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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0078, 1945-12-11.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0280

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 280 Date: 11 Dec. 45


ITEM 1 Temporary Measures in the Coal Crisis - Nippon Sagio Shimbun 7 December 1945. Translator: B. Isbibashi.
Full Translation:
At this time when it is necessary to speed up the recovery of our peace time industries, the coal output, as important to industry as is food to a human being, is in such poor condition as to force the reduction use of coal for railways.
To cope with this, the authorities have so far, token various steps. The assembling of miners has been tried by the united efforts of Government and people. Nevertheless conditions here not been rapidly improved. On the other hand, the supply in mines and in ports is gradually diminishing. If this situation should continue, it would result not only in the cessation of all financial functions of the Country, But also would use to threat of social unrest. Such being the case, the authorities are going to establish the Bureau of Goal as an independent office of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and are even preparing to conscript laborer s into service in the mines. It is regrettable that the authorities concerned are as usual, slow in taking measures and have greatly neglected so far, the import in of securing the coal output. These counter measures, though they feign settlement of the question, [illegible]nothing more than the usual bureaueratic formalism. It is very doubtful whether this situation can be settled by such measures. The establishment of the Bureau of Coal is no less a bureaucratic policy than those measures already taken for coal production and for the adjustment of demand and supply of coal.
When it is necessary to still some questions, he bureaucratic always try to change or are to organizations. The about to measures, already adopts, and the establishment of the committee for coal production may, in a sense, he considered preliminary steps in establishing the Bureau of Coal.
The object of the Government is of course, to unify the coal administration, nevertheless the unification or operation of offices is nothing more than "playing with the structure", which is an evil feature of bureauoracy. Of course, when administrative facilities are complexty divided, it isn't clear who would assume the responsivility, congusion is inevitable, and execution of systematic measures cannot be put into effect. A responsible office should be set up so that it can generalize and adjust the businesses concerned.

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ECONOMIC SERIES: 78 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
However, it must be recognized that to generalize about all the affairs concerning the coal administration is in reality impossible. The question of securing special food supplies for the mine laborer s cannot be dealt with apart from that of the general public. As long as Government itself does not sufficiently comprehend the present coal shortage and is merely playing with the official structure, the question will not be settled. Also, no one can deny that such playing with structures will result in lowering efficiency of business, in the meantime the coal situtation will doubtlessly deterirorated rapidly. If the present situation goes on, the Government plan to collect 60,000 mine laborers by the end of this year and 700,000 persons by the end of March 1946 (a total of 130,000 persons) cannot by any possibility be achieved. Therefore, the authorities are making preparations to compulsorily collect the required laborers by means of Government order. We have so far often demanded of the Government that appropriate measures be taken to deal with these situtation is unless they should be forced to adopt such compulsory means. Even now, this seems to be a very bad measure. It is characteristic of bureaucrats to believe that everything can be settled by power. It is an undermocratic, and an inefficient measure. It cannot radically settle the question in the lease.
Of course, by compulsory means the output of coal will be increased to some extent. But, it is obvious that these laborers fall short, in capability and fervor, laborers. This can be seen without consulting the experiences of recruiting carried on during the war. On the part of mine owners, they cannot welcome such unreliable and inefficient laborers. What is needed now is nothing less than a collection of volunteers. The authorities should, in accordance with the demands of the nine owners, take all possible measures to facilitate replemishment of the laborers. Even the questions of special supplies of food and the improvement of labor conditions have been temporary measures. For example, they are so short sighted as to declare to supply the laborers 5 go of basic food per day, and increased it to 6 go some weeks after that. If it is true that the Government sufficiently comprehends the importance of coal production, it must take radical measure beyond the changing of official structures or compulsory service.
ITEM 2 Free Discussion of the Emperor System - The YOMIURI - 7 Dec 1945 Translator: J. Wada
Full translation:
The democratization of JAPAN is increasing in seriousness with successive orders for the apprehension of war criminal. The Government made a formal request for a reprieve to delay the apprehension of Prince NISHIMOTO member of the Imperial Household, but was refused by the Allied Headquarters. In relation to this situation, the Emperor System and the Emperor's war responsibility have become subjects for discussion by the Allied Powers. The situation is serious. It is clear that perfect decomacracy is incompatible with the Emperor System from a purely theoretical point of view. But it is clear, too, that a perfect democracy cannot be established at once in all countries and at all times. Especially in JAPAN, the people have a strong and traditional belief in the Emperor System, which par takes of mysticism and traditional belief in the Emperor System, which part mysticism and mythelogy. Under these circumstancees, the maintenance or the abrogation of the Emperor System cannot be decided on by academic arguments, but will need great enlightenment of the masses and full political consideration. While the Allied Powers are strongly advocating the abolition of
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 78 (Continued)
ITEM: 2 (Continued)
the Emperor System and determination of the Emperor's war responsibility, our Imperial Family is making efforts to hold the Emperor System by declaring the adoption of a constitutional Monarchy on the English style, much painful efforts, however, will be necessary for our supernatural and mystic Emperor to become a human Monarch of the English style.
It is much more difficult to prevent the Emperor System from becoming the shelter of Militaris[illegible]and absolutism. Therein lies the most difficult [illegible]of this problem. In what manner can this difficulty be overcome? The way of solution supported by the Allied Powers, especially MacARTHUR's Headquarters, is the free discussion of the Emperor System by the people. We believe that this way of solution is sagacious. Free discussion of the Emperor System on the part of the people at large, which will enlighten then and decide their attitudes, is the only way of settling various contontions. Both internal and external. Thus, no restraints should be put on the discussion of the Emperor Systems. This may be justified by the free speech principle, too.
In the House of Peers which is the most reactionary part of our National Structure and which should be abolished in the light of Democracy, members are attempting to restrict the discussion of the Emperor System on the part of the public. The Government, on its part declared its intention to control that sort of discussion on the basis of his Majest[illegible]e though Justice Minister IWATA'S reply to Mr. Matsumura, Giichi in the Upper House. But the provisions for lese Majest's should be abolished, as is advocated by the UNITED STATES. The present situation is too serious and difficult to be solved by a threat of penalty. It is because of the entire lack of political sense on the [illegible]rt of the Cabinet that the Cabinet should be taking the current situation so easy. The reactionary char[illegible]ter of the SHIDEHAR Cabinet is clearly exposed therein.
All Diet Parties are supporting the B[illegible]peror System. It is natural that the Progressive Party, which represe[illegible]ts reactionary landlords and capitalists, should support the Emperor System. The Liberal Party which is alleged to have been formed as the will of the people at lar[illegible]o, is supporting the System too. Even the Social-De[illegible]critic Party recently declared its support of the Syste, slt[illegible]ugh the party was believed to have desired the abrogation of the system on the basis of democracy and socialism. The Social-Democratic Party, which denies the people's sovereignty, is incompatible with Democracy, and much less with Socialism. Of course, some members of the abolition of the system. The Party should have allowed its members to discuss the problem much more freely. It is no good for the future of the party that it should consider the results of the forth co[illegible]in elections in deciding on such a important problem.
The only political party in fovor of the abolition of the System is the Communist Party. The same party is going so far as to urge the determination of the Emperor[illegible]s war res[illegible]msibility. However there are any people who are not members of the Communist Party, who insist on the abrogation of the Emperor System or the determination of the Emperor's war responsibility. We do not necessarily agree with their contentions, but believe that no control should be put on free discussion. Generosity is the essence of Democracy. Even if we cannot agree with them, their argu[illegible]ents provide us with [illegible]terial for critieism and enli[illegible]htenment. We should have a democratic generosity, Only by free discussion and onlightenment and relentless self-criticism, can we find a stalle form of politics.
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