above fact is news to the Japanese nation. General UGAKI, regarded as a moderate, was used like the party leaders, by the radical s of the military clique. Baron HIRANUMA, ultra-conservative, organized the Cabinet after the KONUE Cabinet resigned due to internal conflict, and continued as his policy; the attack on CHINA. When the HIRANUMA Cabinet resigned, General ABE orginized the succeeding cabinet which was also short-lived.
The YONAI Cabinet was severely tried by relentless interpellations made by SAITO, Takao, on the failure of the CHINA Offair. The military then plotted against the YONAI Cabinet as Prince KONUE set about to form a new political party based on the totalitarian principle, sweeping out then existing parties. The historical significance of the Assistance Association is now thoroughly recognized. The abovementioned facts, revealed by General Headquarters, should be read by everybody as a commentary on the arrest order of the war criminals.
ITEM 4 Reform of Prosecution - Tokyo Shimbun - 8 Dec. 45 Translator: M. Kato
Full Translation:
HAMANO, in his interpellation at the Diet's budget session, pointed out the illegal conduct of prosecutors during the war. Despite the importance of the subject the discussion did not develope satisfactorely for us. We expected that the protection of personal rights would be discussed more seriously and vigorously, especially in view of the fact that the public is deeply concerned. At the sometime an inquiry is being made by those members of the Diet representing the legal profession. The abuses of authority by the prosecutors was once a target of criticism in the Diet as illustrated in the case of the Imperial Rayon Manufacturing Company and similar abuses have since been disclosed by liberated victims.
The Special and Military Police have already assumed responsibility for their conduct during the war in accordance with Allied directives; however, similar action on the part of the prosecutors has not been taken. We cannot exactly tell which crime is greater, but the prosecutors who should prevent black market dealings, have themselves committed similar crimes thereby making detection and prevention two difficult, compared with the cases of encroachment upon personal rights by prosecutor's, the disposal of sugar at the OSAKA District Procurator's Office by distributing it among the staff, may be considered a lighter crime. Since it concerns food during a food crisis, some allowance may be made for their misdemeanors as mere temptation although it may be considered ironical to have it occur in such an institution.
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 79 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
On the other hand, infringement upon personal rights is a more serious matter. The so-called TEITIN Affairs resulted in the dissolution of a cabinet because the leading figures involved were notables. However, obscure persons were not as fortunate and had to bear their misfortune silently. While the Allied directive may not refer to the administration or justice, we fear that a political party, in control may abuse judicial rights by taking exclusive possession of that power. Unless drastic reforms are now made in system of prosecution will sincerely regret it afterwards.
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